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    North Melbourne vs. Gold Coast

    Etihad Stadium
    2012 AFL Premiership Season April 28, 2012
    North Melbourne won by 34 points
    North Melbourne Gold Coast
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q14933   2517
    Q281361   9862
    Q31422106   101272
    Q41725127   131593

    Today we see North Melbourne take on the visiting Gold Coast Suns at Etihad Stadium, with both sides looking to get back on track after poor performances last week. Join us for live scores and commentary from 4.40pm AEST.

    In many ways, the Kangaroos can’t get anything out of this match.

    After their round three win over reigning premiers Geelong, the champagne was flowing, talk of North Melbourne having finally ‘arrived’ was the order of the day, and many were predicting them to upset the undefeated Swans in Sydney.

    A five goal-to-one opening quarter by the home side soon put paid to all of that, and as they went down by 36 points we were once again left wondering if the Roos will ever get there.

    Stung by the loss, North would love to hit back hard this week against a worthy opponent. Instead they face a travelling Gold Coast missing Gary Ablett, which is like David going to Goliath’s backyard armed not with rocks but feathers.

    We know what the Kangaroos are capable off when coming off a loss that hurts against a lowly outfit – after the round one heartbreak against an Essendon side they were fancied to beat, we saw them pulverize GWS a week later by 129 points.

    No one will be surprised if they do the same here. Ryan Bastinac, Liam Anthony, Leigh Adams and co will be competing with each other once more to rack up possessions and goals.

    This time they’ll be joined by possibly the best of the young brigade, Jack Ziebell, who missed out on party time against the Giants.

    Throw in the evergreen Brent Harvey, the electric Daniel Wells who is improving with each outing after a limited pre-season, and a Drew Petrie who is eager to impress in front of goal after a fortnight out of form, and you have the ingredients for a big win that will look good in the Sunday papers, but mean nothing in terms of building this football club.

    With Gary Ablett and Jarrod Harbrow out, an injury cloud over Michael Rischitelli, and David Swallow also less than 100% after a hip injury last week, is it too much to hope for the Suns to be competitive? In a nutshell, yes.

    You know we’ve come a long way in a short time when it can be said with a straight face that Karmichel Hunt is one of the form players in the Gold Coast side, but there you have it.

    If his younger teammates can take a lead from his intensity, application and pressure, then the Suns can make it harder for the Roos to succeed.

    Harley Bennell and Josh Caddy have been the two most impressive Gold Coast youngsters so far in season 2012, the former impressing with his spark and skill, the latter with hardness and footy smarts.

    They’ll need to find another level today though, and just might do so without Ablett to rely on.

    Campbell Brown has been a terrible disappointment in his three games so far this year, and Guy McKenna should have given him a bake this week, putting the onus on him to perform.

    Averaging 10 possessions a game is poor enough, but he’s not even making up for it with work-rate. Applying a lowly 1.7 tackles a match is far down from his output over the last four years, and simply not good enough from a respected leader and supposed hard man.

    When it comes to summing up this match, there is only going to be one outcome, so the final margin will come down to how much Guy McKenna can stem the bleeding, especially without the best player in the league at his disposal.

    I think we can draw a formline through what a hungry North did to GWS, and I think they’ll play with the same purpose again.

    In a year where 13 wins may not be enough to secure a spot in the eight, percentage will be crucial come the end of the year. The Roos will know this, and the Suns will be powerless to stop them.

    North will gain four points out of this match, but not respect. That can only come by backing up with the same effort against quality opposition week after week.

    North Melbourne by 90 points.

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    Quarter 1
    2' BEHIND - Jamie Macmillan (North Melbourne)
    3' GOAL - Hamish McIntosh (North Melbourne)
    4' BEHIND - Aaron Mullett (North Melbourne)
    9' BEHIND - Maverick Weller (Gold Coast)
    12' BEHIND - Brent Harvey (North Melbourne)
    14' BEHIND - Aaron Edwards (North Melbourne)
    15' BEHIND - Aaron Edwards (North Melbourne)
    16' GOAL - Brent Harvey (North Melbourne)
    17' GOAL - Sam Day (Gold Coast)
    18' BEHIND - Kyal Horsley (Gold Coast)
    19' BEHIND - Harley Bennell (Gold Coast)
    21' BEHIND - Leigh Adams (North Melbourne)
    23' BEHIND - Kieran Harper (North Melbourne)
    23' BEHIND - Leigh Adams (North Melbourne)
    24' GOAL - Ben Cunnington (North Melbourne)
    26' GOAL - Harley Bennell (Gold Coast)
    27' BEHIND - Leigh Adams (North Melbourne)
    29' BEHIND - Dion Prestia (Gold Coast)
    29' BEHIND - Sam Iles (Gold Coast)
    30' GOAL - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    Quarter 2
    2' GOAL - Drew Petrie (North Melbourne)
    3' BEHIND - Ryan Bastinac (North Melbourne)
    5' GOAL - Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast)
    6' GOAL - Sam Day (Gold Coast)
    8' GOAL - Harley Bennell (Gold Coast)
    11' GOAL - Aaron Edwards (North Melbourne)
    13' GOAL - Sam Iles (Gold Coast)
    17' GOAL - Kieran Harper (North Melbourne)
    17' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast)
    19' GOAL - Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast)
    19' BEHIND - Brandon Matera (Gold Coast)
    20' BEHIND - Robbie Tarrant (North Melbourne)
    22' BEHIND - Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast)
    23' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    25' GOAL - Sam Day (Gold Coast)
    26' GOAL - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    28' GOAL - David Swallow (Gold Coast)
    Quarter 3
    1' GOAL - Drew Petrie (North Melbourne)
    3' BEHIND - Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast)
    6' GOAL - Kieran Harper (North Melbourne)
    7' BEHIND - Samuel Wright (North Melbourne)
    8' GOAL - Jamie Macmillan (North Melbourne)
    11' BEHIND - Liam Anthony (North Melbourne)
    11' BEHIND - Scott D. Thompson (North Melbourne)
    11' BEHIND - Kieran Harper (North Melbourne)
    13' BEHIND - Ben Cunnington (North Melbourne)
    15' BEHIND - Robbie Tarrant (North Melbourne)
    16' GOAL - Aaron Edwards (North Melbourne)
    18' GOAL - Leigh Adams (North Melbourne)
    21' BEHIND - Sam Day (Gold Coast)
    23' BEHIND - Drew Petrie (North Melbourne)
    23' GOAL - Luke Russell (Gold Coast)
    26' GOAL - Leigh Adams (North Melbourne)
    27' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    29' BEHIND - Jared Brennan (Gold Coast)
    31' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    32' BEHIND - Harley Bennell (Gold Coast)
    Quarter 4
    1' GOAL - Drew Petrie (North Melbourne)
    3' BEHIND - Nathan Bock (Gold Coast)
    5' BEHIND - Kieran Harper (North Melbourne)
    8' BEHIND - Samuel Wright (North Melbourne)
    10' GOAL - Aaron Edwards (North Melbourne)
    16' BEHIND - Harley Bennell (Gold Coast)
    16' BEHIND - Samuel Wright (North Melbourne)
    20' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast)
    21' GOAL - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    23' GOAL - Campbell Brown (Gold Coast)
    29' GOAL - Campbell Brown (Gold Coast)
    31' GOAL - Harley Bennell (Gold Coast)

    Cameron Rose is a born and bred Melbournian, raised on a regime of AFL, cricket and horse racing. He likes people who agree with him but loves those that don't, for there's nothing better than a roaring debate. He tweets from @camtherose.

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    • 7:37pm
      GrantS said | 7:37pm | ! Report

      I said in the GWS article that I wasn’t sure the Suns had improved on last year but on that effort you would have to say they have.

      They were right in this game until ten minutes in to the third quarter when the Roos took control.

      In their only meeting last year North Melbourne beat Gold Coast at Carrara by 122 to 63. If you consider the Roos to be at about the same this year as last then a win of 127 to 93 points at home means the Suns are about a five goal better side this year.

      • 6:23am
        ManInBlack said | 6:23am | ! Report

        North, having beaten Geelong has shown themselves to be improving on the 2011 vintage. For the Suns to challenge them as they did without Ablett and Rischitelli was a big effort,

        although, North’s 42 scoring shots to 28 should’ve produced a bigger winning margin – and it could be suggested that North took the foot off in the 2nd and quickly found out the danger of doing that.

        It does though show – that pure talent is one thing, but, intensity and work rate are far more important. Drop off in that area and the opposition will find a way – usually, and that includes Giants and Suns at this early stage of their evolution.

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:36pm | ! Report

      It’s been a pleasure to bring you the game today, and I think we’re all glad that it wasn’t another towelling of an expansion club. The more competitive they can be, the better off it is for the spectator, and the league in general.

      See you soon around The Roar!

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:34pm | ! Report

      So the result is as we expected, but perhaps not the margin, and definitely not the ease. North were down at half time after the Suns smashed them out of the middle in the second term, kicking seven goals largely due to their clearance dominance. The Roos were on top in the early stages of the match, and perhaps thought it was all going to happen easily.

      The Gold Coast coaching staff and supporters will be thrilled with their teams effort minus the experience of Rischitelli, the half-back composure of Harbrow, and of course the all-round brilliance of Gary Ablett, Jr.

      Harley Bennell stepped up, although he’s been good all year, David Swallow continues to grow, and the Suns look to have found one in Kyle Horsley, even if he did tire late, which can be excused in your first game.

      North fans will be happy to get the win after the initial scare, and sometimes it is hard to get up for a match in which you pretty much know you’re going to win. They’ll need to lift before taking on West Coast at Subiaco next week, and i’m sure they will.

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:30pm | ! Report


      NM: Edwards, Petrie, Thomas 3, Adams, Harper 2, MacMillan, Cunnington, Harvey, McIntosh 1

      GC: Bennell 3, Dixon, Day, Brown 2, Iles, Swallow, Russell, Lynch 1


      NM: Swallow 31, Atley 26, MacMillan, Bastinac 24, Cunnington, Harvey, Anthony 23

      GC: Brennan 24, Swallow 23, Bennell 21, Horsley 19, Bock 17

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:28pm | ! Report


      NORTH MELBOURNE 17.25.127 def GOLD COAST 13.15.93

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:27pm | ! Report

      The Suns get the final centre clearance, and Brad Scott isn’t happy. Matera is dumped after disposing of the ball, and Bennell will take the kick.

      He makes no mistake, and has three.

      NM 17.25.127
      GC 13.15.93

      0 to go 4th quarter

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:25pm | ! Report

      Nothing really happening now, although North keep bombing it in to Petrie, who is continually outnumbered and outpointed, so the Suns clear fairly easily.

      Liam Anthony goes forward, and Edwards gives away a free.

      The Suns go forward for one more, and they succeed, a junk time goal to Campbell Brown.

      NM 17.25.127
      GC 12.15.87

      1 to go 4th quarter

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:23pm | ! Report

      North breaks from the middle through Swallow finding Harper, and there’ll be a throw in deep.

      Bastinac tries to snap a goal, but it rolls out for a further stoppage. Bennell clears, and gets it again after Swallow and Matera combine to get it back to him, but his pass is chopped off. He’s been the Suns best today, but has impressed me all season – this is the fourth Suns game in a row that i’ve blogged, and I watched them in round one too.

      NM 17.25.127
      GC 11.15.81

      3 to go 4th quarter

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 7:19pm | ! Report

      Bennell wins it out of the centre, does some evasive moves, and finds Campbell Brown on the lead. He gets pushed after marking it, and gets 50.

      He kicks it from point blank range.

      NM 17.25.127
      GC 11.15.81

      5 to go 4th quarter

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