NSW Blues yet to find recipe for Origin success

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    It’s nearly that time of the year; the time when any rugby league fans young and old get truly excited about State Of Origin and the entertainment it provides.

    The question at the lips of all New South Wales supporters is how to defeat what would seem to be one of the all-time greatest team’s in rugby league history.

    What is the recipe behind their success? Is it the so called Queensland passion or is it the fact that fullback, dummy half, five-eighth and halfback are all taken up by incumbent players?

    These players know that when they run out onto the park on the 23rd of May that they aren’t playing to keep their position. Rather, they are playing to win the State of Origin for their beloved Queensland.

    It’s this team security that the Blues are lacking. Whilst you want to pick players who are in form, sometimes it’s best to stick with knowledge and experience.

    The particular battle quenching the curiosity of Blues faithful is who will be the 6 and 7. The contenders include: Carney, Pearce, Soward, Maloney, Mullen and Hayne.

    If this were the Queensland side, Soward and Pearce would be certainties as both have big game experience and won’t be caught down by first game blues.

    Ricky Stuart stated that he wanted to create a setup similar to that of the Queenslanders, but has he retreated on that idea? It doesn’t help that the form of players including Soward and Ennis have been far from flattering.

    As a NSW fan I trust Ricky to produce the right formula to end the the drought of series wins, but unfortunately I don’t see this as being the year for NSW as I do believe we need to pick and stick with last year’s crop of players.

    But are they the men for the job?

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    • May 1st 2012 @ 11:40am
      Gareth said | May 1st 2012 @ 11:40am | ! Report

      Queensland picked the right players and stuck by them. There’s no pointing in NSW shamelessly aping the loyalty portion of QLD’s selection policy unless they can get the right guys for the job to begin with – particularly given the form of the incumbents in NSW’s spine.

    • May 1st 2012 @ 1:47pm
      Andy said | May 1st 2012 @ 1:47pm | ! Report

      The reason for Queensland’s success has been their spine, props, and outside-backs overall have been better for a number of years when compared to their opposition in the NSW jerseys. The only way i see NSW winning is if they pay the refs off and QLD team members so they play poorly.

    • May 1st 2012 @ 2:26pm
      Charles said | May 1st 2012 @ 2:26pm | ! Report

      There is a lot of debate to what constitutes an Origin player and this is where the problem lies for NSW. Some say there is no such thing but I disagree, it is another level to club football

      Basically, it is a player that can go full speed for 80 minutes, has all the skills in both attack and defence, can read the play, gel with his team, willing to go that extra mile and lay his body on the line no matter how much it hurts. On top of that he has to be mistake free and does not give away penalties, all which is a tall order. In other words the player has to win, no matter what, within the true spirit of the game. NSW has those sorts of players yet we are so quick to discard them, especially if they are getting older.

      Luke Bailey is a typical example! He is still one of the best forwards in the NRL, he has played Origin, and our forwards in previous games have gone backwards. So you use him as the yard stick for the forwards and ask yourself, armed with facts and figures and not emotion, who is it that is doing better than him.

      Luke Lewis, an Origin player, has played ½ back and won man of match awards in that role including as 5/8. So you use him as the yardstick, weighing up all the stats and how you can best utilise him. If you have no one that measures to his standard then you use him as ½ back, it is that simple. Who is better and why? Not playing ½ back for so long may be against him but not if there is no one better. For example, the current incumbent Mitchell Pearce or Luke Lewis as ½ back. On emotion, I would go for Lewis; I know he can do more. Facts may say different! Todd Carney may offer more than both?

      So many are calling out, for Josh Dugan to be fullback as opposed to Anthony Minichiello, Brett Stewart and Jarrod Hayne. Let the facts and figures speak for themselves and keep the emotion out of it. Certainly he should have to prove himself with statistics before he can go in front of these three players alone. So far he cannot play in the NRL without getting constantly injured; Origin is even harder so I would say on that his stats should rule him out.

      I disagree about players being out of position. It all depends as to how you can strengthen a team. For example, Jarrod Hayne best position is fullback without a doubt. Yet NSW origin could be better strengthened by Brett Stewart at fullback and Jarrod Hayne in right centre, in my opinion. It is how one can best utilise the skills of Origin players.

      In regards to Jamie Soward who is the incumbent 5/8, he has been completely discarded by Ricky Stuart, who instead has tried to manufacture Jarrod Hayne in the role. In both these players he has ignored what they had to offer and how to utilise their skills best. For example, the amount of tackles Jarrod would have to do at 5/8 would nullify his attacking skills. Ricky Stuart keeps undermining player’s confidence, which is detrimental in the long run, to creating a competitive team!

      • Roar Rookie

        May 1st 2012 @ 3:33pm
        onthetryline said | May 1st 2012 @ 3:33pm | ! Report

        It seems a bit strange to say that Rick Stuart is ‘undermining players confidence’ when he hasn’t actually selected the side yet. As far as I know he hasn’t actually done anything.

        • May 1st 2012 @ 6:04pm
          Charles said | May 1st 2012 @ 6:04pm | ! Report

          So tell me why he did not give Jamie Soward an opportunity to prove his position in the Country game when he is the incumbent 5/8. What do you think Jamie would feel if Ricky is signalling a change is needed by trialling Jarrod Hayne?

    • May 1st 2012 @ 3:28pm
      oikee said | May 1st 2012 @ 3:28pm | ! Report

      Gee, not many replies on here for you Thomas, looks like everyone down south is struggling to find the recipe for Origin success, whats it been? 6 years now going onto 7.
      Its alright mate, i have a answer to help NSW out, move Gallen from front row to Utility on the bench. ?
      Why not, Ricky seems to think he can play frontrow, why not have him as utilty, or even better, maybe halfaback.
      :0 🙂
      Good old pick and sticky Ricky.
      Wonder who he has lined up at Hooker now Bud is out, surely Ennis and Farrer will be happy to know their second best is now good enough. 🙂
      Oh Ricky, what a tangled web we weave.

    • May 1st 2012 @ 6:08pm
      Matt said | May 1st 2012 @ 6:08pm | ! Report

      The best recipe would be to pick the best players and go and win the series…Keep P Gallen, L Lewis, A Watmough, G Stewart and G Bird in the forwards and add J Tamou, T Williams, R Farrah and either T Sims or R Hinchcliffe and Keep M Pearce, M Jennings, J Hayne, A Uate and B Morris in the backs and just add B Stewart, T Carney and possibly J Morris at the expense of someone and there you go. Problem solved and I don’t see how that would stray too far from the foundations set last year when the series was taken to a decider and the final points tally for both teams was QLD 58 NSW 54.

    • May 1st 2012 @ 7:57pm
      Jason Cave said | May 1st 2012 @ 7:57pm | ! Report

      That’s the problem for NSW over the years-chopping and changing the team whereas Queensland stuck with the ‘tried and true’ brigdade that has served the Maroons so well in past Origin campaigns.

      For example, in the mid 1980s, Parramatta’s Peter Sterling would play a couple of games for NSW at halfback, then Steve Mortimer would play a couple, but Mark Murray was always the Queensland halfback, until the arrival of Allan Langer.

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