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Geelong vs. Melbourne

Simonds Stadium
2012 AFL Premiership Season May 5, 2012
Geelong won by 43 points
Geelong Melbourne
 Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
Q13523   3018
Q291165   6137
Q31514104   10565
Q41717119   111076

History may not repeat, but Geelong will be eager to put away Melbourne once again as the two sides meet at Simonds Stadium. We’ll have live scores and updates from 1.45pm AEST.

You will recall that in the corresponding fixture last year, the Cats belted the Demons to the tune of 186 points.

It was the loss that led to Dean Bailey’s sacking.

New coach Mark Neeld has banned the Demons players from mentioning that catastrophic afternoon this week, but it’s an inevitable talking point.

Geelong are coming off a healthy 38-point win over the Brisbane Lions in terrible conditions.

Tom Hawkins continued his impressive start to the season by kicking six goals. He’s now three goals clear atop the Coleman Medal race.

James Kelly and impressive young forward Mitch Brown come into the side, but Mathew Stokes and Taylor Hunt are out.

Melbourne took a step forward last week in their 18-point loss to St Kilda last week, but they are still yet to get on the board in 2012.

Mark Jamar was commanding in the ruck – something he’s a good chance to do again today – while Jordie McKenzie and Tom McDonald performed well playing on Brendon Goddard and Nick Riewoldt respectively.

Importantly, the Dees have regained their most crucial forward and their most crucial defender in Mitch Clark and James Frawley. Jack Watts was a controversial omission.

It was a rough start for the Demons at the beginning of their 2012 campaign, but the signs of quiet progress we’ve seen the past two weeks make it difficult to suggest a repeat of last year’s game is on the cards.

Geelong, though, will be looking to continue playing themselves into form after a less-than-perfect start to their own campaign. It wasn’t until last weekend that they made it into the top eight.

You’d expect them to get over the line comfortably.

Live Score Updates

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Quarter 1
1' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong)
3' BEHIND - James Kelly (Geelong)
4' BEHIND - Joel Corey (Geelong)
8' GOAL - Steve Johnson (Geelong)
13' BEHIND - Billie Smedts (Geelong)
14' GOAL - Nathan Jones (Melbourne)
15' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong)
17' GOAL - Paul Chapman (Geelong)
23' GOAL - Mitchell Clark (Melbourne)
25' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong)
27' GOAL - Mitchell Clark (Melbourne)
Quarter 2
1' GOAL - Andrew Mackie (Geelong)
5' GOAL - Steve Johnson (Geelong)
8' BEHIND - Jeremy Howe (Melbourne)
8' BEHIND - Jesse Stringer (Geelong)
10' BEHIND - Allen Christensen (Geelong)
11' BEHIND - Shannon Byrnes (Geelong)
11' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong)
12' BEHIND - Mitch Brown (Geelong)
14' GOAL - Mitchell Clark (Melbourne)
17' BEHIND - Steve Johnson (Geelong)
21' GOAL - Jimmy Bartel (Geelong)
24' GOAL - Jimmy Bartel (Geelong)
26' GOAL - James Podsiadly (Geelong)
27' GOAL - Nathan Jones (Melbourne)
30' GOAL - Aaron Davey (Melbourne)
31' GOAL - James Podsiadly (Geelong)
Quarter 3
2' BEHIND - Rushed (Melbourne)
5' GOAL - Matthew Bate (Melbourne)
7' BEHIND - Nathan Jones (Melbourne)
9' GOAL - Jeremy Howe (Melbourne)
13' GOAL - James Kelly (Geelong)
16' BEHIND - Cale Morton (Melbourne)
17' GOAL - Paul Chapman (Geelong)
19' GOAL - Paul Chapman (Geelong)
21' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong)
21' GOAL - James Podsiadly (Geelong)
23' GOAL - Mitchell Clark (Melbourne)
24' GOAL - Jesse Stringer (Geelong)
28' GOAL - Lynden Dunn (Melbourne)
29' BEHIND - Mitch Duncan (Geelong)
30' BEHIND - Mitchell Clark (Melbourne)
30' BEHIND - Mitch Brown (Geelong)
30' GOAL - Andrew Mackie (Geelong)
Quarter 4
2' BEHIND - Cale Morton (Melbourne)
3' BEHIND - Steve Johnson (Geelong)
4' GOAL - Matthew Bate (Melbourne)
8' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong)
12' BEHIND - Lynden Dunn (Melbourne)
15' GOAL - Steve Johnson (Geelong)
17' BEHIND - James Magner (Melbourne)
17' GOAL - Steven Motlop (Geelong)
21' BEHIND - Joel Corey (Geelong)
23' BEHIND - Jeremy Howe (Melbourne)
24' BEHIND - Mitchell Clark (Melbourne)

Michael DiFabrizio is based in Mildura, Victoria. He has been an expert columnist at The Roar since 2009, leading to appearances on ABC News 24 and in the Age. Follow Michael on Twitter @MichaelDiFab.

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  • Roar Guru

    zacbrygel said | 4:27pm | ! Report

    Great to see Steve Johnson return to form. What a fantastic player he is.

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 4:20pm | ! Report


    Geelong 17.17 119 Melbourne 11.10 76

    It wasn’t anywhere near the blowout of last year, but Geelong have prevailed and did so convincingly. The absolute star performer of this one, for the Cats at least, was Steve Johnson (35 touches and 3 goals). Mitch Clark was brilliant for the Dees, but there weren’t as many other classy players to step up as Geelong have.

    • Columnist

      Michael DiFabrizio said | 4:26pm | ! Report

      Joel Corey had plenty of it, Corey Enright played well. The young guys were also impressive. Mitch Duncan (31 touches), Steve Motlop (28), Christensen (22), Stringer (19) and Gillies (19) all looked comfortable. Cats would be happy to have had 124 more disposals today. The concern? They still haven’t won a contested possession count. That was dead level by the final siren.

      For Melbourne, well, it was a 140-point improvement on last year. They played four quarters, which is the first thing you look for in a game like this. They were able to convert once inside 50, which Geelong weren’t good at early. Again, Mitch Clark is deserving of praise. Nath Jones was also good up forward. James Frawley, while you could question some of his disposal, held Tom Hawkins to one goal. Decision-making is one of the key areas they’ll need to focus on going forward.

      DISPOSALS: Geelong: Johnson 35, Corey 34, Duncan 31, Enright 31, Motlop 28
      Melbourne: Grimes 24, Trengove 21, Clark 21, Morton 20, Jones 19, Frawley 19

      GOALS: Geelong: Chapman 3, Podsiadly 3, Johnson 3, Bartel 2, Mackie 2, Hawkins, Kelly, Stringer, Motlop
      Melbourne: Clark 4, Jones 2, Bate 2, Davey, Dunn, Howe

      KEY STATS: Contested possessions: Even
      Disposals: Geelong +124
      Clearances: Geelong +7
      Inside 50s: Geelong +16
      Tackles: Geelong +6

      DREAM TEAM: Johnson 163, Chapman 119, Duncan 116, Podsiadly 113, Clark 112, Corey 107, Enright 106

    • Columnist

      Michael DiFabrizio said | 4:27pm | ! Report

      That’s me done for the weekend. Thanks for tuning in!

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 4:13pm | ! Report

    Stevie Motlop holds his feet to get his first goal of the game. Duncan 27 touches, Christensen 22, Motlop 26.

    Geelong 118 Melbourne 74 – 6min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 4:11pm | ! Report

    Morton wins a free and sets up Magner from outside 50m. Makes the distance but touched. Game has settled down. Melbourne ensuring they can walk out of this saying they played four quarters. Decision-making is letting them down.

    Geelong 112 Melbourne 74 – 6min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 4:09pm | ! Report

    Stevie J marks 25m out. He goes back and kicks it low. Goes over the umpire’s hat (just).

    Geelong 112 Melbourne 73 – 8min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 4:01pm | ! Report

    Motlop impressive lookaway handball to Stevie J, wowee. SJ’s high kick leads to a stoppage in the goal square. Hawkins boot mid-air is a point.

    Geelong 106 Melbourne 72 – 15min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 3:59pm | ! Report

    Said it before but I’ve loved Mitch Clark’s game today. Cost them a lot of money, he did. But he’s instantly become one of their most important players.

    Geelong 105 Melbourne 72 – 15min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 3:58pm | ! Report

    Dees get one back. They find Bate by himself in the pocket, runs in and kicks it.

    Geelong 105 Melbourne 72 – 16min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 3:57pm | ! Report

    Mitch Brown’s ball finds Stevie J on the chest. He hits the post.

    Geelong 105 Melbourne 66 – 17min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 3:55pm | ! Report

    Clark finds Morton who’s long kick comes back but not quite enough.

    Geelong 104 Melbourne 66 – 19min left 4th qtr

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 3:50pm | ! Report


    Geelong 15.14 104 Melbourne 10.5 65

    Geelong lifted and handled the wind much better than they did in the first quarter. Chapman and Stevie J have returned to form, and Mitch Duncan is another who’s impressing. What I like about Melbourne is that they’ve played three quarters of good footy given the quality of opposition. They haven’t dropped off or gone away.

    DISPOSALS: Geelong: Corey 29, Johnson 28, Enright 24, Duncan 22
    Melbourne: Grimes 20, Jones 14, Tapscott 14

    GOALS: Geelong: Chapman 3, Podsiadly 3, Bartel 2, Mackie 2, Johnson 2, Hawkins, Kelly, Stringer
    Melbourne: Clark 4, Jones 2, Davey, Bate, Dunn, Howe

    KEY STATS: Contested possessions: Geelong +7
    Disposals: Geelong +109
    Clearances: Geelong +9
    Inside 50s: Geelong +13
    Tackles: Geelong +8

    DREAM TEAM: Johnson 120, Chapman 95, Corey 94, Jones 88, Duncan 86, Podsiadly 85

  • Columnist

    Michael DiFabrizio said | 3:46pm | ! Report

    High ball from Mackie goes through. Cats have six of the last eight.

    Geelong 104 Melbourne 65 – 31sec left 3rd qtr

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