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    Live Scores

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    Sydney vs. Adelaide

    Sydney Cricket Ground
    2012 AFL Premiership Season May 5, 2012
    Adelaide won by 5 points
    Sydney Adelaide
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q1128   5232
    Q27648   8351
    Q312779   11672
    Q4141094   15999

    Two top four teams are set to go head-to-head when the fourth-placed Adelaide Crows head to the Sydney Cricket Ground to take on the undefeated Sydney Swans tonight. Join us for live scores and a detailed description from 7.40pm AEST.

    Sydney played in their last grand final in 2006 and it has only taken six seasons for that premiership dream to be rekindled.

    The Swans have only missed the finals once in the last nine years but after exiting at the semi-final stage of the season in 2010 and 2011 they appear ready to challenge for the title for the first time since 2006.

    Sydney has only been tested once this season and that was against Fremantle in round two.

    After racing to a big lead in the middle stages, the Swans hit the brick wall late in the contest and may have been a little bit lucky to hold onto their 13-point victory.

    The Swans have beaten GWS, Freo, Port Adelaide, North Melbourne and Hawthorn.

    Last week, John Longmire’s men put on an outstanding second-half performance to expose the frailties in an underperforming Hawthorn team when prevailing by 37-points in Launceston.

    It was the third big win for Sydney on long, narrow grounds in a season.

    Last year, the Swans were the only team to beat West Coast at Subiaco and Sydney was the first team to defeat Geelong at Skilled Stadium since 2007.

    Tonight, the Swans host Adelaide at the tricky SCG. Sydney has an interesting record at the ground.

    They lost four of their first six games at the Cricket Ground last year.

    Amongst those they succumbed to were Geelong, Hawthorn and Carlton.

    Sydney has won their last four at the SCG but those wins were against the lowly Dogs and Lions, an unlucky Freo and finally North Melbourne two weeks ago when Sydney were commanding victors, prevailing by 34 points.

    I’m not certain the Swans play their best footy at the Moore Park venue.

    In contrast, Adelaide has the best record of any team in the competition at the SCG.

    The Crows have won five of their last six at the ground but the last of those matches was in 2008 when Adelaide was coached by Neil Craig.

    Under new coach Brenton Sanderson this year, the Crows are playing a new style and whether that is conducive to playing good football at the AFL’s smallest ground remains to be seen.

    What is without doubt is Adelaide’s good record against Sydney.

    The Crows have won seven of their last eight against Sydney and obviously match-up well against the Swans.

    In their last encounter Adelaide prevailed by seven points at Footy Park in the wet as despised outsiders.

    The Crows have started the season well. They won the NAB Cup and have only been defeated once this season – by Hawthorn at the MCG to the tune of 56 points.

    That loss may have been a good thing for the Crows because it brought them back down to earth.

    Since being defeated by the Hawks, Adelaide were too good for GWS and won a hard-fought Showdown last week after Port put up a good fight over the first three quarters.

    Surprisingly, Adelaide has a decent record the week after the first Showdown of the season.

    Last year, the Crows lost the first Showdown by 32 points before travelling to Docklands and going down to Carlton by six points.

    In 2010, the Crows beat Richmond by 50 points the week after losing the Showdown by 23 points.

    I think the Crows can play their best football tonight, six days after their most emotion-charged match so far in 2012.

    The Swans are also on a six-day break having also won last Sunday.

    Both coaches have named strong squads for tonight. The Swans are unchanged. Ruckman Shane Mumford is set to be out for another month.

    The Crows have made only one swap for tonight. Andy Otten has been dropped, paving the way for the return of goal-sneak Jason Porplyzia. There is no Bernie Vince or Richard Douglas for Adelaide.

    In a week where almost all of the favourites will win, I think Adelaide has a massive chance of causing a boil-over here.

    They play the ground well, play the Swans well and play well after the first Showdown. Sydney is expected to win and against a 4-1 Adelaide team that is a position they are not often accustomed to being in.

    I tipped Sydney last week and it’s a bit strange to be jumping off here but I think the Crows can get up by seven points.

    Live Score Updates

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    Quarter 1
    2' BEHIND - Lewis Jetta (Sydney)
    6' BEHIND - Rory Sloane (Adelaide)
    6' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide)
    8' BEHIND - Adam Goodes (Sydney)
    13' GOAL - Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)
    16' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Adelaide)
    21' BEHIND - Matthew Jaensch (Adelaide)
    25' GOAL - Ian Callinan (Adelaide)
    27' GOAL - Matthew Jaensch (Adelaide)
    29' GOAL - Ian Callinan (Adelaide)
    Quarter 2
    5' GOAL - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
    7' GOAL - Lewis Jetta (Sydney)
    7' BEHIND - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    9' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide)
    11' BEHIND - Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney)
    11' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    15' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide)
    18' BEHIND - Jason Porplyzia (Adelaide)
    20' GOAL - Shaun McKernan (Adelaide)
    21' GOAL - Kieren Jack (Sydney)
    24' GOAL - Adam Goodes (Sydney)
    25' GOAL - Adam Goodes (Sydney)
    26' BEHIND - Ben McGlynn (Sydney)
    27' GOAL - Kieren Jack (Sydney)
    Quarter 3
    2' GOAL - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    5' GOAL - Jared Petrenko (Adelaide)
    8' GOAL - Adam Goodes (Sydney)
    9' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide)
    9' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide)
    13' BEHIND - Jason Porplyzia (Adelaide)
    16' GOAL - Adam Goodes (Sydney)
    22' GOAL - Jared Petrenko (Adelaide)
    25' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    25' GOAL - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
    26' GOAL - Adam Goodes (Sydney)
    29' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide)
    Quarter 4
    1' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide)
    3' GOAL - Matthew Jaensch (Adelaide)
    6' BEHIND - Shaun McKernan (Adelaide)
    7' GOAL - Jared Petrenko (Adelaide)
    11' GOAL - Ian Callinan (Adelaide)
    13' BEHIND - Sam Reid (Sydney)
    15' GOAL - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
    17' GOAL - Lewis Jetta (Sydney)
    20' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide)
    25' BEHIND - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    28' BEHIND - Lewis Jetta (Sydney)
    30' BEHIND - Graham Johncock (Adelaide)

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    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 10:28pm | ! Report

      Terrific finish, in that last frantic minute, it seemed like it was always a Crow at the fall of the ball, well done to them, I didn’t think they could do it.

      • 10:49pm
        Ian Whitchurch said | 10:49pm | ! Report

        Couple of darn good games of footy today 🙂

      • 1:00am
        Nathan of Perth said | 1:00am | ! Report

        So much for that tip.

    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:26pm | ! Report

      Thanks for joining us. I think that’s the best game of 2012 so far.

      I hoped you enjoyed the coverage. It’s Adelaide by five points in a thriller.

    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:24pm | ! Report


      Sydney 14.10.94 Adelaide 15.9.99

      What a game of footy.

      Adelaide win by five points.

      They were gone at half time. They were gone at three-quarter time and they were gone with 10 minutes to go but they kept on finding a way.

      Patrick Dangerfield and Taylor Walker were outstanding. Reilly led the defence.

      The Swans probaly can’t believe they lost. They dominated large parts of the game from quarter time and couldn’t get over the line.

      Goodes kicked five and subbed out with a groin problem late.

      The Crows move to 5-1 and the Swans are 5-1, having suffered their first defeat of the season.

      It’s an unbelievable game. It see-sawed and ebbed and flowed and it’s fitting that it was decided by less than a kick.

      Jetta could’ve won it with a minute to go. He brought a long kick inside 50 down and snapped for the winner but the ball bounced on the wrong side of big stick. It was a big chance.

      Both these teams showed they have top four potential tonight. They can play.

      Adelaide continue their good record at the SCG and against Sydney. They are the real deal.

    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:20pm | ! Report

      0:30 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.10.94 Adelaide 15.9.99

      Swans mark in D.

      No time to waste.

      Time against

      Jetta with five seconds.




    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:19pm | ! Report

      0:30 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.10.94 Adelaide 15.9.99



      The ball has gone I50. Johncock ahs received from Sloane.

      It’s only a POINT


      NO GOAL

    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:17pm | ! Report

      0:57 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.10.94 Adelaide 15.8.98

      Thompson free at HB.


    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:17pm | ! Report

      1:36 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.10.94 Adelaide 15.8.98

      Bolton wona free at HB. Hannebery marks.

      Jetta wins it and snaps it.


    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:16pm | ! Report

      2:07 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.9.93 Adelaide 15.8.98

      Dangerfield high ball to FF.


      Can Adelaide seal it here?

      Are you nervous?

    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:15pm | ! Report

      2:27 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.9.93 Adelaide 15.8.98

      Crows do very well.

      Throw-in HF for the Crows.

    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:15pm | ! Report

      3:14 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.9.93 Adelaide 15.8.98

      From the stoppage. Parker misses.

      Crows by five.

    • Columnist

      Justin Cinque said | 10:14pm | ! Report

      3:20 to go Q4

      Sydney 14.8.92 Adelaide 15.8.98

      McGlynn to FF.

      Dangerfiled spoils. Throw-in.

    , , , ,