Carlton vs GWS Giants: AFL live scores

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By , 6 May 2012

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    Live Scores

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    Carlton vs. GWS Giants

    Etihad Stadium
    2012 AFL Premiership Season May 6, 2012
    Carlton won by 67 points
    Carlton GWS Giants
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q13523   2113
    Q26844   5434
    Q391468   6743
    Q41520110   6743

    Carlton got their season back on track last week and will be looking to build even more confidence against the young GWS Giants. We’ll have live scores from 1.10pm AEST.

    The two coaches of these teams have clashed during the week over the Blues’ selection tactics.

    Giants coach Kevin Sheedy warned the Blues not to take his side lightly as the suggestion Carlton would rest a number of their stars gained momentum.

    When the team sheets came out, Chris Judd, Matthew Kreuzer and Jarrad Waite were all left out.

    Carlton coach Brett Ratten defended the omissions, saying the best available team was selected.

    On the field, the two teams appear destined to end the year at different ends of the ladder, so it will be tough for the Giants to get close.

    But GWS have performed well the past two weeks, holding the Western Bulldogs to a goalless first quarter and keeping Adelaide honest a week earlier.

    Jeremy Cameron has been the big talking point out of the kids following his five-goal haul last week. Tomas Bugg has also been in magnificent form.

    The Giants have joined the Blues in making a raft of changes: Rhys Palmer, Dean Brogan, Tim Mohr, Setanta O’hAilpin are possible inclusions, while Josh Bruce, Shaun Edwards, Jacob Townsend, Adam Treloar and Adam Tomlinson are out.

    Carlton are coming off a hard-fought eight-point win over Fremantle last Friday.

    Freo played a defensive game but the Blues were up to the challenge and would’ve won by more if it weren’t for a late rally. Chris Judd was well held, but Kade Simpson, Marc Murphy and Mitch Robinson were all prominent.

    Live Score Updates

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    Quarter 1
    3' GOAL - Andrew Walker (Carlton)
    9' BEHIND - Andrew Walker (Carlton)
    11' GOAL - Kade Simpson (Carlton)
    15' GOAL - Kane Lucas (Carlton)
    18' BEHIND - James McDonald (GWS Giants)
    21' BEHIND - Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton)
    22' BEHIND - Bret Thornton (Carlton)
    23' GOAL - Liam Sumner (GWS Giants)
    27' BEHIND - Dennis Armfield (Carlton)
    28' BEHIND - Michael Jamison (Carlton)
    30' GOAL - Setanta O'hAilpin (GWS Giants)
    Quarter 2
    1' GOAL - Setanta O'hAilpin (GWS Giants)
    3' BEHIND - Bryce Gibbs (Carlton)
    5' BEHIND - Nicholas Duigan (Carlton)
    7' GOAL - Tom Scully (GWS Giants)
    9' GOAL - Bret Thornton (Carlton)
    11' GOAL - Kane Lucas (Carlton)
    12' BEHIND - Toby Greene (GWS Giants)
    15' BEHIND - James McDonald (GWS Giants)
    18' GOAL - Paul Bower (Carlton)
    21' BEHIND - Stephen Coniglio (GWS Giants)
    22' BEHIND - Kane Lucas (Carlton)
    25' GOAL - Phil Davis (GWS Giants)
    Quarter 3
    2' BEHIND - Jefferey Garlett (Carlton)
    4' BEHIND - Setanta O'hAilpin (GWS Giants)
    6' GOAL - Sean Hampson (Carlton)
    9' GOAL - Mitch Robinson (Carlton)
    12' BEHIND - Eddie Betts (Carlton)
    14' GOAL - Phil Davis (GWS Giants)
    15' BEHIND - Devon Smith (GWS Giants)
    19' BEHIND - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    19' BEHIND - Jefferey Garlett (Carlton)
    21' BEHIND - Toby Greene (GWS Giants)
    22' BEHIND - Kade Simpson (Carlton)
    24' BEHIND - Mitch Robinson (Carlton)
    27' GOAL - Bret Thornton (Carlton)
    Quarter 4
    2' GOAL - Bret Thornton (Carlton)
    7' GOAL - Kade Simpson (Carlton)
    8' BEHIND - Kade Simpson (Carlton)
    10' GOAL - Sean Hampson (Carlton)
    15' BEHIND - Andrew Walker (Carlton)
    18' GOAL - Sean Hampson (Carlton)
    19' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    20' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    21' BEHIND - Eddie Betts (Carlton)
    22' BEHIND - Jefferey Garlett (Carlton)
    24' GOAL - Andrew Walker (Carlton)
    27' GOAL - Jefferey Garlett (Carlton)

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    • Roar Guru

      TheSportsFreak said | 3:19pm | ! Report

      Carlton will come away with a soft win, but there should be plenty made about the lack of effort from the Blues in the first 2.5 quarters. They swanned around thinking it would be easy, but were shown up by a side that actually wanted the ball and wanted to prove something.

      • 3:24pm
        Ian Whitchurch said | 3:24pm | ! Report

        Yeah, Once GWS ran out of talls, and felt the effect of playing with a smaller bench, Carlton played some excellent footy.

        But when the game was there to be won, Carlton went missing.

    • 3:18pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 3:18pm | ! Report

      Really good defense by Homkbsch and Mohr

    • 3:09pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 3:09pm | ! Report

      Its been a brave effort by GWS, but they’ve run out of height, and didnt have enough strength to start with.

    • 3:05pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 3:05pm | ! Report

      Giles goes off from the blood rule, and Davis is overmatched in the ruck. Quick hithour, fast kick and Thornton marks low in the hot spot. Goal to Carlton. Lead is now 25 points

    • 3:01pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 3:01pm | ! Report

      GWS are running out of bodies and energy, Carlton are running out of intent

    • 2:58pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 2:58pm | ! Report

      Teams are trading points

    • 2:56pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 2:56pm | ! Report

      Setanta appears to have hurt his knee

    • 2:54pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 2:54pm | ! Report

      Setanta’s hurt – looks like an ankle.

      GWS are running out of bodies

      • 2:56pm
        jack said | 2:56pm | ! Report

        who else is off the field? Bloody Blues should be killing this one.
        Good coverage by the way

    • 2:51pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 2:51pm | ! Report

      Great vision from Scully to find Davis. Goal GWS

    • 2:50pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 2:50pm | ! Report

      Almost a goal of the year dancing along the boundary line by Betts, but couldnt quite thread the kick. 25 points.

      Next goal is important

    • 2:46pm
      Ian Whitchurch said | 2:46pm | ! Report

      Goal to Robinson – Carlton are winning some more contested ball, and using it better, 22 points

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