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    New Sth Wales Vs. Queensland

    2012 NRL State of Origin, 23 May, 2012

    Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, VIC
    Queensland 18 defeated New Sth Wales 10
    New Sth Wales Queensland
    10 FINAL SCORE 18
    2 TRIES 3
    0/1 PENALTY GOALS 0/0
    0/0 FIELD GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • New Sth Wales - Akulia Uate 4pts (1T 0G)
    • Queensland - Darius Boyd 8pts (2T 0G)
    Important moments:
    • Queensland took the lead at the 31 min. mark 1st half
    • Jonathan Thurston (QLD) scored at the 73 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: B Cummins
    Touch judges: P Holland & J Younis

    The 2012 State of Origin series kicks off in Melbourne as New South Wales try to end Queensland’s six year reign by winning the first match of what should be an intriguing series. Join us for live scores and commentary from 7:30pm AEST.


    NSW coach Ricky Stuart has picked a side full of risk with Michael Jennings and Jarryd Hayne gaining selection despite their horror starts to the season for the Panthers and Eels respectively. Jennings has been playing reserve-grade NSW Cup football, but gets his chance tonight against Queensland.

    Stuart has also rewarded Todd Carney with his maiden Blues jumper after impressing with his performances for the Cronulla Sharks.

    Manly forward Tony Williams will also make his debut for NSW this season despite the fact that he hasn’t played football for the past seven weeks due to suspension.

    There is no doubt that Stuart has taken a gamble, in the aim of scoring points against Queensland.

    The Maroons are without former inspirational captain Darren Lockyer for the first time since the stone-age, but Queensland have once again stuck with their star-studded core of players responsible for leading their state to six consecutive series wins.

    Superstars Billy Slater, Cameron Smith, Cooper Cronk, Greg Inglis and Johnathon Thurston are all in superb form this season and should be favoured to cause NSW huge problems if the Blues cannot contain them tonight.


    State of Origin matches are always won by the team that displays the greatest intensity but that can last the full 80 minutes of high-paced action. Game 1 will be no different.

    In last year’s decider, Maroons forwards Matt Scott, Petero Civoniceva, Nate Myles and Dave Taylor once again got the better of their Blues counterparts and will likely dominate again if NSW fail to match Queensland’s intensity.

    On paper, the Blues possess a pack capable of dominating the Maroons and they must deliver on rugby league’s biggest stage.

    Hooker Robbie Farah gets another chance to cement his claim as the Blues leading no.9, but will need to aim up defensively if he is to convince doubters of his worth at Origin level.

    Debutant James Tamou will also be expected to fire upfront alongside fellow debutant Tony Williams, who will start the game from the bench.

    If the preceding players showcase their best form, it will go a long way to nullifying the attacking threat that Slater, Thurston, Smith and Cronk present.

    Furthermore, it will allow the new halves pairing of Mitchell Pearce and Carney to showcase their creative passing and kicking games.

    If NSW fail to win the forward battle however, Queensland will yet again emerge victorious, particularly if a backline containing Justin Hodges and Greg Inglis is given room to move, and Billy Slater in hot try-scoring form.

    The Blues could manage to get themselves into a position to win the contest, but the Queensland side containing the best game-breakers in rugby league will always be too hard to stop. This will prove to be the difference in the end, and I’m tipping Queensland by 6.

    Origin 1 – Photo Gallery

    State of Origin 2012 Game 1 State of Origin One State of Origin 1 fight 2012 Darius Boyd scores for QLD in Origin 1

    Origin 1 – Fight video

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    • 9:40am
      Salty said | 9:40am | ! Report

      3 reasons why NSW lost. 1. took the kick when they should have taken the tap. 2. Bird should have jst kept walking when the the ball was thrown at him. NSW had the Qld rattled and he would have got another penalty. 3. NSW need a leader who watches what is happening and organises the plays and if nothing is happening take a risk! Qld has always had one of these. Strangely enough Carney showed moments of this especially towards the end of the second half. If I was Ricky I would leave him in the side and let him develop.

    • 9:01am
      Whitey said | 9:01am | ! Report

      I am from the UK, so I wasn’t supporting either team, was just hope for a great match (which it was!). But that video ref decision at the end of the the match was embarrassing! And I have lost a lot of respect for the QLD coach for saying it was a try. It didn’t matter in the end, but it was the worst video ref decisions I have ever seen!

      • 11:14am
        Stanza said | 11:14am | ! Report

        Does that mean you lost respect for Ricky Stewart (NSW Coach) for also saying it was a try in the post match interview?

      • 7:23pm
        james said | 7:23pm | ! Report

        well whitey you have highlighted your ignorance in relation to the rules of our game,you cannot lead with the foot to stop a try being scored number one ,secondly putting that rule aside then this instance would be classed as a one on one strip greg inglis got downward pressure after getting ball stripped ,any way you look at it, its a try and in my mind it could have been classed as an 8 point try so nsw should count themselves lucky . aside from that will nsw never learn that dirty tricks don`t win origin games apart from that incident jarred haine continues to play dirty tatics punching jonathan thurston on the ground in a tackle an diving like an italian soccer player at every opportunity ,really good player just clean up your act jarred .

    • 11:44pm
      Roarsome said | 11:44pm | ! Report

      That’s the problem with Gallen as captain, he does it all himself. Leading by example doesn’t seem to inspire his team but rather make them complacent. Imagine if he could inspire the team to go with him, or even just one more forward. That would make a difference. Gallen needs to crack the whip more rather than just provide an example.

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    • 11:30pm
      eagleJack said | 11:30pm | ! Report

      Just had a quick look over the player stats

      MOM Nate Myles – 10 hit-ups for 80m, 38 tackles, 6 missed tackles

      Paul Gallen – 13 hit-ups for 210m, 32 tackles, 3 missed tackles

      Gallen is certainly a freak

      • 11:00am
        Deano said | 11:00am | ! Report

        Gallen was brilliant, he is an example to every forward playing the game and the NSW boys should look to him for inspiration, all they have to do is run around following Gallen. The best way for the blues forwards to improve is to mimic Gallen. In every aspect of life, excellence comes from emulating excellence.

    • 11:28pm
      imurmamma said | 11:28pm | ! Report

      well what on earth were you “ROBBED” of….. a chance to tie with a penalty goal with 5 mins left……a chance to win with 5 mins left. Were you robbed of the game???? NO…..we led with 73 mins on the clock when Inglis fumbled the ball over the line……GET OVER YOURSELVES you whinging Sydney Sooks

      • 11:34pm
        eagleJack said | 11:34pm | ! Report

        Geez imurmamma whinging Sydney sooks is a little harsh. Even a novice sports watcher understands what momentum can do to a team in that situation. By no means would we have definitely won. But it would have been nice to have the last 7 mins to only require another try. Rather than have to throw the ball around in an attempt to score two.

      • 9:34am
        Ben said | 9:34am | ! Report

        Your a joke mate. three terrible desicions lead to all three of queenslands tries… jennings sent off and scott left on the field after starting the whole fight with unsportsmen like conduct. greg birds tackle was textbook.. to penalise him for that was complete and utter bullshit. then inglis’s try.. where do i start… even if farahs foot knocked the ball out it still hit inglis’s forearm before the ground, even in queenslands rule book thats a knock on.

    • 11:26pm
      Rebeca Massih said | 11:26pm | ! Report

      I am a great fan of the game. I know it’s always been about being fair and giving the crowd something good to cheer about. But when you have 16 people playing for QLD and only 13 for NSW, where’s is the equality there? The reffs are taking out all the aggression that State of Origin games are prone too! If professional reffs are getting these small things wrong then what does that say about the sport in general? I believe it was a disgusting effort from the reffs tonight. Also having a blues “HOME” game in Melbourne, where 3 QLD stars are from, really isn’t a home ground advantage. If blues are to win origin 2, the decider will be in QLD? Again, where is the equality there? None whatsoever. This game was such a let down. If blues lost fair and square, I would not be so disappointed. But this is an embarrassing image for the NRL. Blues you put your hearts into it. Champions in my eyes!

      • 9:12am
        Susanne Washington said | 9:12am | ! Report

        I quote from the Sydney Morning Herald this morning… ‘Even Ricky Stuart, who was emitting a “tick, tick, tick” at the press conference, conceded it was a try, while Queensland teammates of Inglis said while they understood howls of Blue protest, the right call was made.’…. end of argument!

    • 10:43pm
      Jas said | 10:43pm | ! Report

      that’s life….yahoo

    • 10:41pm
      Deano said | 10:41pm | ! Report

      Ricky, Ricky Ricky, Why pick Buhrer and Williams if you only gonna give them five minutes – especially after the sin binning of Jennings, it was crucial to rest forwards. It is easy to see the problem, you didn’t trust the boys you selected, you have no faith in your side, time to say goodbye.

      I’m a deadset blue through and through but I love watching the righy siode attack of the maroons, Matty Johns reviewed it on NRL on Fox last night that Cronk, Slater and Thaiday combination is awesome (it was Locky in the highlights but Cronlk tonight) The same three players launch the attack the same way every time but have about half a dozen variations, Ricky Stuart could do well to watch that Matty Johns segment. Matty Johns for blues coach.

      • 11:05pm
        Gareth said | 11:05pm | ! Report

        Exactly right. Tony Williams looked hard to contain, but if his match fitness wasn’t sufficient for him to play more than 10-20 minutes, why have him there? Buhrer might have been hooked, as his dummy half service was pretty ordinary and he didn’t have much impact on an exhausted QLD forward pack, but regardless, is he even that sort of player? From what I’ve seen he’s a good, honest sort that will develop into a quality player, but I would have thought someone a bit quicker off the mark would have served the purpose a bit better – ie a half/hooker/outside back utility as opposed to a second row/hooker utility.

        Most telling for me though was the constant whinging. QLD got on with the job with minimal fuss. NSW were constantly having a sook in the ruck, looking like they expected favours and handouts. Jarryd Hayne was the worst of them, closely followed by Greg Bird, Paul Gallen and Robbie Farah. It’s not a good combination when the coach is an even bigger whinger than the lot of them. Harden the f*** up, play the whistle and if you think you’re hard done by, take it out on the opposition.

        • Roar Guru

          Jiggles said | 11:09pm | ! Report

          They bring the niggle thinking that will make them seem like big hard men. What really counts is getting the job done and putting points on the board. NSW will never win with the sook mentality they have now.

          • 11:29pm
            eagleJack said | 11:29pm | ! Report

            • 12:10am
              Jas said | 12:10am | ! Report

              lol….nite sleep well blues ….got the blues …..

        • 11:23pm
          Jesse James said | 11:23pm | ! Report

          You obviously don’t have a very good memory, queenslanders have winged and b###ched about even the smallest decision going against them for years. In fact it was part of thier moto, us vs the rest of the world.

        • 10:54am
          Deano said | 10:54am | ! Report

          I thought Buhrer for the five minutes he was on looked better than Farah ( I love Robbie, being a die hard Tiges fan) at dummy half, there seemed to me to be a bit of staccato in the forward pack when Farah was feeding them the ball, I think Robbie was hesitating between the pick up and the pass, just taking a fraction of a second too long on the pass and it told on every forward except for Gallen, The Blues forwards failed to hit the advantage line too often. Farah’s defense was solid and so was some of his play off the ruck, he seemed to play almost as a second halfback at times during the game, especially late in the tackle count. Gus Gould said after the game, why go into the state of origin and play with 15 players??? Which is effectively what Stuart did. I think Stuart has to shoulder the blame more than the refs. NSW were okay but they lack the structured game plan that Queensland have, or at least they failed to execute their plan as well. Jennings and Hayne both played okay, aside from Jennings indiscretion that cost us a player and a try in the first half. Uate and Morris were suspect in defense close to the try line, Uate kept coming up and in and Morris was indecisive at times, he should have nailed Thurston when Boyd scored the second try, I think it was Morris indecisiveness that drew Uate in rather than Uate being terrible.

      • 11:12pm
        AGO74 said | 11:12pm | ! Report

        No problem with Williams. But as for buhrer or creagh over watmough. Fix it Ricky!

    • 10:39pm
      Jesse James said | 10:39pm | ! Report

      Yes i’m Blue and yes i’m disapointed. But any game so heavily influenced by refs is leaves me feeling hollow.

    • 10:34pm
      Jas said | 10:34pm | ! Report

      haha Queenslanders rock…….

    • 10:33pm
      Roarsome said | 10:33pm | ! Report

      Ian – Brent Tate.

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