Pacquiao vs Bradley: Live results and round-by-round fight updates, blog

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    Pacquiao vs Bradley live updates, blog (Reuters)

    Congressman-WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao takes on undefeated Tim Bradley in one of 2012’s most anticipated bouts. Join us for live round-by-round updates and blog of the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

    Many see this as one the biggest challenges to Pacquiao’s reign. Any time the ‘Pacman’ steps into the ring it’s a huge event for the sport. There’s also added intrigue with the man from the Philippines coming off underwhelming and controversial decisions, and the aggression shown from challenger Bradley.

    Bradley’s has a head-first attacking style that some speculate will leave him open to the power and footwork of Pacquiao with Manny able to hit from unexpected angles.

    The weigh-ins led to questions over Pacquiao’s conditioning, with some saying frankly he looked out of shape, especially when compared to Bradley’s muscular physique. He weighed in at 147 pounds, a career high weight, while Bradley tipped the scales at 146 pounds. However, it’s a fight, not a body sculpting contest.

    Of course, there’s also the elephant in the room: Floyd Mayweather.

    The unbeaten Mayweather fought in a wonderful fight against Miguel Cotto and for the fight of the century between him and Pacquiao to take place, Pacquiao must beat Bradley, and preferably beat him convincingly to give him not just confidence, but an arrogance to think he can beat ‘Money’ Mayweather.

    We’ll be live blogging Pacquiao vs Bradley today from around 2pm AEST – join us for round-by-round and leave your predictions.

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    • 1:39am
      Barry White said | 1:39am | ! Report

      go manny!

    • 1:59am
      Respect said | 1:59am | ! Report

      Wow, what humility was shown by Manny. Actually both fighters were magnificent. Clearly the decision was rigged for a rematch to earn money for whomever in the short term, against the long term survival of boxing. Sad.

    • 11:19pm
      Reinar Peralta said | 11:19pm | ! Report

      thanks for Andrew Potter!!!

    • 11:02pm
      Reinar Peralta said | 11:02pm | ! Report

      Pacquaio has taken the decision very well and is humble in defeat. I’m dumbfounded how any judge could score that to Bradley.

    • 8:46pm
      fejodap said | 8:46pm | ! Report

      to Beat pacman you have to Cheat…

    • 7:31pm
      john m said | 7:31pm | ! Report

      Upon knowing that Manny ‘lost’ this fight, its nothing unusual.. Remember the Ali fight before (forgot who was his opponent).. Nevertheless.. It is a pain in the ___ when gambling makes the decision in sports hosted by the BIG BOSSES where green buck is the price…

    • 5:13pm
      MattP said | 5:13pm | ! Report

      I am a massive Manny fan. As much as I think he won tonight, what I saw was a shadow of the fighter he used to be. His timing was off, he was lunging clumsily, he got caught with too many shots and every round saw him leave it to the end before he struck. I was urging him to take it to Bradley from the bell but he didn’t. The guy who fought Cotto, Diaz, Oscar and Margarito did not show up in this fight or his last two. In a way if Mayweather doesn’t come off, I am glad because if Manny couldn’t catch Bradley he won’t get near Floyd. As much as I would have liked him to shut Floyd up, on this performance – not a chance. Anyway, that fight does not have any value now so Manny should retire and focus on his other life as this clearly means more to him than fighting. Goodbye to a legend – maybe in a way we didn’t expect but in a better way than against Floyd – I dont want to see Manny hurt in the way Floyd will hurt him.

    • 4:31pm
      JD said | 4:31pm | ! Report


      • 9:39pm
        Phil said | 9:39pm | ! Report

        Are you kidding? Go back and watch the fight again! Yeah PAC man landed some big shots but Bradley out boxed him. If I were you I would learn a thing about boxing before you be a sheep and listen to everyone else. People like you really make me laugh!!

      • 1:43am
        Joy said | 1:43am | ! Report


      • 4:53pm
        Joseph said | 4:53pm | ! Report

        Paddy Power, Ireland’s largest telephone betting service, issued this statement on its blog on Sunday:

        It was a result that stunned the world, even by modern professional boxing standards.

        Last night in Las Vegas the brilliant Filipino Manny Pacquiao lost his WBO welterweight belt to Timothy Bradley in a controversial split-decision defeat.

        With that Paddy Power has rolled out one of our famous Justice Payouts. If you had placed a bet on Manny to win in a pre-fight outright or on points, that money is now back in your account. We Hear You!

        On Sunday, Floyd Mayweather Sr. also blasted the decision, saying that the judges of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight need to “find a new job.”

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