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GreenEDGEFans interviews Adam Hansen before the Tour de France

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27th June, 2012

GreenEDGEFans caught up with Adam Hansen of Lotto-Belisol on the eve of the Tour de France.

GreenEDGEFans: Adam thanks for sparing us your time for some quick questions. How have your preparations progressed leading into the Tour?

Adam: Good. It was more of a recovery as I did the giro while still doing Ster ZLM Toer GP Jan van Heeswijk and ProRace Berlin. I still managed to complete some quality sessions also.

GreenEDGEFans: Lotto-Belisol are coming in with a strong team, where do you see your role within the team?

Adam: I’ve been told to help Jurgen Van Den Broeck as much as possible. So that is one main role. Then I have Andre Greipel who expects a lot too. I think I will be busy.

GreenEDGEFans The sprints competition at the Tour de France has focussed here in Australia on the Cavendish-Goss “Ashes” competition, with little comment on Andre Greipel, Any comments on where you see the Green Jersey competition is going to lead too?

Adam: Andre wants to take this day by day. So we will just do that. We do as he says. He says jump we say how high…I think that’s the motto on how it will work.

GreenEDGEFans: The Australian Olympic Road team has been selected with Stuey O’Grady, Cadel Evans, Matt Goss and Mick Rogers, Any comments on the selection?

Adam: Its’ a nice team they put together. It has loads of experience.


GreenEDGEFans: This is your second grand tour this year and you have stated you would like to do three grand tours. How is this progressing?

Adam: Good I think. I got the half ok from the sports directors that I wanted to do all three. I don’t know if he thought I was serious but we see how it goes.

GreenEDGEFans: A grand tour is an exceptionally hard event. We all know about the stages of 200 plus kilometres but people don’t know about eating properly, transfers, hotel rooms and being stuck on mountain tops. What routine or philosophy do you employ to be productive?

Adam: Tough question… Mind over matter (is my philosophy) I guess in every situation. Even if that’s as simple as entertaining the mind over a long transfer by watching a series of Big Bang Theory.

GreenEDGEFans: Its your Twitter tweet-jousting partner’s (Greg Henderson) first Tour de France. Are we going to expect some interesting social media comment from you two?

Adam: I don’t know what to expect from this guy… He might be a tad nervous to tweet about anything. But I keep you updated on how he really goes. Thanks!

Thanks to Adam for making the time to talk and best of luck in the Tour de France.

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