Ear bite? Billy Slater accuses James Graham of NRL Grand Final chomp [IMAGES, VIDEO]

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    Billy Slater bitten? James Graham accused. Make up your own mind with this image captured from the TV footage.

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    The first half of the 2012 NRL Grand Final saw James Graham and Billy Slater engaged in a Tyson vs Holyfield battle, with Slater alleging Graham bit his ear during a melee that took place following a Canterbury try.

    English forward James “Tyson” Graham and Slater appeared to be in a close headlock, and video footage shown on Channel Nine’s coverage shows Graham seemingly attack the ear of “Holyfield” Slater.

    Slater reported the incident to the referee, with Tony Archer noting the blood on Slater’s ear and placing the allegation on report.

    Archer said of the incident: “It’s on report, that’s all I can do.”

    Slater later bit back, scoring for the Melbourne Storm before half-time.

    There will no doubt be more to come from this.

    Dog bites man? Listen to ABC Grandstand’s call of the biting incident.

    TV image shows the allegation levelled at James Graham by Billy Slater

    Tyson Holyfield ear bite

    The infamous Tyson vs Holyfield ear bite

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    The Crowd Says (43)

    • September 30th 2012 @ 6:16pm
      Steve said | September 30th 2012 @ 6:16pm | ! Report

      • September 30th 2012 @ 6:28pm
        eagleJack said | September 30th 2012 @ 6:28pm | ! Report

        Nice find! Id be very surprised if James Graham plays one minute of NRL next year.

        • Roar Pro

          September 30th 2012 @ 8:25pm
          matthewthorpe said | September 30th 2012 @ 8:25pm | ! Report

          id like that too, although the last player found guilty of biting only got 8 weeks

    • Roar Pro

      September 30th 2012 @ 6:21pm
      Alexander Grant said | September 30th 2012 @ 6:21pm | ! Report

      Pretty darn obvious he did it.

      Handled as best as possible by the refs. Hope he enjoys his time on the sidelines

    • September 30th 2012 @ 6:24pm
      Piston Broke said | September 30th 2012 @ 6:24pm | ! Report

      Just jumped on at half time via satellite in Perth to say the dirty pom should get twenty weeks. What a role model for younger’s. I have to say i like his confidence though, to have the belief he could get away with it. There would be 50 cameras around the ground.

      Oh and one more thing, what was the touch judge doing? He was right in front of the incident. Should have been sent off.

      • September 30th 2012 @ 9:10pm
        Campaign to return Melbournes lost Premierships said | September 30th 2012 @ 9:10pm | ! Report

        As a Brit, I would like to dis-own Graham. He is a grub and has no honour. Please do not use racial terms to describe his act as very few true Brits would behave as he does.

        • September 30th 2012 @ 9:36pm
          Vivalasvegan said | September 30th 2012 @ 9:36pm | ! Report

          I’m English too and totally agree. He has let himself down big time. Low act. And he has had a great season too. PLONKER!

      • Roar Guru

        October 1st 2012 @ 5:39am
        steve b said | October 1st 2012 @ 5:39am | ! Report

        Are you kidding the touchy bolted fists going everywhere , Graham will get eight weeks , what a brain explosion , thought the dogs were hard done by with a few decisions in crucial times ,but in saying that i don’t think the dogs could have capitalised anyway Storm defense just to good , good luck to them …

    • September 30th 2012 @ 6:30pm
      jazdon said | September 30th 2012 @ 6:30pm | ! Report

      girls bite,animals bite,tyson bites and oh dogs bite.not a professional player ,shouldnt be playing the game get him out of the game.

      • September 30th 2012 @ 10:04pm
        Me too said | September 30th 2012 @ 10:04pm | ! Report

        bulldogs bite.

    • September 30th 2012 @ 7:25pm
      Nathan of Perth said | September 30th 2012 @ 7:25pm | ! Report

      Om nom nom, all that running in defense really whets the appetite.

    • September 30th 2012 @ 7:28pm
      Donna Rollason said | September 30th 2012 @ 7:28pm | ! Report

      Send him back home. My 8 year old son saw that he didn’t think it was nice what happened to Billy.
      My work is in sales, I had been dealing with Telstra and they cancelled advertising with us because they don’t want there name associated with alcohol, but they want there name up in big lights supporting nrl biting fighting etc etc etc. what hypocrites

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