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Schoolboy rugby gives Wallabies hope - bring on the future

Roar Guru
7th October, 2012
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I watched our Australian schoolboys fight against a schoolboy All Blacks team which showed real skills in the open and a strong pack, as you would expect.

Our boys took them in the last 15 minutes, with commitment and breakdown skills combined with fast aggressive attack which the current Wallabies can only dream about.

So looking at these youngsters go off after the whistle, having held the New Zealanders out by putting on a great try to an outstanding fullback was thrilling.

I only have to stay on this planet for the next eight years and we could be number one in the world.

What we need to do is to prepare the ground for these skilled youngsters with some excellent coaches and processes to support them.

The sooner the ARU realises the lack of quality coaches at most levels in Australia is the key problem, the sooner we can lift Australian rugby to its highest level ever.

Many Roarers are calling for a restructure in the ARU and some of their suggestions offer advantages to us.

The problem is we can’t afford a three tier professional structure, but we can afford to put advanced training into a young bunch of coaches who can make sure the players coming from all elite and maybe even premier rugby are at a higher level of base skills to support the team above them if the players are called on to step up.

Bring it on – I reckon if we do the planning and work to ensure the administrators and coaches are at a higher level of professionalism, these talented youngsters will take a lot of stopping when they make it to the top.


Someone hand me the blood pressure pills so I can be there to watch it!