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Ranking CEOs in the big four US sports

The Carolina Panthers are favourites for Super Bowl 50. (AP Photo/The Detroit News, Daniel Mears)
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7th December, 2012

In a world of seven billion people, the voice of the few decided on the commissioners for America’s big four (MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL). And unsurprisingly enough, none of them have really done the job they were supposed to.

But who, in actual fact, takes home the crown for ‘Worst commissioner of the decade’?

4. Bud Selig (MLB)

I’m going to give credit to Bud and the crew over there in Major League Baseball land. They could do so much worse to wreck America’s favourite pasttime but they haven’t.

Their realignment of Houston back into the American League West created more inter-league games (which is always exciting to the resident fan) and has finally created some sort of equality within the six divisions.

However, he does come with some faults. The ridiculous contracts given to even mid-level players is growing ever out of control.

I mean, really, paying half a million dollars per start for a pitcher? That’s ridiculous. I know it’s how the game works, but you’re the commissioner. Take some charge.

(And please, veto any deal that sends Josh Hamilton to the Yankees. None of us want that).

3. Roger Goodell (NFL)


Oh boy. Roger’s a very lucky boy to only walk away with bronze in this melee. You want to see how his decision can affect a whole season?

Look at hail-gate in week three. If the regular referees are there, then Seattle loses the game.

This would have a flow on affect until eventually, Seattle isn’t in the position they are in now, i.e. a wildcard spot. But oh no, that’s not Goodell’s only mistake in his error prone wrath.

Listed below are some of the problems associated to being a bumbling, stumbling pansy:

• NFL lockout in 2010, which was extremely lucky to be solved in time for a full regular season.
• Throwing around the idea of an 18 game regular season – Face it Roger, you aren’t getting sellouts now, do you really think an extra game would help?
• Getting rid of kickoffs; well, you might as well say goodbye to Devin Hester right now if that ever gets through.
• Trying to expand to Europe
• Having games in Europe

I could go on, but really, enough has been said. Just look at the ESPN boards and you’ll get a sense of the fan hate towards this man.

2. David Stern (NBA)

He gets the nod over Goodell due to his ridiculous fine to the San Antonio Spurs. Really, you’re charging a quarter of a million dollars because the game was close?


Just because you have four players missing, does not mean that it can’t produce a good game. We get it. You’re a big town guy who screws over the smaller markets.

I’m sure if your beloved Heat decided to rest Lebron, D Wade and Bosh for a nationally televised game, you’d do the smart thing and fine them as well.


Didn’t think so buddy. And while I’m at it, where do you hire your referees from? I mean, really, Joey Crawford is still an official?

And now we come to the unenviable (hey, maybe it is enviable to him) number one spot. This should really come as no shock to anyone.

1. Gary Bettman (NHL)

Three lockouts. Three lockouts in 20 years. One season already lost. Another season which could be cancelled in the next couple of weeks.

It’s obvious Bettman and his offsider Fehr don’t want anything to do with the new deal between the NHL and the NHLPA.


What kind of commissioner doesn’t want a season to go ahead? Is he going to hold all hockey fans to ransom again, like 2005/2006?

There have been calls to get rid of Bettman, and even so far as to open a public enquiry into his wrongdoings. Let’s put it this way.

If he’s worse than David Stern, then I’m all for it.