Matthew Wade has made it back into the Aussie side, and should stay until the Ashes. (AFP Photo/William West)

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Australia v Sri Lanka


1st Test - AUS v SLA

Australia 1st Inn 5/450
Sri Lanka 1st Inn 336 All Out
Australia 2nd Inn 9/278
Sri Lanka 2nd Inn 255 All Out
Australia won the toss and elected to bat
Australia won by 137 runs
Sri Lanka Over:119.2  RR:2.14
Batsmen Runs B 4s 6s SR
UWMBCA Welagedara 0 4 0 0 0.00
RMS Eranga* 6 20 0 0 30.00
Bowlers O M R W Econ
MA Starc* 28.2 7 63 5 2.22
PM Siddle 26.0 11 50 4 1.92
Recent Overs:
.  .  .  2  .  .  | .  .  .  .  .  .  | .  .  .  .  .  .  |
Last Wicket: Eranga, 6 (c:Wade b:Starc)
Current Partnership: 5 runs, 11 balls, RR:45.45

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Australia need eight wickets to beat Sri Lanka while the visitors require 328 runs to go one up on the final day of the Hobart Test match.

We’ll bring you the live scores of the action throughout this game, with the final day of the first Test starting at 10.00 am local.

The situation is not too dissimilar from the recent Adelaide Test match. Then, like now, Australia needed bowl South Africa out on the final day but were handicapped by the absence of one of their main quick bowlers due to an injury.

If it was James Pattinson who had left Peter Siddle to shoulder majority of the attack, then this time it was the turn of Ben Hilfenhaus to fall by the wayside. Siddle will be required to take up this responsibility yet again.

What will be different this time is that Michael Clarke will have a third seamer in Shane Watson available to him. Watson, as was on display on the fourth day, did a sterling job on what was described as a treacherous pitch by the TV commentators, and bowled nine testing overs for 10 overs. And he picked up a wicket as well.

What will also be dissimilar from Adelaide is the pitch. Then, the track was still very flat going into the fifth day. Here, the Hobart Test wicket has shown enough signs to indicate life for the batsmen will start tough and become progressively more difficult.

There is another couple of factors to consider going into this last day. Michael Clarke injured his hamstring while batting on the fourth day and had to retire hurt. Captaining the side – even from the slips – will be physically tough on him and may ensure his withdrawal from the Boxing Day Test match but he will be out in the middle doing the job.

How he manages both the pain and his captaincy if the going gets tough could be decisive.

And then there is the weather. While no rain is forecast in Hobart at this stage, Australia will have one eye on it and would like to wrap it up very quickly.

Not that the Sri Lankan team will be any pushovers. As seen in the final session of play Monday, the batsmen were ready to grind it out in the middle, as they batted 37 overs for 65 runs.

It is a strategy that could be on display even on the fifth day and while it is fraught with its own risks, it could just be their best chance to survive the day.

The other option, of being positive from the very start of the day’s play may come undone if they lose one of the two unbeaten batsmen overnight. At least one of the two experienced stalwarts of Sri Lankan cricket, Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, will need to bat through most part of the day if they need to salvage something out of this game.

We will bring you the live coverage throughout the game from Hobart and hope to receive your opinions as the action unfolds.

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  • 6:55am
    V44 said | 6:55am | ! Report

    In all the hype around win against SL couple of observations
    Lyon, again, not up to bowling Australia to victory. Herath takes 5 for in Aust 2nd innings, class tells. Maybe he needs better guidance than he is getting.( but if you have an ex wicket keeper as spin bowling coach, who do you turn to?)
    Watson bowled one tellling spell in mid / high 130’s but other wise pace well down ( maybe get him angry and having a few verbals the secret).
    Fielding, overall it is a worry when some kid from club cricket is the shining light. Watson again looked like he is protecting injury and moves in the field like a Clydesdale. Wades’ keeping, especially to spinners, poor, again, who is working with him. Is Paine / Haddin a better option? Cannot afford to miss simple stumpings. You can forgive once but not once every innings. Does he watch the ball?
    Starc 90% of his stuff crap but last session spell did the job.
    Siddle, inspiring
    Overall, a win is a win but CA and High Performance group still have a lot of work to do to make sure we finish each game eleven on eleven otherwise Siddle, in particular, and others WILL not last. Remember Siddle himself has been part of casualty ward. Could you say with any confidence this is the team to beat England, it couldn’t beat SA and SL are a looooong way down in the test rankings… lets not get too excited.

  • 10:16pm
    Jason Cave said | 10:16pm | ! Report

    I thought this Test series between Australia & Sri Lanka would be one-sided but I’ve been proven wrong.

    While the scorebook would show an Australian win in the end, however they had to work very hard for it against a Sri Lankan team which showed what they lacked in class they made up for it with guts and determination.

    However, this Test would also serve as a warning signal to the NSP about just how fragile the Australian bowling attack is at the moment, and would be best advised to fix the problem between now and the upcoming England tour.

    Otherwise the England batsmen such as Cook, Pietersen, Bell and Trott would be licking their lips at the prospect of scoring hundreds of runs against a weakend Australian attack.

  • 8:03pm
    jamesb said | 8:03pm | ! Report

    Very happy that jackson Bird is in the side. He is rewarded for good performances in the Shield

    Remember Bird is the word

    • 10:10pm
      Rhys said | 10:10pm | ! Report

      I’ll have my copy cranked up on the turntable come Boxing Day.

  • Columnist

    Brett McKay said | 7:05pm | ! Report

    Clarke says he’s confident he’ll be right for Boxing Day, but Usman Khawaja is in squad on standby. Jackson Bird coming in for The Hilf..

    • Columnist

      Brett McKay said | 7:10pm | ! Report


      Clarke (c), Watson (vc), Bird, Cowan, Hughes, M Hussey, Johnson, Khawaja, Lyon, Siddle, Starc, Wade, Warner..

    • 7:19pm
      eagleJack said | 7:19pm | ! Report

      I like. Bird a great addition. And proof Usman is very very close

      • Roar Pro

        boes said | 7:37pm | ! Report

        I would hope you would like Bird eagle….hopefully he gets a run and isn’t the drinks waiter.

    • 7:24pm
      Rhys said | 7:24pm | ! Report

      I like that squad. Big thumbs up to the NSP on that one.

      I heard that Bird is the word.

    • 7:36pm
      Red Kev said | 7:36pm | ! Report

      Good stuff, nothing to complain about … what will we post on The Roar then?

      • 8:34pm
        Rob from Brumby Country said | 8:34pm | ! Report

        The usual?

        ‘Raaargh! Ben Cutting! Raaargh! Move Hussey up the order! Raaargh! Move Watson down the order! Raaargh! We need an Australian coach! Raaargh! Sack Alex Contouris!! Raaaaarghhhhhhh!!!!!!!’

        • 8:55pm
          Red Kev said | 8:55pm | ! Report

          I was going to go with Wade’s missed stumping and Warne’s “comeback”.

  • 6:23pm
    jamesb said | 6:23pm | ! Report

    Congrats Australia

    relieved to have finally won a test match.

    Siddle deserves the man of the match. He is the new Merv Hughes, all heart.

    Most of this test match I had Starc out of Boxing day. Now that he has got a late Michelle, I just think he has done enough……just. If he plays next test, he needs to show more aggression, and bowl as a left armer, not a right arm bowler.

    I hope Clarke is fit for the next test. If Watson is captain, and if Johnson comes in, there could some interesting times at the Gee.

    Also could someone tell Lyon to fricken slow down. Why is he bowling at 88 kays on average, where he should be bowling around 81 or 82.

    Hussey continues to keep on, while Warner is slowly establishing himself as a opener. Hard fought win, but we need a bowler to take wickets to get the pressure off Siddle

    Selectors, pick Bird or Cutting, noooooooooooooooo Johnson!

    • 6:38pm
      Rhys said | 6:38pm | ! Report

      I agree about Siddle. Doesn’t have every trick in the book like some other bowlers, but more than makes up for it with sheer guts and determination.

      Starc is doing what a young fast bowler does, learning his craft. I think he’s Australia’s #1 left arm pace option for a long time to come if he keeps improving at the rate he is. At 31, Johnson is more likely to be a backup to Starc, and a handy one at that.

      If Clarke is out I’d really like to see Khawaja given another shot. Agree re. Bird or Cutting in place of Hilfy.

      A good result for the Aussies, hard fought which can only be a good thing for a young team in development.

      • 7:04pm
        jamesb said | 7:04pm | ! Report

        The strange thing with Starc is he has picked up 14 wickets in his last two tests, yet he has bowled alot of rubbish to go with it.
        If Starc becomes a bit more consistent, he could be anything.

        But we keep forgetting he is only 22.

        • 8:04pm
          Jutsie said | 8:04pm | ! Report

          he looked pretty damn good today, if he could bowl with than speed, movement, accuracy throughout a test then he could be the strike bowler the aussies have been looking for since johnson went off the deep end.

          How long till siddle breaks, poor bloke has had to carry an undermanned and inexperienced pace attack in his last two outings.

  • 6:14pm
    Jutsie said | 6:14pm | ! Report

    lol starc bowled like garbage for most of the match but saved his best bowling spell for the last session and denies siddle a ten for in the process. Perfect tail end bowling by starc

    • 6:42pm
      sittingbison said | 6:42pm | ! Report

      you called it Jutsie, bending his back bowling 145kmh yorkers to the tail late on day 5, but pies for the rest of the game. What gives?

      • 8:27pm
        Rob from Brumby Country said | 8:27pm | ! Report

        Always save an ace, SB 😉

        But on a more serious note, Starc really was unimpressive for the best part of four and a half days. He’s gotta do more than that!

        • 10:16pm
          lolly said | 10:16pm | ! Report

          It’s inexperience and nerves. It was notable at the WACA that he bowled far better at the tail than he did at any other time, he did the same today. Eventually experience will translate into confidence and he will be able to bring his best stuff to the best batsmen. Well, that’s what I hope anyway..

          And anyway, our bowlers have so much trouble running through the tail, I’m not complaining if at least one of them can do that.

          They need to stick with him. We know what Johnson can do and how he doesn’t do it very often. Another option is essential.

  • 6:13pm
    Harry said | 6:13pm | ! Report

    Well done Starc to take the last 5 wickets. Always thought he is a world class fast bowler in the making. Still along way to go but gee he looks the part. Will surely gain enourmous confidence from doing the job today.

    Siddle deservedly man-of-the-match.

    Another excellent test. Who needs 20/20 hit and giggle

  • Roar Guru

    Suneer Chowdhary said | 6:10pm | ! Report

    Peter Siddle has been declared the man of the match for his nine-wicket haul. Misses a 10-for, his first ever and the first at Hobart, but he will take the nine wickets and vitally the Australian win.

    Sri Lanka fought hard through adversity in both innings on a difficult pitch but fall just short. It must be said that the four wickets they lost on the second day pushed them really back and while Dilshan and Mathews did their bit, it wasn’t enough in the end.

    Australia will bring in a newer side for the next game with injuries to Clarke and Hilfenhaus, which should make things interesting, but will be happy to see Mitchell Starc regain some of his form.

    That’s it from me, will be back for the second Test match from December 26. Wish you a merry Christmas then!

    • 6:14pm
      jameswm said | 6:14pm | ! Report

      I’m not convinced yet Clarke won’t be playing, but it sounds like they’ve earmarked Ussie. How do you feel Rob Quiney?

      • 6:15pm
        Matt said | 6:15pm | ! Report

        Like he should average more than 3

        • 6:41pm
          sittingbison said | 6:41pm | ! Report

          a polished 99 would have helped…or maybe not

          • 9:58pm
            Matt said | 9:58pm | ! Report

            Why bother with 99 when you could bat the best 9 ever seen?

    • 6:15pm
      Matt said | 6:15pm | ! Report

      Wow close, should have had that in the bag but was looking like a draw!

  • Roar Guru

    Suneer Chowdhary said | 6:05pm | ! Report

    And that is the end of that, Starc’s got his fifth and Lanka are bowled out!

    It was short of length from round the stumps and angling in, straightened for the batsman who was taking his hands away but gets some part of his bat and easily taken by the keeper.

    Australia are 1-0 up in the three-match series. A very well-fought game this one.

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