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Google's most successful sporting team of 2012

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23rd December, 2012
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So your team may or may not of taken out the big one this year. But who took out the most searched team on Google award for 2012?

That award went to the Sydney Swans. Not only did they pick up a $1 million dollar cheque and the AFL Premiership, but they were also the most searched team for 2012 in Australia. That includes Australian teams and global teams.

Not bad for a team with comparatively less media coverage that no-one seems to rate.

If you look a bit harder at the two tables, it tells us a lot more. With four codes of football all competing for fans and air time in Australia, these two tables tell us that it is in fact soccer and Australian Rules football that are dominating.

There is more interest in the English Premier League than the NRL.

So should the NRL be concerned with these figures? The Melbourne Storm sits fourth on the table which is a great result.

But Canterbury is the only other team to make the world table, with the Wests Tigers sneaking in to the Australia only list.

However, NRL fans who are interested can see a list of which NRL teams were the most googled, which is sure to help settle a few debates at the pub.

So why do people search for teams on the internet? Clearly it is fans searching for more information, which indicates levels of interest in the particular sporting areas.


The data will be used by clubs and sporting codes to help promote their causes with sponsors, which is obviously going to lead to more revenue.

In the years to come, the data reported by Google will rival TV ratings in terms of importance.

I have provided you with the tables below or you can search Google Zeitgeist. And to the codes in Australian I would have to say that the sleeping giant is the world game of football. Or maybe they have been awake for some time and the rest of us are just starting to realise it.

Teams googled from Australia in 2012

1. Sydney Swans
2. Liverpool Football Club
3. Essendon
4. Melbourne Storm
5. Carlton Football Club
6. Manchester United
7. Canterbury Bulldogs
8. Collingwood Football Club
9. Melbourne Victory
10. Chelsea Football Club

Australian only teams googled from Australia in 2012

1. Sydney Swans
2. Essendon
3. Melbourne Storm
4. Carlton Football Club
5. Canterbury Bulldogs
6. Collingwood Football Club
7. Melbourne Victory
8. Australian Wallabies
9. Wests Tigers
10. Sydney Football Club

Australian NRL Teams


11. Melbourne Storm
12. Wests Tigers
13. Brisbane Broncos
14. Cronulla Sharks
15. Manly Sea Eagles
16. Newcastle Knights
17. Canberra Raiders
18. South Sydney Rabbitohs
19. Sydney Roosters
20. Canterbury Bulldogs