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By , 18 Jan 2013

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    Lance Armstrong: The Oprah Interview (Image: Supplied)

    Oprah Winfrey’s TV interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong will be broadcast from 1pm AEDT today – join The Roar as we live blog the event with updates, reactions and full coverage as it happens.

    Our team will follow Armstrong’s impending confession. Will it be one of the biggest ‘tell-all’ interviews in sports history, or will it be more of a ‘tell-some’ affair?

    Earlier this week, the fallen sporting idol sat down with the queen of American daytime television, and by all reports confessed to using doping substances during his decorated career, which included seven Tour de France titles, since rescinded.

    Winfrey came armed to the interview, carried out in a hotel in Armstrong’s home city of Austin, Texas.

    Her team prepared 112 questions for her to use in grilling Armstrong, with Winfrey subsequently reporting that Armstrong answered “most” of the questions.

    Armstrong said earlier in the week that viewers could judge for themselves how candid he was in the interview.

    “I left it all on the table with her, and when it airs the people can decide,” he said.

    Oprah’s interview was originally scheduled for a 90-minute special, but has split into two parts after it was decided to air the entire two-and-a-half hour interview unedited. Part two will air tomorrow, at the same time.

    Join us as we cover the event live.

    MORE: For sanity’s sake, play along with our drinking game as you watch.

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    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 2:55pm | ! Report

      And that concludes the interview,

      We’ll never know whether Armstrong is truly remorseful and most of us don’t care about his financial losses.

      For cycling there could be positive repercussions if, as Travis Tygart suggests, Armstrong testifies under oath which will assist authorities to learn about the secrets and nature of doping cultures.

      It could also implicate powerful figures such Thomas Weisel, the weathy financier and former owner of US Postal who has been accused of covering up his team’s doping and UCI President at the time Hein Verbruggen who had financial links with Weisel and has been accused of covering up Armstrong’s positive samples.

      Looking on the positive side, Armstrong’s awful legacy does have one redeeming feature: Livestrong, the foundation that has raised almost $500 million for cancer sufferers.

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 1:58pm | ! Report

      Not surprisingly, and unortunatly, Oprah finishes the interview with a quote fro Armstrong’s ex-wife; “the truth will set you free”.

      • 2:20pm
        nickoldschool said | 2:20pm | ! Report

        Strange feeling really. The bloke is mentally one of the toughest human being I have ever seen. To paraphrase him, ‘ the scariest’.

    • Roar Guru

      Turnover said | 1:56pm | ! Report

      Going from thinking your dad is one of the greatest sportsman of all time and one of the most inspirational people in the world to this, must be unimaginably difficult for his kids

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 1:55pm | ! Report

      To the question “are you a better human being because of this” he replies “without a doubt”. He said after his cancer he became a better and smarter person, and then lost his way!

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 1:52pm | ! Report

      No-one is interested in hearing Armstrong say he’s an optimist who never looks back to the past

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 1:51pm | ! Report

      His loss of income seems to have affected him more than loss of reputation and friends, and Oprah seems to agree; “$75 million, it just went out of your life” as if she’s talking about a family member or close friend

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 1:46pm | ! Report

      Armstrong denies that he or any of his associates offered USADA the $150k bribe / donation

    • 1:43pm
      Bondy said | 1:43pm | ! Report

      A proper weirdo, he’s major concren or grievance was when the sponsors pulled the plug over a couple of days ,shocking this stuff , the longer it goes the more sickening it becomes.

      Well done with the stream guys.

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 1:43pm | ! Report

      Oprah asks him the question “have you told anyone the whole truth” and he says yes after a long pause. Unfortunatly she doesn’t go further and ask who besides his ex-wife knows the whole truth

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Sutherland said | 1:40pm | ! Report

      Says the biggest hope for him confessing is the wellbeing of his children