Doping, tanking and tennis: 2013 starts with a bang

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    2013 is only a few weeks old and already we have seen the good, bad and ugly side of sport. Actually take that back, I think we have just seen the ugly to date!

    The ugliest of them all has to be the huge story of Lance Armstrong’s drug taking unfolding through the only place Americans get their hard hitting facts – Oprah!

    Where to start on this one is a little hard. Do I go straight to the pathetic drug taking actions of a once-idolised cyclist or start with the ridiculous circus that was the interview?

    Since I know every other arm chair critic is putting their two cents’ worth in on Lance, I will delve into Oprah.

    If she is a hard-hitting interviewer, I can drop 60 points against LeBron James! What a weak, staged and uneventful interview. It lacked substance, hard line questioning and journalistic integrity.

    You did the right thing by retiring Oprah, but just like Michael Jordan, you should have stayed retired because your comeback game stank!

    My next target for the start of 2013 is that we are moving into the final weeks of the seemingly never-ending tanking debate of surrounding Melbourne FC.

    Please let this go to court so I can see the AFL have its pants pulled down and arse spanked like the bully of the playground it is! You can manipulate the stats anyway you like it – and to be honest, we all know they tanked – but the AFL created the rules for priority picks.

    The AFL only have themselves to blame! They need to stop trying to run the Demons into the ground for doing the best thing for its club through the rules in place.

    I haven’t watched any of the Australian Open but think I can predict it pretty accurately regardless.

    The Australians will choke. Serena Williams will choke an umpire and get no fine. A player will break a racket, having thrown a tantrum like a two year old (still no fines).

    Bruce McAvaney will bore every viewer senseless. Lleyton Hewitt will do a ‘guest appearance’ in the box as he has no tennis to play. And lots of guys will take photos of Maria Sharapova because she is a ‘great tennis talent’!

    Tune in next week for my top 10 moments that will happen in 2013.

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      January 22nd 2013 @ 11:34am
      Kate Smart said | January 22nd 2013 @ 11:34am | ! Report

      I love some cynicism first thing in the morning!!!

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