What could be worse than Lance Armstrong?

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By Nick Inatey, Nick Inatey is a Roar Guru

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    Watching the Lance Armstrong fallout over the past few months has got me thinking about what could be an even bigger downfall in sport, either domestically or globally?

    Obviously, I needed to think about people who have been utterly dominant in a sport.

    At first I tried to compare Lance Armstrong to Tiger Woods, as that was a big moment. Yet Tiger didn’t repeatedly cheat, on the golf course at least, and while there was shock, golf went on as it did the day before Tiger crashed his car.

    Could you possibly imagine how tennis could move on if it was ever revealed Roger Federer’s success was due to a career fuelled by drugs, or an illegal tennis racquet of sorts? I’m just not sure whether this would eclipse Lance though.

    Then I thought about Michael Phelps and, due to the nature of his discipline, it is more likely he would have cheated than Federer (I must stress how remote both these likelihoods are).

    Swimming has an equally low profile as cycling in most countries other than Australia and has seen an era of complete dominance, just like Lance ‘dominated’ cycling.

    I think Phelps might just edge out Lance simply due to the higher profile swimming has at an Olympic level. Lance may have ‘won’ seven yellow jerseys, but they’re nothing on one gold medal, let alone 18.

    Finally, my friend suggested Usain Bolt.

    Bolt, perhaps the greatest sprinter the world will ever see. Bolt, the man who basically single-handedly reignited interest in sprinting. Bolt, who set jaw dropping world records.

    I would be shattered if it was ever revealed he cheated. Somehow, I don’t think athletics could survive a hit to the chest like that. Not to mention Bolt’s bank accounts.

    But you can bet your life there are lawyers just rubbing their hands waiting for another Lance to come along and make them rich!

    Who else could top Lance Armstrong in the cheating, defrauding scale? Is there anyone domestically so dominant it would crush the Australian public or just the fan-base of the sport if it was revealed they cheated their whole career?

    What do you think Roarers?

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    The Crowd Says (4)

    • January 22nd 2013 @ 4:31am
      Tenash said | January 22nd 2013 @ 4:31am | ! Report

      i would take a punt on Steve Waugh.

      It would absolutely crush Australians !!!

    • Roar Guru

      January 22nd 2013 @ 6:31am
      SandBox said | January 22nd 2013 @ 6:31am | ! Report

      Spud Webb

      with regard to golf; there has already been accusations of wide spread beta blocker and hormone use for injuries (not performance enhancinhg). Along with some question marks over Tiger beefing up as quickly as he did, which was done before golf brought in any type of drug testing. Tiger is (or was) more driven to win than LA. So anything is possible there

    • Roar Guru

      January 22nd 2013 @ 10:18am
      HardcorePrawn said | January 22nd 2013 @ 10:18am | ! Report

      I think that while Lance Armstrong will continue to be rightly castigated for his cheating ways – and I in no way condone what he did, he has sullied one of my favourite sports with his drug-fueled dominance of it – for me, those that conspire to lose in order to get a pay-off from a betting syndicate strike me as being just as bad, or possibly worse cheats.

      While apologists for Armstrong and his ilk may say that they were striving to win by any means possible, or even perform on a level playing field, those that take a back-hander to throw a game, and therefore let down their fans, teammates, and even their opponents (depriving them of a genuine victory) always seem just as unscrupulous to me.

    • January 22nd 2013 @ 9:52pm
      no said | January 22nd 2013 @ 9:52pm | ! Report

      If it got out that Merv Hughes or David boon were on anything more than meat pies and beer, I just don’t think I could handle it.

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