Canberra not laughing over Canseco rumours

By Laine Clark,


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    Did you hear the one about fallen Major League star Jose Canseco joining the Australian Baseball League?

    Leaders Canberra Cavalry general manager Tom Carter has – and he isn’t laughing.

    It pays to read disgraced two-time World Series winner Canseco’s tweets with a grain of salt.

    This is a man who listed 11 New Year resolutions for 2013 – including two numbered five.

    They included “fighting Shaq (O’Neal) in a cage match” and “get elected to a important political office in the US or canada to help all people and governments with there (sic) problems”.

    Still, he managed to raise eyebrows in Canberra when it was revealed he had tweeted former teammate – Cavalry second-base Adam Buschini – that he was interested in playing in Australia.

    Alarm bells should have started ringing when the ex-MLB slugger issued follow-up tweets listing his demands for an ABL move.

    Apparently, the ideal club would have on offer a beach, a casino, money, fans and a chance to play cricket.

    “Thinking about going down under,” he tweeted.

    “Is cricket hard to hit? Doesnt look too hard the bat is so big.

    “And there are no foul balls!

    “Can you play both pro cricket and pro baseball in Australia? I do like to wear white.”

    ABL operations manager Ben Foster reportedly claimed he was flattered by the tweets and believed it showed the credibility the young league was starting to develop.

    But Cavalry boss Carter was more blunt.

    “He is an unapologetic steroid user. He calls himself the Godfather of Steroids – that is not the message we are trying to send,” he told AAP.

    “He wrote a book called ‘Juiced’ on how he used steroids to get a competitive edge.

    “We certainly don’t want to bring anyone here that is known for cheating.

    “We are interested in bringing high-profile athletes out here but only ones who can be role models and play the right way.”

    Not that the 48-year-old Canseco will be short of things to do if his unlikely ABL recruitment campaign falls flat.

    After dabbling in life as a reality show actor and celebrity boxer, he has tried to make good on his New Year resolutions.

    The former American League MVP aimed to run for mayor of Toronto.

    Despite an alarming support base in Toronto, he had to abandon his plan – because he was not a Canadian citizen.

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