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    Super Bowl XLVII 2013 (via

    After an NFL season full of big plays, big hits and even bigger controversies comes the match every football fan has been waiting for: Super Bowl XLVII! We’ll have live play-by-play commentary of the action between the 49ers and Ravens from 10.30am AEDT.

    From humble beginnings in front of a curious LA crowd in 1967, the Super Bowl has risen to become one of the most anticipated annual events on the world’s sporting calendar, and is a grandiose display of everything that is pro football American style.

    It is an arena where reputations are forged, egos dismantled and 300lb grown men cry.

    In 2013, the New Orleans Superdome plays host to the match that promises to be an absolute barn burner, with the battle of the National Football Conference’s San Francisco 49ers and the American Football Conference’s Baltimore Ravens predicted to be one of the most entertaining in recent memory.

    This game has it all: An exciting quarterback shootout, veteran linebacker Ray Lewis’ raw emotion and of course the ever-controversial half time show.

    And, just in case you’ve been living in a cave with hotdogs in your ears for the last fortnight, the game will feature the strategic battle royale between coaching brothers Jim (49ers) and John (Ravens) Harbaugh.

    The Baltimore Ravens comes into New Orleans having finished the NFL regular season with a 10-6 record. They went through the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots to win the AFC.

    The San Francisco 49ers finished with an 11-4-1 record, and bested the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons to take their place on centre stage.

    But most importantly, who’s going to win? Will it be Baltimore’s bruisers or San Francisco’s supermen? Stay tuned to find out, and make sure to leave your two cents and a prediction for the match below.

    Now, as they say in the movies, let’s play some football! (Oh, Ravens by seven, with Flacco MVP.)

    WIN with The Roar – thanks to EA Sports’ new game Madden Social, we have 10 BBQ packs to give away, valued at $90 each. Just tell us in the comments who you think will win Super Bowl XLVII, and the winning points margin. (Closest ten guesses will win – be sure to be logged in to leave us an email address to contact you, competition closes at kick-off)

    Chris Chard is a sports humour writer commenting on the often absurd nature of professional sport. A rugby league fan boy with a good blend of youth and experience taking things one week at a time, Chris has written for The Roar since 2011. Tweet him @Vic_Arious

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    • 10:48am
      Worlds Biggest said | 10:48am | ! Report

      Chris great work yesterday mate, I didn’t join the blog as I was just focusing on the game and what a game it was. Obviosuly really disappointed the Niners didn’t pull it off but the Ravens were the better team. They were near faultless while we made far too many mistakes. It would have been an epic comeback, I questiioned the play calling at the end, you gotta give Kap a chance to run it in or look for Davis.

    • 5:29pm
      Morfs said | 5:29pm | ! Report

      All I can saw is: Wow, what a game! The pub I was at (Turf Bar, in Melbourne) was selling buckets of Budweiser for $25 a pop. They ran out of Bud during the blackout. While I’m glad the power came back on, the rest of the second half was not good for my nerves. I think Flacco deserved the MVP. His first half was sublime, and I believe he ended up with 11 TD passes for 0 picks for the playoff series, close to, or a new, record, if memory serves.

    • Roar Guru

      turbodewd said | 5:01pm | ! Report

      Awesome game!

    • 3:19pm
      Not Inerterested said | 3:19pm | ! Report

      Am I’m the only one who was underwhlemed by the game, even though it was close.

      Guess I diddn’t drink enough, after all most supporters talk about it being one long drinking session. I think that relects poorly on a sport that most people would rather drink due to the lack of onfield action than actually enjoy it for what it is.

      But anyway thats my 2 cents.

      • 4:42pm
        Tom said | 4:42pm | ! Report

        Yeah I sort of agree, the Niners shot themselves in the foot with some appalling secondary play allowing Flacco to absolutely torch them in the first half, the terrible special teams play allowing Jacoby Jones to score the 108 yd TD, and some missteps nearing the end of the game, such as Culliver giving away a pass interference penalty on 3rd and 9, and some extremely unimaginative playcalling leading to the Ravens goal line stand. Really, the Niners are in most areas a more talented team, but they let that one get away.

    • Columnist

      Chris Chard said | 3:18pm | ! Report

      Well folks that’s all she wrote. The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl XLVII champions in the most dramatic of circumstances with QB Joe Flacco MVP

      Looking forward to reading about this one for the next decade, what a game!


    • 3:07pm
      BA Sports said | 3:07pm | ! Report

      a 30 minute power outage
      a 22 point comeback that was a two point play away from tying it
      a last minute incompletion to hit the lead for the first time that just misses
      and an intentional safety

      Just how I thought it would pan out… lol 😉

    • 3:00pm
      Johnno said | 3:00pm | ! Report

      Best Super Bowl match ever.

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