Sonny Bill Williams vs Francois Botha: Boxing live updates, blog

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    Sonny Bill Williams (SBW) takes on Clarence Tillman - join our live blog for scores and updates

    Sonny Bill Williams will face the biggest test of his boxing career when he faces South African Francois Botha in Brisbane tonight, while Quade Cooper makes his boxing debut on the undercard. We’ll have live updates from 8.30pm AEDT.

    Tyson. Lewis. Klitschko.

    Three of the greatest heavyweight champions in boxing history and 44-year-old Francois Botha, tonight the opponent of league-turned-rugby-turned-boxing star Sonny Bill Williams, has stood toe-to-toe with all three of them.

    Nevermind that Botha lost all three, that over a decade has passed since the three fights took place, or the fact that Williams was five years old when Botha made his professional debut in 1990.

    But there are plenty questioning why Sonny Bill, whose boxing record stands at 5-0 (3 KO), comes into the fight as favourite against a fighter who won his first 35 professional bouts, and still holds a 48-8-3 record.

    Sonny Bill has spoken pre-fight about the “huge risk” that comes with fighting the South African and it seems he is aware that he could be walking into a hornet’s nest.

    Despite reportedly possessing considerable boxing ability, Williams’ five-bout career has been a series of stunts and sideshows.

    Tonight will get the chance to change that perception and earn himself a reputation as a genuine boxer.

    Prior to the main event interest will be focussed on the professional boxing debut of Quade Cooper, who will fight 32-year-old journeyman Barry Dunnett.

    These two bouts highlight the six-fight card, which begins on Main Event at 7.00pm AEDT. We’ll have live coverage of Williams vs Botha from 9.30pm AEDT.

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    • Roar Guru

      Bazzio said | 9:38pm | ! Report

      There maybe a rematch in South Africa as Botha protests & SBW named “Provisional” winner ~
      It is believed boxing novice Williams (6-0 record) will technically be awarded the win but will not be officially recognised as WBA champion due to the unprecedented move to cut short the bout in Brisbane.

    • Roar Guru

      Bazzio said | 7:56pm | ! Report

      I haven’t seen such a pathetic “fight” since Rocky & Lucky Gattellari’s big comeback fights. I put this SBW “fight” in the same category.

    • 12:03pm
      Whites said | 12:03pm | ! Report

      Boxing is hilarious.

    • 11:32am
      Tembavj said | 11:32am | ! Report

      At least he bled a bit for a change… If it bleeds, you can kill it.

    • 11:30am
      Tembavj said | 11:30am | ! Report

      Botha was preserving himself, he did not unload signature attack at the start. Normal tactics for a man of his age.

      Sbw looked good but when Botha opened the gates, SBW defence was lacking. He wasn’t even caught clean and he stumbled, holding for dear life. Desperate stuff when the fight took off.

      Yea his good at sports, is he great at any of them? Has he been tested over time in anything?

      His marketing value is great more so then anything he has done in sport.

      Young people fall for it, the way some think WWE is real.

      Great athlete, better marketing tool.

      This fight was BS no amount of spin from the spin masters will turn this over.

    • 11:12am
      Tembavj said | 11:12am | ! Report

      Josh you show me one peace of pre fight evidence that is was a 10 round fight and ill but it.

      If not the norm must be paid.

    • 7:16am
      Tembavj said | 7:16am | ! Report

      Foxtel advertised it as 12 round tight so does this mean I get my money back?

      What a joke, Botha looked subdued during the first 6 and $BW looked good then it changed and some one decided to chance the leght of the fight?

      It was over in 11 SBW would have planked the ring before 12. Looked average on e Botha started. Fighting

    • 6:41am
      Red Kev said | 6:41am | ! Report

      10th round is up on YouTube, SBW had nothing by then, just grabbed Botha every chance he could.
      Complete farce.
      No way could he have lasted two more rounds. Not sure how the title can be awarded. Certainly they can cut it short and name SBW the winner (based on points won from previous rounds) which everyone knows is a joke, but they can do it. But they can’t award the title after 10 rounds without a KO or a towel I didn’t think.
      Williams was losing so they declared him the winner and went home. Childish and pathetic. Very Mundine.

      • 7:19am
        Tembavj said | 7:19am | ! Report

        Red Kev can you post a link?

        • 7:22am
          Red Kev said | 7:22am | ! Report

          poor quality but here
          Last Round:

          “Highlights” shows SBW in early rounds as a good contrast

    • 4:26am
      Kevin said | 4:26am | ! Report

      What a joke SWB he thinks he’s the best ,But of course you would when you are in your prime fighting a older generation of boxing who had his time of fighting .Wining this doesn’t mean anything he’s still a loser.

    • 2:20am
      Ryan said | 2:20am | ! Report

      Losing bets have been voided with certain bookies in SA.
      If sharks are willing to give money back then you know something is up!

      • 7:03am
        shocked said | 7:03am | ! Report

        Will be interesting to see what australian sportsbooks do ????

        • 11:58am
          Cantab said | 11:58am | ! Report

          Kiwi tabs and international one like bet 365 are all refunding.

      • 12:31pm
        Chris said | 12:31pm | ! Report

        The TAB in New Zealand ain’t too happy. Check out the NZ Herald.

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