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Since when is a WAG a sports ambassador?

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25th February, 2013
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Recently I have been getting wonderful advice off of a highly respected (and at times fondly despised) Sydney journalist, who has constantly reminded me one piece of key advice, “Do not get involved with a sportsman. Ever.”

As a female sports writer/reporter this is standard piece of guidance and a vital one; being involved with any athlete is detrimental to my already ‘high risk’ image.

Ironically my last relationship, which lasted for over four years, was with yep, you guessed it – a rugby player.

Yes it’s natural to have a have a common ground with an athlete and they have good bodies, however I make sure my blinkers are always on.

I’ve made a lot of the sacrifices these past years to pursue my work, hence why I’m wary of being dismissed the next time a sports editor or television exec takes a geez at my online profile.

In case you missed it, on the front page of a Sydney newspaper this weekend was an image introducing a ‘new’ footballer’s wife column.


NRL genius Benji Marshall’s new wife Zoe has been given her own column, where she delves into deep issues like Botox and interviews other WAGs on how they met their famous footy boyfriends.

Maybe they too in time will have a column if they play their Dally M gown card right.


Here, where the notion of me being palmed off if I ever get seen with an athlete, it is rewarded to other women.

Lara Bingle, Kyly Boldy, and Rebbeca Judd to name a few have all gone on to make a name for themselves off their high profile sporting partners.

Last week Michael Clarke’s wife Kyly was named an ambassador for Rebel Sport. Not off her own bat (sorry), but because according to Rebel Sport’s managing director Erica Berchtold, “It’s about time we had a female ambassador associated with sport”.

Oh the lunacy! Stuff Elysse Perry! What’s she done other than help secure the ICC Women’s World Cup and win Aussie a few football games?

Now I understand this is where I come across as jealous bitch, except jealous isn’t the word, it’s more frustration.

It’s the whole reward and recognition scheme one gets for whom one is dating that shits me.

I heard a player manager tell stories of women ringing him in order to get dates with some of his players for no other reason than to ‘boost their profile’.

Another CEO told me flat out upon meeting me, “Stay as far away from athletes as you can, worst look for you.” Again I nodded knowingly.


Is this a rant? Indeed. Do I want decent paid work off my authenticity as a sports reporter instead of others reaping accolades from whomever their boyfriend is? Yes.

Right. So who’s hiring then?