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    Jarryd Hanye in action during the Week 3 Playoff NRL match between the Bulldogs and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Friday, Sept. 25, 2009. AAP Image/Action Photographics, Grant Trouville


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    Parramatta Vs. Canterbury

    2013 NRL Premiership Season, 15 March, 2013

    ANZ Stadium, Sydney, NSW
    Canterbury 20 defeated Parramatta 16
    Parramatta Canterbury
    16 FINAL SCORE 20
    3 TRIES 4
    0/0 PENALTY GOALS 0/1
    0/0 FIELD GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • Parramatta - Cheyse Blair 8pts (2T 0G)
    • Canterbury - Sam Perrett 4pts (1T 0G)
    Important moments:
    • To Be Decided took the lead at the 0 min. mark 2nd half
    • Chris Sandow (Parr) scored at the 39 min. mark 1st half
    Referee: Hayne, S
    Touch judges: Younis, J & Atkins, G

    The Parramatta Eels are off to a flying start under new coach Ricky Stuart but face an early litmus test against rivals Canterbury Bulldogs tonight. Join us for live scores and commentary from 8.00pm AEDT.

    Stuart could not have asked for a more perfect start to his coaching career at the Eels last week.

    Key stars Jarryd Hayne and Chris Sandow played exceptionally well as Parramatta thumped the Warriors 40-10 at home.

    For the first time in many moons, the Eels finally managed to click in attack and were also very strong in defence.

    As good as Parramatta were however, the Warriors were equally as dreadful and at times looked like a team that is destined to claim the wooden spoon.

    New Zealand offered no resistance against Parramatta’s up tempo play and the Eels were allowed to dictate terms.

    That will not happen tonight against the Bulldogs.

    Despite missing a host of stars last week, the Bulldogs were very competitive in their 12-point defeat to the Cowboys and possess the potential to bring Parramatta back to earth if the Eels are not careful.


    It’s only round two but tonight’s contest could very well dictate whether or not the Eels are a realistic chance of making the finals.

    If there is one team Parramatta loves to beat, it is the Bulldogs, and a win tonight over their great rivals may just spark the Eels to life for the rest of the season.

    Beating Canterbury however will be easier said than done, even when they are under-strength.

    The Bulldogs were missing regular stars Ben Barba, Sam Kasiano, James Graham and Frank Pritchard in their loss to the Cowboys last week, but they still managed to push a team many expect to challenge for the premiership.

    Although all four players remain sidelined tonight, the likes of Greg Eastwood, Tony Williams, Michael Ennis and Josh Morris should still pose plenty of problems for Parramatta’s defence if the Eels fall back to old habits.

    Canterbury’s lack of an x-factor in attack may once again prove their downfall against a Parramatta unit being led by in-form stars Hayne and Sandow.

    Hayne scored a hat-trick of tries last week while Sandow was also very strong, scoring 16 points in an assured display from the halfback.

    Given the amount of attacking class the Bulldogs still have on the sidelines, a fit and firing Hayne and Sandow should provide the Eels with enough spark to cause the upset.

    Eels by six.

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    • 8:49am
      Renegade said | 8:49am | ! Report

      Thursday Night Football sucks…..25’000 last night is dissapointing.

      Had it been a Friday night game it would have hit 35-40k easily and probably even more on a Sunday.

    • Roar Rookie

      Damn Straight said | 11:41pm | ! Report

      I was thinking of calling Parramatta police station and reporting a missing person…Jarryd Hayne. An absolute dog of a performance.

    • Roar Guru

      turbodewd said | 10:53pm | ! Report

      Hayne was terrible! A woeful forward pass, no good runs and fell for a pathetic dummy to let in a try. Also, at the 73min mark shows disinterest in supporting his winger who was taking a high ball. Phil Gould duly noted this.

      Earlier in the game Hayne was nowhere to be seen at fullback coming close to stopping any try scoring play.

      He is a pretender.

      • 11:03pm
        Black adder said | 11:03pm | ! Report

        Makes you wonder if he had a side bet! Sticky should put him in reserve grade for a couple of weeks at the very least.

      • 11:03pm
        eagleJack said | 11:03pm | ! Report

        Hayne certainly has weaknesses in his game he needs to work on.

        But there is nothing worse than a nobody calling an NRL athlete a pretender.

        • Roar Guru

          turbodewd said | 11:39pm | ! Report

          No, what is worse is an NRL pretender who, at fullback, dawdles. Here’s Hayne’s efforts tonite, pal:

          4:00 – Bulldogs cross-field kick. Hayne dawdles across, by 4:03 he has slowed completely. 4:06 ball is on the ground, Cbury recovers, Hayne misses easy tackle

          6:28 – Hayne kicks out on full

          7:09 – Bulldogs score on edge of field, Hayne nowhere to be found, can be seen dawdling towards the action

          20:28 – Hayne allows try, falls for dummy, doesnt even lay a hand on Reynolds. Hayne is as fast and agile as anyone.

          eagleJacque, youre whack!

          • 11:55pm
            eagleJack said | 11:55pm | ! Report

            Wooah someone is obsessed with Hayne noting down times throughout the match!

            As I said he has weaknesses. But the frustration is borne from people knowing what he can produce. He is an exceptional talent but he does float in and out of games. That is something he needs to work on, but it isn’t helped by the fact the Eels have zilch in attack so everyone is expecting the spark to come from him everytime he touches the ball.

            As for the 20:28 try I actually think he defended as well as could be expected. He kept his balance, backtracked and covered both players. Hard to do when the others are running at full pelt. Reynolds happened to have executed it perfectly so not a lot Hayne could have done.

            But your other points are fair.

          • 12:31am
            Jye said | 12:31am | ! Report

            turbodewd you have no idea. I am with you to say that Hayne didn’t have his best game ever, but his work to almost save that try from Reynolds break was great. Instead of just letting Reynolds draw and pass to his support, he kept him podding away hoping that another Parra team mate could catch up to mark the support player, though Josh turned Hayne inside out which ultimately lead to the try. If you want to back a player for that it shows that maybe your football intelligence isn’t as illustrious as you thought.

    • 10:10pm
      ThomasCrown said | 10:10pm | ! Report

      Keating and Ben Roberts need to be replaced asap.

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 10:07pm | ! Report

      The Bulldogs hold on for a four point win after practically doing all the defending in the second half against an Eels side that defended well but failed to click in attack. Parramatta has ALOT to work on in attack. Hayne was very quite and hardly got involved. Sandow and Roberts combined well on occasions and looked the most likely to open up the Bulldogs defence. Canterbury however stood their ground well and showed the attitude needed to win this game despite not dominating possession or territory tonight. When they get back to full strength, they will be very hard to defeat. Thank you for your company tonight and join us tomorrow when the Dragon host the Broncos!

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 10:04pm | ! Report

      FULLTIME: The Bulldogs kick the football out of the field of play and they hang on in a grinding game against the Eels

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 10:03pm | ! Report

      NO TRY BULLDOGS – Perrett has put his foot on the sideline before passing the football and the Eels survive but have got 27 seconds to win the game

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 10:02pm | ! Report

      79′ – Bulldogs go on another rare attack with seconds remaining here. They have been gutsy tonight the Bulldogs against a very poor attacking Eels side. Reynolds with another cross field kick and Perrett regathers and Ennis now may have scored a try right on fulltime!

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 10:01pm | ! Report

      78′ – Hayne knocks on now in the middle of the field and that caps off a game to forget from the fullback. Bulldogs will hold on one would think

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 10:00pm | ! Report

      78′ – Eastwood with a good run here. Bulldogs have defended well and have frustrated Eels big time. Keating with a kick and the Eels regathers possession after the ball was deflected

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 9:58pm | ! Report

      77′ – Ben Smith is taken over the sideline and the Eels attack continues to produce more rocks than diamonds. Very poor as the Eels once again do down the short side with nothing on!

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 9:57pm | ! Report

      76′ – Reynolds with a kick but the football goes dead and the Eels get the 20 metre restart. Parramatta running out of time here

      Eels 16
      Bulldogs 20

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