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    Ali Williams of the Blues looks to get past Josh Holmes of the Waratahs. AAP Images/NZPA, Wayne Drought


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    NSW Waratahs Vs. Blues

    2013 Super Rugby Tournament , 25 March, 2013

    Allianz Stadium, Moore Park, Sydney, NSW
    NSW Waratahs 30 defeated Blues 27
    NSW Waratahs Blues
    30 FINAL SCORE 27
    3 TRIES 3
    3/3 PENALTY GOALS 2/3
    0/0 DROP GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • NSW Waratahs - Foley
    • B 15pts (1T 2C 2G)
    Important moments:
    • Waratahs took the lead at the 82 min. mark 2nd half
    • Foley, B (WARA) penalty goal at the 82 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: Fr Pastrana
    Touch judges: SR Walsh & W Houston

    After last week’s capitulation to the Cheetahs, the NSW Waratahs find themselves needing a win when they host the Blues in a Sunday afternoon blockbuster. We’ll have live scores and commentary from 4.00pm AEDT.

    The Blues are coming to Sydney off the bye that was needed to recover from a bad loss at home to the Bulls in round four.

    For their side to improve they need to increase their level of physicality at the breakdown area and in contact.

    Against the Bulls they were easily beaten in both of those areas, and as a consequence weren’t able to put their best foot forward.

    One player to keep an eye on for the Blues is Rene Ranger. He has been a powerful ball runner as always this year as his 104 metres from six carries against the Bulls shows.

    Where he’s really stepped it up in 2013 is his ability to pilfer in the rucks.

    He has the nose for the ball and has been so hard to remove from the ruck that he must be eyed a little bit sideways by other outside backs being shown up when the ball is spread away from the packs.

    If the opposition are the slightest bit isolated in the backs Ranger is there to capitalise.

    The Blues started the year with two strong wins against the Hurricanes and Crusaders, and both of those matches featured them running the ball with vigour and generally putting it all on the line with every carry forward.

    Charles Piutau was fearless and electric bringing the ball back from kicks and that kick-started the entire team’s attack.

    Look for them to capitalise on any ill-advised Waratahs kicking. As Brett McKay mentioned during the week, the Waratahs kicking isn’t long either and there is plenty of room for the Blues’ back three to counter.

    For the Waratahs the Sunday afternoon game will hopefully provide them the opportunity to play in front of a larger home crowd than has been present so far this year.

    They’ll need to show their fitness can stand the full 80 minutes at high speed this week.

    The Cheetahs last week were able to sneak home as winners because the Waratahs got tired and dropped the ball in some crucial places.

    The Blues will also be playing the game at a fast pace.

    For Michael Cheika this is a chance to see where his forwards are in terms of competition aspirations.

    For them to beat the Blues they’ll need to bully their forwards and mimic some of the mauling and pick-and-drive aspects of the Bulls’ play to wear down the young Blues side.

    If they can do that the likes of Paddy Ryan and Michael Hooper should find some room to stretch their legs around the fringes of the ruck.

    Another area to watch for the Waratahs is the deployment of Israel Folau. The weakness some of the Blues backs showed under the high ball presents the perfect opportunity to specifically use Folau’s catching abilities to send him after a few well timed cross field kicks or bombs.

    We will be bringing you all the action here on The Roar through live blogs, scoring and all the banter you can handle. Don’t forget to log on at 4.00pm AEDT to join in.

    Long-time Roarer Elisha Pearce joined us as a rugby union expert in 2015. He also works for Fairfax Media and has confused more Roarers with his name than anyone in the history of the site.

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    • 11:10pm
      Jagman said | 11:10pm | ! Report

      Considering Foleys performance and another story in the paper regarding the rebels do they really want to waste precious salary cap space on KB?

      • 6:04am
        Billy Bob said | 6:04am | ! Report

        Waratahs shock horror provided the only classy Aussie attack of the whole round. Who saw that coming?
        Defensive lapses and some dumb play gifted the blues too much.

    • 10:22pm
      Worlds Biggest said | 10:22pm | ! Report

      Great second half by the Tahs, terrific win against a good team. Once again though the Tahs are sluggish in the first half and chasing there tails. They need to learn how to start well and not rely on the halftime rev up from Cheika.

      They gifted the Blues a couple of tries whereas the Tahs worked really well for there’s. Foley was outstanding. Thought the pigs worked hard all game. Izzy had some really nice touches as did Mitchell and AAC. The Tahs played superbly in the second half and showed what they’re capable of.

    • 10:02pm
      Red Kev said | 10:02pm | ! Report

      Damn Waratahs, screwed up my tipping again

      • 10:25pm
        DMac said | 10:25pm | ! Report

        Like 😉

      • Roar Guru

        Dasher said | 11:07pm | ! Report


        • 11:42pm
          Dan H said | 11:42pm | ! Report

          Had my joker on them this week. Good to see them get up I only caught the last 30 seemed they got the rub of the green a bit. Like I said though still happy to see them get upand not playing negative rugby.

    • 9:32pm
      Ra said | 9:32pm | ! Report

      Shame on u ozi dudees who trashedmitchell and AAC. They showed only glimpses of the re immense talent but enuff to say “remember who the incumbent Wallabies Test centre and wing are’ thats us.

    • 9:32pm
      Ra said | 9:32pm | ! Report

      Shame on u ozi dudees who trashedmitchell and AAC. They showed only glimpses of the re immense talent but enuff to say “remember who the incumbent Wallabies Test centre and wing are’ thats us.

      • 9:46pm
        DMac said | 9:46pm | ! Report

        I wasn’t sorry to see Mitchell dropped because I thought his form had been poor. Today he was outstanding. Hopefully the rocket he got from being dropped will have a lasting effect. I certainly felt the back line today was the best performed we’ve had this year. I’m a bit worried about Betham going off the boil in the second half, but Kingston did well when he came on.

    • 8:47pm
      Jutsie said | 8:47pm | ! Report

      matt lucas had a shaky start but by the end of the game it was apparent that mckibbin getting injured was a blessing in disguise for the tahs as lucas’ fast service and long flat passes were just what were required to maintain the high tempo gameplan which got them the win. Foley had his best game at 10 with decent service being provided to him and I think the fact he slotted all his pressure goals means chieka isnt forced to keep mckibbin as the starting 9 going forward.

      • 9:19pm
        DMac said | 9:19pm | ! Report

        Only issue with Lucas was he fell of some tackles. The guy’s tiny and is going to be targeted week in, week out. Can his body hold up to it?

        • 9:25pm
          Jutsie said | 9:25pm | ! Report

          agree, he was getting man-handled last year during the u-20’s so clearly he needs to put on a bit of size.
          What has happened to grayson hart? he was very impressive in the two games he played last year and also provides quick service/flat passes.

          • 10:09pm
            Albo said | 10:09pm | ! Report

            I think the poor bloke has packed as much size as he can fit into that body. He’s an absolute nugget.

      • 9:29pm
        Royce Strauss said | 9:29pm | ! Report

        Yep. I’m thinking a Wallaby call up is in order. Should be selected as Genias understudy! GREAT FIND!


        • 9:48pm
          DMac said | 9:48pm | ! Report

          Still wondering about that slippery keyboard.

    • 8:34pm
      Royce Strauss said | 8:34pm | ! Report

      The heroics of this Tahs team never ceases to amaze me… they won today without Tommy Carter!!

      • 8:37pm
        DMac said | 8:37pm | ! Report

        Do you find all the drool on the keyboard makes your fingers slip?

    • 7:59pm
      Working Class Rugger said | 7:59pm | ! Report

      Bloody hell, if the Tahs lose people take great pleasure in their defeat (not everyone but there are a number), they win and it was down to the ref. Rubbish. For 65 minutes of that game the Tahs we in control and deserved the win. The Blues scored two tries of Tahs mistakes and one well constructed try. apart from that they were never really in it.

      The Tahs came out in the 2nd half and moved up in defence which put pressure on the Blues. I thought the game was close and entertaining but because its the Tahs it has be have been scrappy and disjointed. I think we all forget that the Blues are 2nd in the NZ conference and 6th overall.

      The ref wasn’t terrible. Let the game flow when others would have blown the pea out of there whistle. To all those whinging from a Blues perspective, the Blues were laying all over the ruck for the vast majority of the game and Dennis was tackled high 5 seconds before the penalty. There was no favouritism. The better team won and the losing team were gracious in their defeat. Simple.

      • 8:03pm
        DMac said | 8:03pm | ! Report

        Word. But there are a lot of bitter people out there, and just as many trolls. In the end, their own words convict them.

      • 8:10pm
        Harry said | 8:10pm | ! Report

        Check last nights thread out, its the same with the Reds. This Reds fan was delighted to see the Tahs get the win and better performances from Dave Dennis, Robinson, Hooper and Drew Mitchell in particular. Queensland boy Matt Lucas also looked good.

        • 8:12pm
          DMac said | 8:12pm | ! Report

          There were also plenty of Tahs fans giving credit to the reds last night. I’ll happily cheer for the reds unless I need them to lose for my own nefarious purposes (read: so the Tahs can make the finals).

      • Roar Guru

        Jiggles said | 8:26pm | ! Report

        The Blues were lazy and disinterested in the second half and the Tahs came out with a fire cracker up the clacker from Cheika, they deserved to win it.

      • 9:15pm
        Hightackle said | 9:15pm | ! Report

        ” the Blues were laying all over the ruck for the vast majority of the game and Dennis was tackled high 5 seconds before the penalty”

        So the ref was good becuz he f-ed up twice within 5 secs?

        You just confimed what I think. The ref was terrible. He missed the high shot, penalised Rettalick when he wasnt offside, he and his touchies missed a forward pass when they have the ability to go upstairs. He missed Lucas’ knock on. You think he let the Blues lie all over the ball.
        Its not that he caused the Tahs to win its that there is no question that 10 of the Tahs points came from the wrong decision. To say yeah but he made the wrong decision just before is even worse. 2 wrongs dont make a right. I dont understand the stance that he was good becuz he f-ed up evenly. For 1 thats debatable and 2 thats bad reffing.

        • Roar Guru

          Jiggles said | 9:18pm | ! Report

          Do you want some cheese with that whine?

          • 9:26pm
            Hightackle said | 9:26pm | ! Report

            A hahahaaha ha

            Did Jiggles just accuse me of whinging?

            No seriously did you?

            This coming from a guy who makes up things to whinge about!

            Next time you whinge about McCabe, the Wallabies, Deans, the Tahs, how many Tahs are in the Wallabies and all the other constent BS you whinge about, I’ll share a bit of cheese Jiggles. Nice to see you all over the Tahs. Better change that pic of yours to Tah blue and start whinging about how hard done by NSW are.

            • Roar Guru

              Jiggles said | 9:32pm | ! Report

              Why are you so angry? Don’t the girls like you?

        • 9:26pm
          DMac said | 9:26pm | ! Report

          I can do it too. The blues first try. The lineout came because the Tahs were penalised in possession when the blues defender clearly came offside around the edge. Should have been penalty Tahs but instead its try blues, there’s your 10 points back.

          Or this one. The last blues penalty goal for offside from the knock on? Ulugia dropped it but moved forward so he went past the guy who got pinged before he’d touched the ball, putting him onside. No penalty, scrum only, 3 more points.

          The ref made mistakes. All refs do. But whether or not you intend it, you’re making it sound like he cost the blues the game. We’re simply pointing out that we disagree.

          • 9:32pm
            Hightackle said | 9:32pm | ! Report

            Dmac so did the ref have a good game?
            Im saying he was poor and made the wrong decisions and you are trying to argue by giving more examples of he f-ing up?
            Well done sir.

            • 9:42pm
              DMac said | 9:42pm | ! Report

              As I said, the slant of your posts is that it was the blues who were disadvantaged, I’m simply pointing out that I think you’re wrong. I’m certainly no apologist for the ref, read my posts throughout the game and I was screaming for him to ping the blues for lying all over the ball.

            • 9:53pm
              Hightackle said | 9:53pm | ! Report

              Im saying we dont know who would have won had he not f-ed up on crucial decisions.
              Its not just him, the reffing over the last couple of weeks has been terrible.
              An example, in the Chiefs vs Highlanders the Highlanders used a deliberate play of holding the flanker back as they attacked the blindside. The Chiefs complained and both the ref and touchy saw it but instead of using their new powers they said “nah we dont THINK so”. That is terrible reffing and should not be accepted. There was an infringement in scoring a try and instead of reviewing it, they went on a gut feeling?
              This should not be accepted.
              In the WC final, Kaino was off his feet and playing the ball, the ref called his name, he looked up, rolled the ball forward and Yachvili had to clean up as 3 offside ABs were all over him. Joubert did nothing. WTF?
              In the 6 nats decider an English player was tackled, a Welsh player dived off his feet onto him and ripped the ball free. Walsh let them play on and Wales scored. This is the most basic decisions being ignored. Its just a lottery.
              They are giving yellows for nothing and the scrum penalties are ridiculous. Its just a flip of a coin and almost ses to be wrong more often than not.
              Imo, what decides the game far too often is the reffing and its getting worse.
              The Tahs won tonight on the back of a wrong decision. Dennis was collected around the melon directly before but nothing was done.
              Now the Tahs may have deserved to win but what about when they or any team wins becuz of the ref? Are we watching the best team winning or who the ref makes the most mistakes in favor of?
              I personally think that the reffing had been absolutely terrible and must be putting new fans off. Not only can they not understand the rules but if they do it seems the 4 referees dont.

              • 10:13pm
                DMac said | 10:13pm | ! Report

                Now if you’re talking reffing in general then you won’t get any argument from me. As someone who has sat on the wrong end of the great inconsistency that is policing Richie McCaw at the breakdown (and let’s be honest, as much as the Saffas like to complain, the only thing that happened in the WC QF is that Lawrence refereed Pocock the same way everyone else referees Sir Richie), I’m all for anything that will get some consistency into the game. Time to consider a second ref for the breakdown methinks.

    • 7:20pm
      Marley said | 7:20pm | ! Report

      Gold lol

    • 6:37pm
      Royce Strauss said | 6:37pm | ! Report

      The Waratahs are sure to go on and win the title from here! This is the turning point! lol

      • 7:25pm
        DMac said | 7:25pm | ! Report

        I don’t think there’s anything more certain.

        • Roar Guru

          AdamS said | 7:53pm | ! Report

          Don’t forget Izzy is a cert for the Lions tour.

    • 6:30pm
      Harry said | 6:30pm | ! Report

      Great captaincy from Dave Dennis in the last 10 minutes.

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