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    Reds Scott Higgenbothm tackles Stormers player Gerhard Van Den Heever. AAP Image/Dave Hunt


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    Stormers Vs. Queensland Reds

    2013 Super Rugby Tournament , 26 May, 2013

    Newlands Stadium, Cape Town
    Stormers 20 defeated Queensland Reds 15
    Stormers Queensland Reds
    20 FINAL SCORE 15
    1 TRIES 0
    5/6 PENALTY GOALS 5/7
    0/0 DROP GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • Stormers - Pietersen
    • JC 15pts (5G)
    Important moments:
    • Stormers took the lead at the 71 min. mark 2nd half
    • Pietersen, JC (STRM) penalty goal at the 77 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: J Peyper
    Touch judges: Q Immelman & M v Zyl

    Round 14 sees a big clash between the 11th-placed Stormers and the fourth-placed Reds at Newlands Stadium. We’ll have live scores and commentary from 1.05am AEST.

    The Stormers are coming off of a heartbreaker of a loss against the Melbourne Rebels.

    The men from Cape Town lost 30-21 in a performance that coach Allister Coetzee called “embarrassing” after the game.

    A stalwart in the top eight for the past few seasons, it has been a poor one so far for the Stormers, who boast a team studded with some of the biggest stars of South African rugby.

    The likes of Bryan Habana, Andries Bekker and Jean de Villiers have performed very well of late, but will be looking for their less well known team mates to stand up and produce a home effort at home this weekend against a Reds side looking to get back on track.

    The Reds themselves are coming off an uncharacteristically poor performance, having gone down 27-13 to the Cheetahs in the first game of their South African tour.

    Captain James Horwill bemoaned the Reds inability to execute the game plan.

    “We did all the things that we said we didn’t want to do,” he said after the game.

    The Queenslanders were sloppy in their finishing, having four tries disallowed due to TMO review, and they will be hoping they can improve on that this weekend.

    However the loss of a dominant ball carrier and constant threat in Digby Ioane will test the other outside backs who will need to work very hard to make up for his absence.

    I don’t see this one bearing a lot of five-pointers and I think it will go down to the wire, but I am saying the Reds will get up by less than six.

    Can the Reds keep the pressure on the Brumbies at the top of the Australian Conference, or will the Stormers keep their slim wild card hopes alive with a win?

    Find out from 1.05am AEST as we cover the action with live scores and commentary.

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    • Roar Guru

      Cattledog said | 1:16pm | ! Report

      I’ve said in other posts I expected the Australian conferences with the most Wallabies selected for the 25 would struggle the last two weeks. Certainly the Waratahs and Reds did but the Brumbies did get up over a pretty pedestrian Blues. This was always going to happen as these guys are in preservation mode until the Lions tour. It’s human nature and nothing anyone says will change this.

      The Rebels had nothing to lose over a Waratahs team hell bent on not getting any injuries to their main play makers or those ‘anointed’. Sometimes this works against you as we all know. If you don’t go hard, that’s when injuries can occur.

      The Stormers certainly played well tonight. Habana I thought had a great game as did Aplin. I also thought Cooper was very good for the Reds, certainly taking on the defence a lot more and was dangerous on numerous occasions, just excellent defence from the Stormers being the difference. Their number 2 (forgot his name) was also very good this morning.

      Reds must re-group now and put it together in Melbourne. Again, the Rebels have nothing to lose, the Reds travelling back from SA and many of their players in preservation mode. Could be a dangerous situation all round.

      I note the smug Kiwi remarks about the poor Australian conference has started again. And one of you has the audacity to say that changes to our schooling system can’t come soon enough. LOL. Obviously your understanding of the proposed changes is very limited. Probably wouldn’t require changing if our public schools weren’t being inundated with Kiwi kids looking for a better life…but that’s for another debate 😉

    • 7:35am
      Shane said | 7:35am | ! Report

      Looks like the reds need to poach some more kiwis like the rebels and force had to cause the aussie conference is so darn weak.

      • 8:25am
        Positive Rugby said | 8:25am | ! Report

        The Reds have won the last 11 straight against Kiwi teams. If the Aussie conference is weak then the Kiwi conference must be pathetic. Or your comment is.

        • 8:34am
          ohtani's jacket said | 8:34am | ! Report

          Dunno how 6 becomes 11 but stay positive.

          • 9:18am
            Darwin Stubbie said | 9:18am | ! Report

            National education reform can’t come quick enough for this country ….

          • 10:35am
            Positive Rugby said | 10:35am | ! Report

            OK, its 11 out of the last 12 with one narrow loss away to the Crusaders. Feel better now Kiwi supporters? Let me repeat that: 11 out of 12 wins for the Reds against all Kiwi teams in their last 12 games against Kiwi Super 15 teams.

            • 11:28am
              ohtani's jacket said | 11:28am | ! Report

              It’s actually 12 out of 13, but who’s counting.

            • 12:26pm
              Patches said | 12:26pm | ! Report

              The reds can only win at home are hopeless away from Queensland

              • 1:33pm
                Positive Rugby said | 1:33pm | ! Report

                Rubbish, many of their wins are away against Kiwi teams.

        • 8:57am
          Jerry said | 8:57am | ! Report

          Well your grasp of fairly simple concepts is pretty weak.

      • 9:12am
        Sage said | 9:12am | ! Report

        Such insight Shane

      • 9:24am
        atlas said | 9:24am | ! Report

        Been some good goalkicking this weekend from some of the NZ-born players in Australian franchises
        Reds – Cooper, Tokoroa – 15
        Brumbies – Lealiifano, Auckland – 15
        Rebels – Woodward, Wellington – 14
        Force – Hayward, Hawera – 14

        Yes I’m ‘having a laugh’ so don’t get upset

        Whatever happened to Reds/Wallaby Mike Harris?
        Injured? Never see him mentioned any more.

        • 9:36am
          ohtani's jacket said | 9:36am | ! Report

          Perhaps we should rename the Australian conference to the Western New Zealand conference.

          • 11:13am
            Scot Free said | 11:13am | ! Report

            So many Kiwis so ready to defect. Where do you live?

          • Columnist

            Elisha Pearce said | 11:18am | ! Report

            New Zealand IS a state of Australia isnt it?

            • 11:19am
              Jerry said | 11:19am | ! Report

              New Zealand is a state of mind, bro.

            • 11:43am
              Sage said | 11:43am | ! Report

              They wish

              • 11:50am
                Jerry said | 11:50am | ! Report

                Aussie sports fans probably do too.

          • 7:33pm
            GWS said | 7:33pm | ! Report

            So we can play itm then.

            • 7:57pm
              Jerry said | 7:57pm | ! Report

              Nah, but you can play in the Heartland Championship. If you can handle the might of North Otago, East Coast & Buller then maybe you’re ready for the ITM.

    • 3:04am
      hammertime said | 3:04am | ! Report

      Genia overused the blindside for mine.

      • 3:06am
        Sandy said | 3:06am | ! Report

        Yes, I think so too.

      • Roar Guru

        JDP said | 8:50am | ! Report

        Agreed – not very flexible in game plan.

        • 9:48am
          jutsie said | 9:48am | ! Report

          What do you mean? I thought link was a tactical genius

          • 11:44am
            Sage said | 11:44am | ! Report

            No, that’s Robbie

    • 2:59am
      Carl Pieters said | 2:59am | ! Report

      Cheetahs are now in 4th. EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeek!

      • 3:22am
        Paul said | 3:22am | ! Report

        for now. They have to play Stormers next week. Saders, Blues or Tahs will prob. overtake them next week

        • Roar Guru

          biltongbek said | 5:21am | ! Report

          Tahs are 10 points behind the Cheetahs, the Blues and Crusaders are 7 points behind the Cheetahs, you might have to wait a bit more than a week before they are overtaken.

          • 5:37am
            Jerry said | 5:37am | ! Report

            Every table I’ve seen has the Cheetahs on 45 points, not 49?

            • 5:41am
              Sandy said | 5:41am | ! Report

              I concur Jerry. Cheetahs 45. Tahs 39. Crusaders and Blues 42.

            • Roar Guru

              biltongbek said | 6:31am | ! Report

              Ignore by points.

              Cheetahs has 41 points
              Crusaders has 34 points
              Blues has 34 points
              Warattahs have 31 points.

            • 6:52am
              Jerry said | 6:52am | ! Report

              Yeah, but that just obscures the fact that teams have played different numbers of games. I know you hate the 4 point bye, but it’s really no worse than the alternative.

              • Roar Guru

                biltongbek said | 7:13am | ! Report

                Well that is is easy, the Blues and Crusaders have a game in hand on the Cheetahs and Waratahs.

              • 9:55am
                Wilson said | 9:55am | ! Report

                I’m with biltongbek – the 4 points bye thing is utterly ridiculous. If you can’t count (i.e adjust in your head for games played), then I don’t see how it helps, and if you can? Only makes things harder to work out than they need to be.

    • Roar Guru

      biltongbek said | 2:55am | ! Report

      tough win for the Stormers

      I think Peyper was consistent and did a great job

    • 2:54am
      Carl Pieters said | 2:54am | ! Report

      Anywho, been good chatting to you okes… time for the Bulls Sharks, cheers.

    • Roar Guru

      Max Kenney-Herbert said | 2:54am | ! Report

      man of the match for me is Kolisi or Carr

      • 2:55am
        Carl Pieters said | 2:55am | ! Report

        Kolisi, JdV or Habana for mine.

    • 2:52am
      Red Kev said | 2:52am | ! Report

      And congrats to Tembavj

      • Roar Guru

        biltongbek said | 3:03am | ! Report

        Happy days for Thembavj, his team had a good day at the office. 🙂

        • 8:26am
          Tembavj said | 8:26am | ! Report

          Thanks Kev, in not a stormers fan biltong. BBC bulls brumbies cheetahs and the rebels. So was a great weekend for me

    • 2:52am
      Red Kev said | 2:52am | ! Report

      Well the Reds don’t deserve to make the finals based on the last two weeks. Bloody pathetic.
      Just like last year when they lost both games in SA then came back to lose to the Force they’ll probably lose to the Rebels next week too.
      Just weak rugby.

      • 3:02am
        Sandy said | 3:02am | ! Report

        Mmm, very disappointing.

      • 3:02am
        kombiutedriver said | 3:02am | ! Report

        Have that sinking feeling as well

        • 5:47am
          colvin said | 5:47am | ! Report

          Well, sinking feelings, weak performance and very disappointing. But at least the Reds have been genuine contenders in most games and always go into a match with a good chance of winning.

          Spare a thought for us desperate Highlanders supporters. Ten ABs today and still can’t do the basics right while at times looking like we could tear teams apart only to mess up with forward passes, dropped balls or even final try scoring passes not being made.

          We’ve run dry on excuses. We started off with the referees being against us; then the TMO’s were engaged in some kind of conspiracy against us; then we claimed the injuries unsettled our balance; of course SANSAR were also against us by giving us a bye in the second week of the season when we needed to play; also, the rules and interpretations have been amended this year to dilute our strengths. But then we found the real real reason for our troubles. It was obvious.

          It’s that cursed Green Playing Strip. How on earth could the Highlanders; the mighty Highlanders, the Mighty Southern Men of the South, winners over the LIons three times, win these days wearing a pasty green playing strip. We’re the Mighty Men from the South. We don’t wear insipid green. We wear Blue and Gold. Blue and Gold.

          We all told the administrators but they wouldn’t listen. Well, see what happens when you don’t listen to your support base? You come last when you should have come first. And what happens to administrators who don’t listen to their support base? They’re gone next year.

          So all will change for 2014. Next year the Highlanders will be back in our rightful place as real contenders. And for sure we will be wearing our winning Blue and Gold strip. That will make the difference. There will be no more confusion. Go you Mighty Southern Men.

      • 8:27am
        Positive Rugby said | 8:27am | ! Report

        Gee whiz Kev, call yourself a Reds supporter? I think they played very well against good opposition. Its not over by a long way mate.

        • 9:43am
          Red Kev said | 9:43am | ! Report

          The Stormers aren’t good opposition.

          • 10:40am
            Positive Rugby said | 10:40am | ! Report

            Give them due respect, they played very well tonight.

            • 11:02am
              Red Kev said | 11:02am | ! Report

              No they didn’t, they haven’t played well all season. The Reds didn’t play well tonight either.

              • 1:34pm
                Positive Rugby said | 1:34pm | ! Report

                Well, they played well enough to win and that is always good enough.

    • Roar Guru

      Max Kenney-Herbert said | 2:52am | ! Report

      80′-The Reds looking for something, anything to get them a try here, they get advantage awarded after the set move comes too nothing, They go back to the penalty spot, they throw everything at this Stormers defensive line now, phase after phase, everyone is getting invloved, they inch closer to the line, 5 metres out now. the stormers win the penalty, heartbreak for Reds fans, that will be the game. Stormers kick it out. FULL TIME. STORMERS 20 REDS 15.

    • Roar Guru

      Jiggles said | 2:52am | ! Report

      Well done to the stormers. Played a near error free game.

      Reds were rubbish.

      • 2:54am
        Roland Chan said | 2:54am | ! Report

        Same as I said (when I was called mpm), The SA coaches have worked Cooper out. Rush defenders in to the flat passing channels. Cooper tried and failed to deal with it. Not necessarily Cooper’s problem, the team needs more than one attacking pattern from the backs, but either way it’s nullified the Reds attack almost entirely. OK McKenzie: what next????

        • Roar Guru

          JDP said | 8:53am | ! Report

          Exactly, the Reds have been worked out and looked more than two dimensional at stages, just one out runner after one out runner, int hat last 4 mins of play, Cooper i think touched the ball once, just one out forward runners time and time again. What was Genia doing?

          • 10:36am
            Positive Rugby said | 10:36am | ! Report

            You will eat those words brother. Lets not forget them.

    • 2:51am
      Carl Pieters said | 2:51am | ! Report

      Oh DADDY LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They break the Jantjes curse

    , , , ,