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    Wallabies coach Robbie Deans speaks to the media. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)

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    The Wallabies may have fought back to equalise the Lions series with a tense 16-15 victory in Melbourne last night, but the third Test should mark the end of Robbie Deans’ Australian coaching tenure.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a member of the anti-Deans brigade. I supported his appointment in 2008.

    His tenure in Super Rugby showed he is a good coach. His nationality is irrelevant.

    Deans inherited a rebuilding Wallabies squad and he has had mixed results. The blooding of several new players, along with the 2011 Tri-Nations title and a breakthrough win on the high veldt in 2010, were highlights.

    The hammering of France in 2010 in Paris was another. On reflection reaching a semi-final at the last World Cup, where the Wallabies were beaten by the winners New Zealand, was not a bad result either.

    Deans’ Wallabies also defeated Six Nations champions Wales 3-0 last season, have restored some respectability up front and now they go into a Lions decider with a real chance to make history.

    On the flip side there have been struggles to defeat the All Blacks, a 53-8 loss against the Boks in 2008, player misbehaviour and disputes, and embarrassments against Samoa, Ireland and Scotland twice.

    Overall his success rate as Australian coach is 58.3%, which is not a terrible figure.

    Not the greatest, especially comparable to Rod Macqueen and Bob Dywer, but there has been heavy injury tolls to consider and some strains on player depth. International rugby is also growing a lot stronger away from the top five nations.

    You only have to look at the emergence of Argentina to see that Test rugby is no longer as predictable as it once was one or two decades ago.

    But five years is long enough in the Wallabies hot seat. It is time for some new blood, some new ideas and a new direction. Either Ewen McKenzie or Jake White would bring that. Both would be good choices as Australian coach.

    McKenzie may repair the Quade Cooper rift and bring in some free-flowing, enterprising rugby based on the style his Reds side play. He has the experience, both here and overseas, to take on the Wallaby job and is ready for it.

    Down in Canberra, White’s reputation continues to grow. He has already won a Junior World Cup in 2002 and the senior World Cup in 2007 with South Africa, boasting a 67% success rate with the Boks.

    And the experienced, former high school teacher has rebuilt the Brumbies from also-rans to table-toppers, further strengthening his hand.

    At the moment Deans’ Wallabies head to Sydney with a chance to secure a 2-1 series victory. Last night’s game was not a classic by any means.

    The Wallabies may have edged the win, again with a last-minute penalty miss but this time by the Lions, but the match lacked the high drama and attacking thrust of the series opener.

    This was a Test racked by tension, nervousness and conservatism with both teams below their best and just one try scored. This was one for the purists, one for the love of scrums, penalty kicking and bone-rattling defence.

    Both teams tackled well, especially the Lions. But the Wallabies played more of the actual rugby and, in the end, were rewarded. Handling errors and poor ball security almost crippled them.

    But in the final stages the Wallabies managed to out enough phases together and find a way through the Lions’ suffocating wall. The Lions were poor in the lineout, missing the contribution of Paul O’Connell, and kicked away far too much ball.

    Even Stuart Barnes, the Sky Sport commentator, was forced to admit in the end that Australia “at the very least deserve to be level. They probably played a little bit more rugby”.

    Accurate goal-kicking made a massive difference to the Wallabies. Christian Lealiifano lasted more than 50 seconds this time and had a big impact.

    James O’Connor was again less than impressive at 10, though he did set up Adam Ashley-Cooper’s try well.

    This was also a night for the Wallaby scrum. At times it was shunted backwards but it also won penalties of its own and it stood up when needed – rewarding the high-stakes call by James Horwill to take a scrum five metres out from the Lions in-goal with the game on the line.

    The Wallabies looked dangerous when they threw the ball wide and tested the Lions’ rush-up defence.

    It was there that they turned the Lions around and made yards. They will have to be again adventurous with the ball in hand in Sydney, and probably do it without their heroic skipper Horwill who may be suspended, to get a win next Saturday.

    The Lions could be without their own captain, with Sam Warburton tweaking a hammy.

    There is a little bit of concern coming out of the Lions squad. They will be disappointed that they couldn’t close out the game with a six-point lead late in the match and may be a little weary after two tough wars and seven mid-week games.

    The Wallabies, on the other hand, may be gaining some familiarity after two matches together.

    Will Greenwood certainly thinks so. The ex-England and Lions centre, and Sky Sports commentator said: “With two games under their belt they are getting stronger in my opinion”.

    The Wallabies may have a little more momentum their way now but it is still all to be done in Sydney.

    Another tense, nervy and dramatic battle awaits. Regardless if the Wallabies win in the NSW capital or not, the green and gold should have a new coach in their ranks next time they run out.

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    The Crowd Says (173)

    • Columnist

      June 30th 2013 @ 6:43am
      Geoff Parkes said | June 30th 2013 @ 6:43am | ! Report

      John, I must say that I find it astonishing that he first article I read this morning, following a gutsy Wallabies win against a very strong defensive team, is yet another “get rid of Deans” piece.

      Why don’t you relax mate? Enjoy the victory – there are thousands of Brits waking up in Melbourne this morning with sore heads and bruised egos, you don’t need to feel like them.

      Your premise may even be right, but that’s a story for another day. The Wallabies won and deserved to win. At least give everyone involved credit for that – including the coach – and allow them to reflect in the positives for a day or two.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 7:52am
        hog said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:52am | ! Report


      • June 30th 2013 @ 8:05am
        Bunratty said | June 30th 2013 @ 8:05am | ! Report


      • June 30th 2013 @ 9:13am
        gekko said | June 30th 2013 @ 9:13am | ! Report

        hear, hear

        • June 30th 2013 @ 9:26am
          colvin said | June 30th 2013 @ 9:26am | ! Report


          • June 30th 2013 @ 10:22am
            Machiavelli said | June 30th 2013 @ 10:22am | ! Report


            • June 30th 2013 @ 11:10am
              bennalong said | June 30th 2013 @ 11:10am | ! Report

              Me too!

              • June 30th 2013 @ 3:02pm
                DMac said | June 30th 2013 @ 3:02pm | ! Report


              • June 30th 2013 @ 7:12pm
                Rob G said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:12pm | ! Report

                We don’t need to get rid of deans. We need to get rid of these bitter bandwagon “supporters” that do nothing but whinge even when we win. It’s absolutely pathetic.

              • July 1st 2013 @ 5:15am
                mania said | July 1st 2013 @ 5:15am | ! Report

                Rob G +1

      • June 30th 2013 @ 10:26am
        handles said | June 30th 2013 @ 10:26am | ! Report

        This is a very fair and reasonable article. Every performance should be critically analysed, win or lose. My analysis agrees with john’s, time is up for robbie.

        And I also was happy when he was appointed. I don’t care where the coach comes from, as long as the team plays winning and attractive rugby. But Deans is not meeting this test, and he has had a very good run, and this is a (by Australian standards) strong player pool that he has at his disposal.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 2:36pm
        Defier Pariah said | June 30th 2013 @ 2:36pm | ! Report

        Totally agree.
        The sad thing is that it took a NZer to remind us of what the Wallabies have achieved.
        The Wallabies won and yet this site is full to the brim of negative posts.
        We won.

        • Roar Rookie

          July 1st 2013 @ 10:33am
          Comrade Bear said | July 1st 2013 @ 10:33am | ! Report

          “We won”

          Is that all that matters?

          For me I’m a proud Australian and Wallabies supporter. I didn’t become that way from simply supporting our teams when they have a win.

          I’m a proud supporter because for my whole life we have chosen how we want to win – and it is how we chosen to win which makes me most proud.

          We have chosen to play with passion, skill, strength, smarts and when that isn’t enough sheer guts and determination – with a style that reflects our core values. We strive to be the best we can be but not at the expense of our integrity.

          We push the boundaries and may not always get it right – did that certain under-arm bowl make us happy and proud to be an Australian cricket supporter? We got the win right? Used some smarts?

          And we got the win on Saturday night right?

          Don’t get me wrong – I’m still very proud of our players – I am proud of how JOC did his absolute best, never gave up, even after all the criticism and pressure on him after game 1.

          But playing him there was dumb. It didn’t allow us to use our skill in the backline. There were no smarts in our play. We were held back from being the best we can be.

          I wouldn’t even say we won ugly – we were simply the first team to not lose on the night. That is not our style. So today with the Lions series level at one-a-piece – and with everything to play for – I am feeling a little empty.

          Why? – because my team who I have been a passionate supporter of my whole life is no longer remaining true to the core values that have made them once great – not becuase of the wins – but in how they achieved those wins.

          The coach sets the height of the bar, sets the style, enables the smarts and sets the culture or values of the team. I’ve seen individal brilliance and the never give up attitude from my team – but where is the rest? I want that back. I believe this coach has taken that away at the national level – and for that he has to go – now – I think it is too important to not to wait any longer.

          * End of rant – time for a coffee break *

      • Roar Rookie

        June 30th 2013 @ 11:40pm
        Tim Schuster said | June 30th 2013 @ 11:40pm | ! Report

        – 1 Alanthus, don’t dictate to the rest of us what we want to talk about. Deans as coach is a hot topic, the hottest. The selection of O’Connor at 10 makes it even more relevant.

        How many days you want us to bask in the glory of the win before we can go back to talking about Deans. 2 days?, 3?. make sure u give us the all clear ok…

        • Roar Rookie

          July 1st 2013 @ 2:15am
          Rassie said | July 1st 2013 @ 2:15am | ! Report

          Tell me who else is there for Australia to play at number 10?

          Quade Cooper?

          • July 1st 2013 @ 7:50am
            Denby said | July 1st 2013 @ 7:50am | ! Report

            Matt Toomua is the Wallaby 10 for my money. Next in line I would have Foley.

            • July 1st 2013 @ 10:54am
              Rugby Fan said | July 1st 2013 @ 10:54am | ! Report

              Foley has got to be in consideration for 2014. He is going to have a great career, and is an excellent 10.

              • Roar Rookie

                July 1st 2013 @ 9:11pm
                Rassie said | July 1st 2013 @ 9:11pm | ! Report

                Playing players out of positions to fit in star names was NZ downfall in 1999 Sure you want to go that road?

      • July 1st 2013 @ 1:27am
        Ian said | July 1st 2013 @ 1:27am | ! Report

        Well said.

        • July 1st 2013 @ 10:06pm
          Ra said | July 1st 2013 @ 10:06pm | ! Report

          I disagree – you’re an All Black – you play where you’re asked to play, no if, buts or ring home to mummy, and you give it your 100 – ask any All Black.

          In today’s coaching manual they say, assume the position you’re in. That’s why Fitzy thought he was a first choice winger, he was writing today’s manual.

      • July 1st 2013 @ 10:53am
        Rugby Fan said | July 1st 2013 @ 10:53am | ! Report

        Although I totally agree with you John. It is a discussion for another day.

    • June 30th 2013 @ 6:52am
      Mental said | June 30th 2013 @ 6:52am | ! Report

      Deans nationality is relevant. There is nothing racist about wanting an Australian coaching the Wallabies. Rugby is traditionally a strong sport in Australia. We have strong coaches. There is no need to go looking over seas. I can understand in a sport like soccer where we don’t have a strong history, importing a coach is necessary if you want to lift the standard. Hiring Deans was never necessary and keeping him when there is an Australian ready and willing to take on the role is dividing the rugby community.

      On top of that Deans has been a failure. His selection process is a disgrace and personal and should not be tolerated. The style of rugby he has brought to Australia is not what Australians want to see. Deans is an All Black and All Blacks are for life. He has shown through his selections he takes it all personally so deep down in his sub conscience he would never want to help Australia best the All Blacks.

      Australia has the talent to be #1 in the world. We just need a coach who wants it and can deliver it.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 9:04am
        WQ said | June 30th 2013 @ 9:04am | ! Report

        At last, somebody with the balls to say what Australians really think about an All Black coaching the Wallabies!

        • June 30th 2013 @ 10:01am
          Jereme Lane said | June 30th 2013 @ 10:01am | ! Report

          How was your vacation to mars WQ?

          • June 30th 2013 @ 10:03pm
            WQ said | June 30th 2013 @ 10:03pm | ! Report

            Choice Bro!

        • June 30th 2013 @ 11:26am
          nickoldschool said | June 30th 2013 @ 11:26am | ! Report

          Not all Australians.

          • Roar Guru

            June 30th 2013 @ 6:47pm
            Cattledog said | June 30th 2013 @ 6:47pm | ! Report

            Only genuine ones! No, I don’t want anyone but an Australian coaching the Wallabies. End of story. Those that don’t care, that’s fine. Your opinion’s just as relevant. However, the Deans experiment has clearly not worked as well as some may have thought.

            Let’s get back to basics with a coach who has lived and breathed Australian rugby…and not necessarily as a player at the highest level. That, however, would be a bonus if the rest of what he brings to the table is credible.

            • July 1st 2013 @ 10:29pm
              Ra said | July 1st 2013 @ 10:29pm | ! Report

              Sorry Cattledog, but you need players who have breathed Australian rugby first. Most of your Super rugby players are FIFO and talk with the same eh bro accent as me. And that’s the legacy Deans will leave behind. You will have a Union of hard arsed, no nonsense guys who can play no frills rugby to grind out one and two point wins instead of the old 30 point win 30 point loss games, and you will have it in depth.

              And in five-ten years time, they will still talk just like me eh bro. Doesn’t matter where the coach comes from.

              Eh Bro !!

          • June 30th 2013 @ 10:02pm
            WQ said | June 30th 2013 @ 10:02pm | ! Report

            No that’s right, only the honest ones!

      • June 30th 2013 @ 9:15am
        Ra said | June 30th 2013 @ 9:15am | ! Report

        What a Whinger sour puss Aussie you are Mental.
        Half of Australia rugby is screaming for the best Super Rugby coach in the country to take over from Deans in the Brumbies mentor South Africa’s White Shark.

        Maybe you need a Polynesian coach because you’ve got so many Poly& Pacific bro’s running around, in your top rugby and NRL sides, the new game is “spot the Aussie” and there are much more outrigger paddlers flying in by the day.

        You’re right, it’s not about race. Aussie has some excellent coaches plying their trade all around the globe, and good on them. One day they could come home, and be slammed by the likes of you for trying to develop the game back home.

        The worst thing that could happen to Aussie rugby is that South Africa take him on as their technical advisor. You imagine what the Crusaders coach could do with that team and all their resources.

        But that’s a discussion for tomorrow.

        Today its about savouring a tough combative battle that took place last night. It had a bit of everything in it – stout swarming British defence and mistake-ridden high octane Aussie attack, but the mistakes brought about from an innate drive to win – and there’s nothing wrong with that – a great spectacle – great stuff !!

        Yeah Deans is going to go one day, but get a life today and enjoy the moment mate !

        • July 1st 2013 @ 5:18am
          mania said | July 1st 2013 @ 5:18am | ! Report

          lol ra – i spotted 7 islanders for aus. thats almost a 3rd of the squad. yeah brownies in the fale!!

          • July 1st 2013 @ 8:10am
            Denby said | July 1st 2013 @ 8:10am | ! Report

            Last time I checked, people with island heritage can be Australian.

            • July 1st 2013 @ 8:14am
              mania said | July 1st 2013 @ 8:14am | ! Report

              Denby – i’m celebrating the fact that there are PI’s playing for aus. didnt say they couldnt . its cool seeing PI brothers playing for other countries.

        • Roar Guru

          July 1st 2013 @ 11:45am
          KiwiDave said | July 1st 2013 @ 11:45am | ! Report

          Dont forget a couple of kiwi born players and their PNG halfback. Half their squad isn’t Australian and ironically the best players from their squad are not Australian born

          • July 1st 2013 @ 3:45pm
            BetterRedThanDead said | July 1st 2013 @ 3:45pm | ! Report

            Sigh. Kiwi’s are like West Australians….chips on both shoulders.

            • July 1st 2013 @ 4:04pm
              Steve said | July 1st 2013 @ 4:04pm | ! Report

              Agreed! Some Kiwis are simply a well-balanced argument for the neutron bomb.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 2:25pm
        30mm tags said | June 30th 2013 @ 2:25pm | ! Report

        Six years is enough, Bring on Ewen. Jake your next after Ewen. A wide passing game like Quade’s would have smashed theh Lions Last Night. Kurtley is not a passer to width as is Quade , Matt Toomua or Jessie Mogg. Wasted opportunities for unmarked men out wide. Ewen ,or to a lesser extent Jake , would have insisted on the team getting the ball out to our wingers.

        • June 30th 2013 @ 3:05pm
          DMac said | June 30th 2013 @ 3:05pm | ! Report

          I suspect a wide passing game against the Lions borderline offside rush defense would be an absolute mess and more likely to end up in George North scoring from an intercept, tbh.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 2:35pm
        Steve said | June 30th 2013 @ 2:35pm | ! Report

        No, it’s not racist. Just stupid. Deans was, at the time of his appointment, the best credentialed candidate by a country mile. He took a team that was just short of a rabble, with a forward pack that was a laughingstock (with a couple of notable exceptions), and turned them into a consistent threat.

        Was it without mistakes, and did we achieve perfectly under Deans – no to both. There are certainly things about his selection and replacement strategy which I find bewildering (and the Quade Cooper issue is not one of those IMHO). But to paint Deans’ tenure as a failure is the most one-eyed partisan tripe. It took years under Jones and Connelly to weaken the Wallabies, and years to bring up a new generation capable of competing with all comers.

        I’m not arguing for Deans to stay or go. You stand or fall by your record. But I’ll never support an argument that says there’s some special, mystical connection that only Aussies can feel to some fantasy Wallaby ethos. I’ll take the best candidate for the job regardless of nationality. That was Deans then, and may not be now. But this whole line of argument is nothing more than emotive rubbish.

        • July 1st 2013 @ 8:13am
          Denby said | July 1st 2013 @ 8:13am | ! Report


          • July 1st 2013 @ 6:45pm
            Ra said | July 1st 2013 @ 6:45pm | ! Report

            and me too – but then, so is a lot of stuff said here “in the roar”

          • July 1st 2013 @ 6:47pm
            Ra said | July 1st 2013 @ 6:47pm | ! Report

            add me too, but then again, lots of stuff said on here is “emotive rubbish”

      • June 30th 2013 @ 6:23pm
        Michael Warren said | June 30th 2013 @ 6:23pm | ! Report

        OMG.. Some seem to have their heads so far into the sand they could use their askme for a kicking tee! Mental, someone should use yours. Great win Australia. We all rejoice. Deans does not need Cooper to win games, only a team that shows yer how!

      • June 30th 2013 @ 6:57pm
        Franky said | June 30th 2013 @ 6:57pm | ! Report

        Thank you Mental, somebody who finally gets it. Deans has been here for the cash as he is extremely well paid for what he does. He will always be a Kiwi and All Black as it’s in his DNA. If he could get the All Black job he would have dropped the Wallables along time ago. How did he get an extension on his contract for an extra 2 years before the world cup?

        There was a push by the QLD section of the ARU to have James Howill as Captain for the Cup but he didn’t want that so he came up with a deal in that he would give Howill the captaincy if he could have an extra 2 years on his contract prior to the Cup. The board took Deans up on that deal so he has been playing us from the beginning because he wanted to be a professional international coach and the results and style of play has not been good enough. McKenzie must be the next coach as he is good and he is Australian which help guys like me to get 100% behind the team.

        • July 1st 2013 @ 3:57pm
          Steve said | July 1st 2013 @ 3:57pm | ! Report

          So are you. An intellectual gnat. Evidence for your so- called theory???? A word springs to mind. Rhymes with ‘flosser’.

      • July 1st 2013 @ 3:22pm
        Steve said | July 1st 2013 @ 3:22pm | ! Report

        “Deans nationality is relevant. There is nothing racist about wanting an Australian coaching the Wallabies.” “Deans is an All Black and All Blacks are for life. He has shown through his selections he takes it all personally so deep down in his sub conscience he would never want to help Australia best the All Blacks.”

        You are an intellectual gnat.

        “On top of that Deans has been a failure. His selection process is a disgrace and personal and should not be tolerated”

        First, he’s one of three. Secondly, it is personal. Of course. He has to make value judgements. I think he and the others are entitled to think that someone who was given a couple of chances, blew them, then chose to whinge about toxicity when he should have been supporting the team will probably do it all again when the chips are down.

        Dingo shows more so-called ‘Australian’ traits and spirit than most of you self-appointed experts.

        Play the ball, not the man.

    • June 30th 2013 @ 7:03am
      kombiutedriver said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:03am | ! Report

      Every sporting tenure as coach has a use-by date. The modern professional game needs to see fresh ideas and approaches. It’s time for the Wallabies to have that change after 5 years of Deans regardless of the polarising arguments of his abilities/inadequacies as coach. I would prefer Deans to go, of his own accord, rather than be sacked. When? The perfect time would be Saturday night after a Lions series win for the Wallabies.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 7:09am
        JJK said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:09am | ! Report

        Well said

        • June 30th 2013 @ 9:28am
          colvin said | June 30th 2013 @ 9:28am | ! Report

          The perfect time is expiry of his contract at the end of this season

      • June 30th 2013 @ 11:16am
        bennalong said | June 30th 2013 @ 11:16am | ! Report


        The next Wallaby coach will be Michael Cheika but give him another season

        You whingers all know he’ll be chosen by New South Wales!

        Oh shite!

        I said “he”. I should have allowed for the possibility of a woman!

        I hear Julia is free now!

        • June 30th 2013 @ 4:24pm
          Julius said | June 30th 2013 @ 4:24pm | ! Report

          haha, gold!

    • June 30th 2013 @ 7:04am
      rabbitfan said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:04am | ! Report

      Get a grip on it Allanthus, With the right selections in place we should be 2 up in this series, this pathetic victory is nothing to crow about and the sooner RD is replaced the sooner we long suffering wallaby supporters can start looking forward to test matches.

      • July 1st 2013 @ 8:16am
        Denby said | July 1st 2013 @ 8:16am | ! Report

        With the right selection of boots, we would be 2 nil up.

    • June 30th 2013 @ 7:32am
      Billy Bob said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:32am | ! Report

      Rabbit fan – The what if brigade don’t ‘know’ what would of happened with ‘better’ selections.
      Allanthus is right. Our boys won a fierce battle last night. Today should be for ointment physio sessions and pats on the back. Knives and surgery can surely wait till tomorrow.
      There has been a massive amount of negativity expressed since the whistle blew. A nation gets the team it deserves and judging by the stream of critical comments you could extrapolate that OZ has a team that struggles.
      Oh look! A one point win! Yep I would argue that our collective negativity has contributed to the shackled performances that we see.
      I don’t expect that those addicted to negativity will relinquish it now but if this team and its fans as a group were an organisation it would require some probing change management. And I’m not talking about the 10 and the suit that talks.
      Get a grip Australia. The boys won! It’s a positive event. Celebrate it without riding your hobby horse at least for a day?

      • June 30th 2013 @ 7:37am
        Mental said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:37am | ! Report

        The fan reaction is just that, reaction. It follows events. It does not precede them. If you are correct then Deans is making selections to spite the fans as it is almost unanimous that Deans has to go, his selections are very bad and the teams style of play is boring.

        If he is doing this to spite the fans then he DEFINITELY needs to go immediately.

        • June 30th 2013 @ 11:47am
          bennalong said | June 30th 2013 @ 11:47am | ! Report


        • July 1st 2013 @ 4:25am
          Dan R said | July 1st 2013 @ 4:25am | ! Report

          Your definition of unanimous is obviously different to mine.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 3:06pm
        DMac said | June 30th 2013 @ 3:06pm | ! Report

        Well said.

      • July 1st 2013 @ 4:24am
        Dan R said | July 1st 2013 @ 4:24am | ! Report


    • June 30th 2013 @ 7:56am
      Red Block said | June 30th 2013 @ 7:56am | ! Report

      Sadly, last nights performance has become atypical for the Wallabies. Dropped ball, inability to amount sustained pressure and a great escape. In the last few years, this is how wins have been etched out.

      I keep waiting for a complete performance but the Wallabies continually have to rely on a piece of individual skill to win games rather than a clear set of tactics. The ‘play what’s in front of you’ days need to be swept out and a coach with a fresh ideas is needed. The Wallabies are failing to put sides to the sword.

      • June 30th 2013 @ 8:07am
        eagleJack said | June 30th 2013 @ 8:07am | ! Report

        One thing Deans has restored is pride in the Wallabies jersey. Pride to play for the full 80mins which was something lost since the Macqueen era. We have got out of jail more times than I care to remember with last gasp victories. They are the signs of a side playing with plenty of heart and love of the jersey.

        No matter what else people say of Deans’ time at the helm this is something the viewing public can be proud of. And something the next coach can build on.

        • June 30th 2013 @ 8:34am
          Rolando said | June 30th 2013 @ 8:34am | ! Report

          Yes, Deans has done a lot better than either Connolly or Eddie Jones before him ( Aussies). And he’s done extraordinary things without key players. Just remember 2012 EOY tour with a forth choice captain for example.

          There is an Aussie coaching Scotland and an NZer coaching the Lions. EW coached in France, with no great success. So what if Deans is from NZ? Mackenzie has done well with the Reds but hasn’t come close to achieving what RD has. Big mistake to assume EW could have done better with the Wallabies.

          • June 30th 2013 @ 8:58am
            eagleJack said | June 30th 2013 @ 8:58am | ! Report

            I have no problem with Link taking over the Wallabies coaching position. He deserves a shot. Just wanted to point out with all the doom and gloom out there from the glass half empty brigade, Deans will leave us in a strong position for the next coach to work from.

          • July 1st 2013 @ 11:01pm
            Ra said | July 1st 2013 @ 11:01pm | ! Report

            Yep. And if Deano is the useless coach that lame brained roarers moan on about him being, the players would say so.

            They didn’t, they told Cooper not to pack his bags for a while instead. I think McKenzie should have told him to shut his mouth and do as he’s told. He might be steering the Wallabies around the park now.

            In O’Connor and Beale, he has two guys who will play wherever he asks them to and they repay the faith. It might take them 79 minutes, but they do it.

            And check who he has mentoring his forward pack. The big man himself – say no more !

        • June 30th 2013 @ 9:33am
          Justin3 said | June 30th 2013 @ 9:33am | ! Report

          Heart comes from the players on the pitch, in particular the leaders of the team.

          • June 30th 2013 @ 1:49pm
            Ruckin' Oaf said | June 30th 2013 @ 1:49pm | ! Report

            eagleJack I didn’t’ see a great deal of pride in the Wallabies that lost to Samoa and Scotland or at the thumping in South Africa last year – and they were under Deans.

            • June 30th 2013 @ 2:38pm
              eagleJack said | June 30th 2013 @ 2:38pm | ! Report

              Of course there are losses in there that are disappointing. But on the whole this team has recaptured the ability to stay in the contest til the death. Not since Eales kicked the winning penalty goal against the ABs in 2000 have I seen this trait.

              Credit where credit is due. With a bit more polish, and a proper 10, this group of players have the ability to do very well.

              • June 30th 2013 @ 2:45pm
                ohtani's jacket said | June 30th 2013 @ 2:45pm | ! Report

                Australia never lost that quality. They did the same thing to the All Blacks the following year (2001) and the year after that (2002). What do you think they did all last year?

              • June 30th 2013 @ 4:16pm
                eagleJack said | June 30th 2013 @ 4:16pm | ! Report

                That’s my point oj. Deans has brought that culture back, of regularly being in a position to steal victory, not seen since Macqueen was at the helm. So yes that would include what happened in 2012 under his watch.

              • June 30th 2013 @ 6:17pm
                ohtani's jacket said | June 30th 2013 @ 6:17pm | ! Report

                But they did it in 2001 and 2002 under Jones. And again in 2003. And in 2004, 2005 and 2006. There has never been a lack of pride in the Australian jersey. Even during their lowest point, the seven match losing streak in 2005 the average score against the Wallabies was 28-18 with some close games and decent performances in there.

              • June 30th 2013 @ 8:30pm
                eagleJack said | June 30th 2013 @ 8:30pm | ! Report

                Doing it once a year or doing it 4 times in a year is a completely different scenario. There is a belief in this team that they are always in it. Getting close is one thing. But being able to consistently snatch victory from the jaws of defeat is an impressive trait to have.

                Whoever takes the reins from Deans will be in a far better position than when Deans took over from Connelly.

        • July 2nd 2013 @ 6:18am
          Ash said | July 2nd 2013 @ 6:18am | ! Report

          That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year and also the most ridiculous.
          There’s no way Deans knows anything about Aussie pride, cos he’s a kiwi.
          This is the main reason he has to go (apart from dumb selections/game plan).

      • June 30th 2013 @ 3:24pm
        nickoldschool said | June 30th 2013 @ 3:24pm | ! Report

        ‘Sadly, last nights performance has become atypical for the Wallabies’

        Did you mean ‘very/too typical’ Red Block as ‘atypical’ means Not typical at all.

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