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    Sydney vs. GWS Giants

    Sydney Cricket Ground
    2013 AFL Premiership July 14, 2013
    Sydney won by 129 points
    Sydney GWS Giants
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q13826   139
    Q2101070   3725
    Q31519109   3927
    Q42427171   51242

    The Sydney Swans will look to make it three wins in a row when they take on GWS Giants at the Sydney Cricket Ground this afternoon. Join us for live scores and commentary as our coverage gets underway at 1.10pm AEST.

    The Swans were solid without being inspiring last week against Melbourne and were easily beaten on the ground by the Demons, but were still able to chalk up a 31-point victory.

    Their work at stoppages was world-class and was enough to guide them to victory – something they’ll be looking to happen again this week.

    And, if we’re going to be honest, they shouldn’t have any issues at all with the Giants, who still remain winless throughout 2013.

    GWS threw everything they had at the Western Bulldogs last week but were unable to walk away with the points in hand.

    That match will definitely have taken a lot out of them and could well lead to a blow-out in this one if the reigning premiers show up and deliver the world-class performance that we’ve been waiting for.

    Sydney will be without a number of key players as Adam Goodes (knee), Lewis Jetta (shin), Sam Reid (quad) and Lewis Roberts-Thompson (knee) are all unavailable.

    Shane Mumford (cheekbone) and Rhyce Shaw (abdomen) will also both have pass a late fitness test to be included for the Sydney derby.

    The Swans slipped up against Port Adelaide a few weeks back and they didn’t really get out of second gear against Melbourne, so expect them to turn that around in this one.

    The Giants have started games very well this season (as Geelong can no doubt attest to) but they simply don’t have the prowess and ability to win turnovers and dead-ball situations like the Swans do.

    And in the end, that should pave the way for a huge second half that sees the Swans run away with a very commanding, percentage-boosting, win.

    Swans by 81 points.

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    Quarter 1
    2' BEHIND - Tom Scully (GWS Giants)
    4' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    7' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    9' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    12' BEHIND - Shane Mumford (Sydney)
    14' BEHIND - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
    15' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    17' BEHIND - Brandon Jack (Sydney)
    19' BEHIND - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    21' BEHIND - Kieren Jack (Sydney)
    22' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    23' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    27' GOAL - Ben McGlynn (Sydney)
    28' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    29' GOAL - Shane Mumford (Sydney)
    Quarter 2
    2' BEHIND - Michael Pyke (Sydney)
    3' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    4' GOAL - Michael Pyke (Sydney)
    7' GOAL - Michael Pyke (Sydney)
    8' GOAL - Tom Mitchell (Sydney)
    14' GOAL - Ben McGlynn (Sydney)
    16' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    17' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    20' BEHIND - Tomas Bugg (GWS Giants)
    20' GOAL - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    22' GOAL - Dane Rampe (Sydney)
    23' BEHIND - Dylan Shiel (GWS Giants)
    25' BEHIND - William Hoskin-Elliott (GWS Giants)
    28' GOAL - Sam Darley (GWS Giants)
    30' GOAL - Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)
    Quarter 3
    0' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    2' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    4' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    5' BEHIND - Craig Bird (Sydney)
    5' GOAL - Nick Malceski (Sydney)
    7' BEHIND - Brandon Jack (Sydney)
    9' GOAL - Jesse White (Sydney)
    16' GOAL - Craig Bird (Sydney)
    19' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    20' BEHIND - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
    22' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    23' BEHIND - Tom Mitchell (Sydney)
    23' BEHIND - Craig Bird (Sydney)
    24' BEHIND - Brandon Jack (Sydney)
    26' BEHIND - Luke Parker (Sydney)
    28' GOAL - Tom Mitchell (Sydney)
    Quarter 4
    1' GOAL - Craig Bird (Sydney)
    4' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    5' BEHIND - Michael Pyke (Sydney)
    6' BEHIND - Tomas Bugg (GWS Giants)
    8' GOAL - Devon Smith (GWS Giants)
    9' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    12' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    14' GOAL - Jesse White (Sydney)
    16' GOAL - Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)
    17' BEHIND - Tom Mitchell (Sydney)
    18' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    18' BEHIND - Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)
    19' GOAL - Tom Mitchell (Sydney)
    21' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    21' BEHIND - Craig Bird (Sydney)
    24' GOAL - Jesse White (Sydney)
    26' BEHIND - Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)
    27' GOAL - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    28' BEHIND - Adam Treloar (GWS Giants)
    30' GOAL - Michael Pyke (Sydney)
    33' GOAL - Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)

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    • Roar Rookie

      Ralph Nadeer said | 11:14pm | ! Report

      Lucky the Swans kicked 27 behinds or it could have been a flogging!

    • 6:12pm
      gawa said | 6:12pm | ! Report

      ‘Their work at stoppages was world-class’

      Thanks for the comic input.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 3:52pm | ! Report

      FULL TIME. Swans 171 (24.27) beat Giants 42 (5.12) by 129 points.

      Abysmal from GWS, very good from the Swans—even without being all that good. That percentage will help the Swans heading into the finals, as the 2013 season can’t end soon enough for the Giants.

      McVeigh (36 disposals) and Hannebery (31 disposals) were brilliant today.

      Mitchell, Tippett, White and Pyke all kick three goals for the Swans while Cameron kicked three of the five Giants’ goals. He was probably the lone spark from them today, though Shiel was also pretty impressive at the back.

      Is the GWS experiment working? Hard to say, but it doesn’t appear like it. Swans weren’t that good today, and they won by over 100 points. Make of that what you will from the defending premiers.

      Anyway, thanks for joining me today. Make sure you keep it on The Roar this afternoon for post-match reaction and other live commentary from around the league this afternoon (games listed below).

      Thanks! Dan.


      WEST COAST VS. FREEMANTLE (2:40pm kickoff)

      • 4:43pm
        Allan said | 4:43pm | ! Report

        129 point demolition when the Captain came out and said they had a chance of winning, is there anything this team can do right ?

        • Roar Pro

          John Hamilton said | 6:16pm | ! Report

          If the captain came out and said “We have no chance and we just hope to keep it under 100” would you be happy?

          % is almost irrelevant for the swans as they have that draw which means the only team that they are competing against for % is Freo.

          • 6:38pm
            Allan said | 6:38pm | ! Report

            Yes I would, because you can’t fool the people in the area you claim to represent.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 3:47pm | ! Report

      Q4 1:45 remaining. Swans 171 (24.27) lead Giants 42 (5.12).

      Hannebery goes long and hits O’Keefe right in front, 20 out. Too easy from Sydney, and this is the easiest training session they’ve ever had. O’Keefe won’t miss from there, and the margin is 129 points.

      This is the most scoring shots (51) that the Swans have had in a single game in over 30 years.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 3:45pm | ! Report

      Q4 1:45 remaining. Swans 165 (23.27) lead Giants 42 (5.12).

      Rushed behind, Giants. Swans looking to chip it around now, but knowing how easy today has been for them, they’ll likely grab another goal. Last goal-scorer? I’ll go with Kennedy as we approach time-on.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 3:44pm | ! Report

      Q4 2:00 remaining. Swans 165 (23.27) lead Giants 41 (5.11).

      From the kick off, Swans go up the right to O’Keefe. O’Keefe to Kennedy inside 50, who looks up and hits Pyke on the goal-line. Goes back and slots his third from the day. Great mark from the Canadian.

      Swans by 124, and they haven’t even been that good.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 3:42pm | ! Report

      Q4 3:13 remaining. Swans 153 (21.27) lead Giants 40 (5.10).


      Another goal-scorer for the Swans, as Bolton gets on the board after some scrappy footy leads to a kick off the ground. Can the Giants finish the game with a goal here? The kids are getting tired…

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 3:41pm | ! Report

      Q4 4:13 remaining. Swans 153 (21.27) lead Giants 40 (5.10).

      All Swans, all inside 50. And like so much of today, it’s another behind from Sydney.

      Already 100+ in front, but should be about 150 in front. Longmire won’t be THAT impressed with the margin, although it is hard to be unimpressed when your team wins by over 100 points.

      Giants experiment isn’t working.

    , , ,