England vs Australia: 2013 Ashes 4th Test cricket live scores, blog – Day 1

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    Chris Rogers and Dave Warner dug in on the first morning of the final Test. (AFP PHOTO/ANDREW YATES).

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    England v Australia


    4th Test - ENG v AUS

    England 1st Inn 238 All Out
    Australia 1st Inn 270 All Out
    England 2nd Inn 330 All Out
    Australia 2nd Inn 224 All Out
    England won the toss and elected to bat
    England won by 74 runs
    Australia Over:68.3  RR:3.27
    Batsmen Runs B 4s 6s SR
    PM Siddle* 23 48 2 0 47.92
    JM Bird 1 24 0 0 4.17
    Bowlers O M R W Econ
    SCJ Broad* 18.3 3 50 6 2.70
    JM Anderson 16.0 1 73 0 4.56
    Recent Overs:
    .  .  .  .  .  .  | 1  4  .  2  1  .  | .  .  .  |
    Last Wicket: Siddle, 23 (c:Anderson b:Broad)
    Current Partnership: 13 runs, 47 balls, RR:27.66

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    It’s been only three days since the end of the third Ashes Test but it will seem like a lot of water has passed under the bridge when England and Australia meet for the fourth game in Durham. We’ll have live scores and commentary from 8.00pm AEST.

    Rain played havoc on the fifth and final day of the third Test, causing much heartache to Australia after it seemed like they were in a position of great strength.

    Since then, the DRS has remained the cynosure of everyone’s eyes for all the wrong reasons, following some appalling decisions and controversy around the alleged usage of silicone-tape to hide thin edges through to the keeper.

    The ICC has denied allegations of cheating but the matter won’t die a natural death that easily, especially if the Hot Spot shows signs it’s not in the best of shapes to show up bat nicks. Or, all of a sudden it starts catching every nick!

    In short, unless England and Australia play out a wonderfully crafted match that goes right down to the wire with the usual twists and turns, and ebbs and flows an exciting Test is known to dish out, DRS could yet again dominate discussion.

    On the field of play, Australia will feel they were hard done by the weather last game, while some others may argue it was necessary for Michael Clarke to declare early.

    Either way, Australia have lost the Ashes again and it’s down to damage control when they take field for the fourth Test. And the only way to do it is to win both the remaining Tests.

    England will consider their performance in the third Test as a minor blip. An aberration at worst.

    What they will need to be wary of is the lack of runs from the bats of Alastair Cook and Jonathon Trott, who have gone a combined total of 12 innings this series without a century.

    Jonny Bairstow is still wet behind his ears as far as his Test career is concerned but the management will want something more substantial at number six.

    That said, it’s difficult to see too many changes to either line-ups. News of Jackson Bird coming into the side has filtered in through reports but one isn’t sure who of Ryan Harris or Mitchell Starc will be sitting out.

    Shane Watson also looks all set to lose his top-order slot to Dave Warner, which means he will come in at the number six slot – behind Usman Khawaja, Michael Clarke and Steven Smith.

    For England, Chris Tremlett is a chance and he could replace Tim Bresnan. The rest of the order should remain the same.

    Follow the live score and blog of the fifth day’s play of the third Test from 8.00pm AEST. You can join me for this live blog and post your comments below.

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    • 5:41pm
      StevenG said | 5:41pm | ! Report

      It’s amazing how things become so different when the Australian side is selected properly. Watson should have never been picked as an opener he’s a great all-rounder but he’s no opening batsman Warner and Rogers should have always been the openers and the second thing is when “Hawkeye” is used properly and there are skilful appeals made by the Australian captain then things happen and the refs can be proven for what they are as the decision makers especially Aleem Dar who cost Australia the first test after a pathetic decision of not giving Broad out. Lyon’s selection was a welcome one especially when he excelled in taking 4 wickets and as he said “he kept everything simple” a great days play and Australia has built a great platform for a win but only the next couple of days will tell the outcome.

    • 3:37am
      WherethebloodyhellRya said | 3:37am | ! Report

      I’m gonna take my crystal ball back and get a refund. England supposed to be all out for 233. England all out early tomorrow for 247 and Australia 7 for 303 at stumps

      • 3:39am
        Chris said | 3:39am | ! Report

        Hell of a good run rate on an attritional pitch if they manage that.

        For what it’s worth my forecast is also England all out early tomorrow, I’ll be optimistic and say 260, and Australia mmmmmm, 220 all out.

        • 3:41am
          WherethebloodyhellRya said | 3:41am | ! Report

          You’re on Chris, a pint on the closest prediction?

          • 3:42am
            Chris said | 3:42am | ! Report

            Sounds a plan to me. My order is Cooper’s Sparkling by the way.

            • 3:45am
              WherethebloodyhellRya said | 3:45am | ! Report

              Sure. Cos you can’t get one in Australia, make mine a Fosters please.

              • 3:46am
                Chris said | 3:46am | ! Report

                Foster’s? I’d only inflict that on you if you lost the bet, not won it.

            • Columnist

              Geoff Lemon said | 3:45am | ! Report

              Good choice.

              • 3:47am
                Chris said | 3:47am | ! Report

                I get a crate sent over here from time to time. Laithwaites import it into the UK. I go all missionary with friends telling them they HAVE to try it, because naturally they all think all Australian beer is pap.

              • 3:49am
                WherethebloodyhellRya said | 3:49am | ! Report

                Thanks Geoff. Chris if I win the bet my beer will be warm so it won’t really matter what it is.

              • 4:19am
                Partyhat said | 4:19am | ! Report

                I like Little Creatures, Chris, they sell Sparkling in Waitrose. Majestic sell crates of Coopers Pale ale. I wouldn’t pour VB down the toilet in case it damaged the pipes!

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 3:35am | ! Report

      Right, so England survive and end the day on 9/238. Interesting day’s play first up, when it started with the pitch looking flat but then changed tack from the second session onward.

      The sense I got was that the batsmen got a tad confused by it…in the first session when it was playing well, they chose to defend in order to preserve wickets for the later sessions when they thought it would ease out but quite the opposite happened.

      To add to their misery, they played some strange shots. Kevin Pietersen was looking to hit every other ball over the fence, Ian Bell jumped down in the first over after the tea break and Jonny Bairstow bored himself into playing a slog sweep.

      Still credit to the way Lyon bowler, he was easily under pressure from the mauling he received last game and managed to hold himself together when KP was looking to attack him again. Harris was expensive but got a couple and Bird was decent on his Ashes debut.

      A word on Clarke’s captaincy – for starters, he used the DRS well and that’s a huge improvement. The bowling changes fell into place too and he will quite happy with the result at the end of the day.

      Tomorrow promises to be as exciting and I will be there to cover it for you. Till then, have a good night ahead! Ciao!

      • 3:39am
        WherethebloodyhellRya said | 3:39am | ! Report

        Very good work and thank you Suneer

      • 3:41am
        Chris said | 3:41am | ! Report

        Cheers Suneer.

    • Columnist

      Ronan O'Connell said | 3:33am | ! Report

      Sensational effort by the Aussies. Patient and disciplined, the opposite of England’s display.

      • 3:36am
        Chris said | 3:36am | ! Report

        Yep, Australia bowled well today. England were a bit iffy to be sure. I’m interested how it seemed to get progressively harder as the ball got older. Any thoughts?

        • Columnist

          Ronan O'Connell said | 3:52am | ! Report

          I think that’s fairly common on lifeless pitches like this, when the ball gets soft it is hard to hit boundaries. Patience is paramount on this kind of deck. It’s the kind of pitch that the likes of Cook, Trott and Bell excel on because they are prepared to graft, safe in the knowledge they probably won’t get a jaff that will undo them (although Cook found otherwise).

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 3:30am | ! Report

      Tonked away to the fence by Anderson!

      Shorter from Lyon and Anderson rocks back and hits it hard into the ground…it still rolls away through wide mid-off for a four!

      9/238 in the 90th

      • 3:32am
        Chris said | 3:32am | ! Report

        The Burnley Lara….

        Obviously seeing Jimmy spank the bowling around is a double edged sword.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 3:28am | ! Report

      Nathan Lyon to bowl the last. He has a four-for.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 3:27am | ! Report

      Where’s the plumber, there’s a leak!

      There’s one that’s been pulled away by Bresnan for four and then flicked for three. Then Anderson edges one through the slips for a four, which means the pair has added 19 from 14 balls.

      9/233 in 89

    • 3:27am
      WherethebloodyhellRya said | 3:27am | ! Report

      Good on ya Chris, loyal through and through and good to see

      • 3:28am
        Chris said | 3:28am | ! Report

        Lived through the nineties, when you had to stick with England through thin and thin!

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 3:23am | ! Report

      Wow, two deliveries, two fours and Anderson, at 11, is off the mark.

      One was on his pads but on a length and he punches it down the ground for a four. The second one is on his pads and fuller and flicked away to the leg side to make it two in two.

      9/222 in 88.

      Essentially Australia won’t bat tonight.

    • 3:19am
      Chris said | 3:19am | ! Report

      Well, no question that it’s Australia’s day. Lots of people getting in and getting out. No question either that England’s first innings has been a problem for a while. So it is going to come down to how Australia bat tomorrow obviously. Interesting day’s play.

      • 3:23am
        WherethebloodyhellRya said | 3:23am | ! Report

        Chris don’t leave now, still a couple of overs to go.
        Could work out well for the visitors if the last bunny can be bagged and stumps called.

        • 3:24am
          Chris said | 3:24am | ! Report

          Not going mate. If I am here, I’ll be here even if England have a ‘mare! Always think that’s the deal – be here when it’s good, then you have to be here when it isn’t.

    • 3:16am
      Silver_Sovereign said | 3:16am | ! Report

      certainly wish there was a ponting or symonds out there in the field. This is the worst fielding the Aussies have had since the 80s

      • 3:22am
        Nudge said | 3:22am | ! Report

        Jimmys petrified when he bats

        • 3:22am
          Chris said | 3:22am | ! Report

          Four, four….?

          • 3:26am
            Nudge said | 3:26am | ! Report

            Still petrified

            • 3:29am
              Chris said | 3:29am | ! Report


              Useful runs these actually.

              • 3:31am
                Nudge said | 3:31am | ! Report

                In the shower jimmy

              • 3:34am
                Chris said | 3:34am | ! Report

                I’d be petrified of you in the shower too!

              • 3:36am
                Nudge said | 3:36am | ! Report

                Nice one

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