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Toovey's complaining continues

Sea Eagles head coach Geoff Toovey will be replaced by Trent Barrett in 2016. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)
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20th August, 2013
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They say it’s an uplifting experience to confess, so, I confess. Yes, I am a Rabbitohs supporter, and a very proud one at that.

One who takes great offence when my team is disrespected, insulted or when they have dubious aspersions cast upon their pure white little cotton-tails.

After experiencing some what of a form slump, I tuned in Friday night to hopefully see a resurgent Souths batter one of the “old enemies” in those soul-less chip thieves, Mossop’s Manly.

Personally I enjoyed the game. I thought we showed a much improved performance, braved a period of being dominated, came back, kept Manly scoreless in the second half and got the two points.

Apparently though, I was wrong.

After the game, I heard Geoff Toovey whinge, whine and carry on so much he was reminiscent of a spoiled six year old girl who just had her favourite Barbie taken away her.

Yes, Toovey is now the King of the Barbie Screamers.

To say he carried on like a two bob watch is an insult to every two bob watch made off the coast of Taiwan.

It would appear we only won because of a previously unheard of, unbelievably massive and never to be seen again penalty could of 10 – 5.


As Gus would say, wow, wowwwww, wowwwwwwwww.

What made this worse was the sycophantic attitude of certain members of the mainstream media who supported his tantrums.

Seriously? Really?

So, in Round 14 when the Sharks beat my beloved Bunnies 14 – 12, the Sharks received a penalty count of 11 – 3. Yooo hoooo, Geoffrey, did you read that? 11 – 3.

Did you see or hear Madge Maguire carry on like a little girl with a high pitched hysterical voice demanding an investigation?

I know, let’s demand a Royal Investigation because Toovey’s team displayed awful discipline and got penalised accordingly.

Because Geoffrey, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with your players or their discipline right?

You had a disallowed try? Really? Did you see the try allowed to Waqa against Souths the week before? Again, did you see or hear Madge Maguire carry on like you?


You think Inglis stayed down and milked a penalty?

Well, let’s be thankful your side doesn’t do that. Because if they did we may have seen Jeff Lima twist Anthony Watmough’s leg, we may have seen Watmough scream, stay down and roll around like a drunken sailor on a night out with Freddy.

We may have even seen him then jump up after receiving a penalty and take a strong hit up in the second tackle.

Let’s be thankful that didn’t happen. Nudge nudge wink wink.

My confession continues, dear Lord Churchill, I confess I at times get angry with the media’s bias and agendas.

But Tooves, if you really want to highlight bias, agendas and unfair treatment let’s ask the following questions.

Why does Sonny Bill Williams get two weeks for putting his shoulder right on the point of Willie Mason’s chin, (a large target I admit), and Sam Burgess gets two weeks for tickling the Crown Jewels of an opposition player?

Why does our disgraceful mainstream media have front page outrage over Greg Inglis’ tackle on Dean Young last season, and Sonny Bill Williams gets the “it’s not in his game” treatment?


Why do Souths release nine players, sign Inglis and get Inspector Rooster not allowing the contract without weeks of investigation, but the Roosters can sign Maloney, Jennings, Sonny Bill Williams and O’Donnell and not a word is said?

Why does the media rise up in support of you whinging about a 10 – 5 penalty count, but not a word is mentioned about an 11 -3 penalty count against Souths?

I guess it’s all about perception and we can all unearth a perceived agenda, bias or unfairness if we allow our loyalty and agendas to cloud over reality. Sometimes Geoff, it’s far better to accept reality and move on.

Aaaah, rugby league, a wonderful game and ain’t it fun to complain about it?

See you in the finals!