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    Will Genia brings a crucial element no other 9 in the country possesses - experience. (Photo: Paul Barkley/LookPro)


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    New Zealand Vs. Australia

    2013 Rugby Championship, 25 August, 2013

    Westpac Stadium, Wellington
    New Zealand 27 defeated Australia 16
    New Zealand Australia
    27 FINAL SCORE 16
    2 TRIES 1
    5/7 PENALTY GOALS 3/4
    0/0 DROP GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • New Zealand - Taylor
    • T 14pts (1C 4G)
    Important moments:
    • New Zealand took the lead at the 29 min. mark 1st half
    • Dagg, I (NZL) penalty goal at the 77 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: J Peyper
    Touch judges: C Joubert & L vd Merwe

    The All Blacks can seal their 11th-straight Bledisloe Cup win with victory over the Wallabies tonight in Wellington. We’ll have live scores and commentary from 5.35pm AEST.

    After an evenly contested first half, the Wallabies had looked well and truly in the game at 25-19 down with 40 minutes to play.

    Minutes into the second half that margin was narrowed to just three points, and a sizeable home crowd at ANZ Stadium began to consider a major upset.

    But the All Blacks’ irrepressible second stanza, in which they put on 22 points to run out 47-29 winners, enough to ensure they’d head back across the Tasman as the firm favourite to lift the Bledisloe Cup – again.

    That said, the build-up to tonight’s game hasn’t gone exactly to script for All Blacks coach Steve Hansen.

    The loss of Aaron Cruden to a knee injury, in addition to the unavailability of Dan Carter, means Hansen has had to call on the uncapped Tom Taylor to fill the breach, overlooking the more-experienced Colin Slade.

    In addition, Brodie Retallick has been named in the starting XV for the injured Luke Romano after he suffered an adductor tear and was ruled out of the remainder of the tournament.

    For the Wallabies – despite Ewen McKenzie coming in for his first game as coach – it was more of the same.

    Australia’s woes at the first five position continued with an up-and-down debut by Matt Toomua while McKenzie’s back three of Jesse Mogg, James O’Connor and Israel Folau also struggled to make an impact.

    On top of that, the Wallabies’ scrum continued to demonstrate how far they have to improve to match the world’s best forwards.

    But an unwavering McKenzie has resisted the temptation to make mass changes to the starting XV, making only the one switch.

    Hugh McMeniman’s season-ending shoulder injury has forced him to miss, meaning Scott Fardy will come in at blindside.

    Should the Wallabies somehow manage to pull an upset tonight, they will do so in the face of a poor recent record in New Zealand.

    The Wallabies last tasted success against the All Blacks on New Zealand all the way back in 2000, when John Eales’ penalty after the siren gave Australia a famous 24-23 victory.

    Since then they’ve lost to the All Blacks 14 times in New Zealand, with the most recent encounter at the ‘Cake Tin’ being a 33-6 All Blacks in back in 2009.

    But the Wallabies will have taken confidence in the fact the All Blacks will be starting an untested flyhalf in a Bledisloe Cup game, and if McKenzie’s men can get at the All Blacks’ ten they might keep it closer than first thought.

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    • 12:20pm
      patknux said | 12:20pm | ! Report

      You have to face facts here guys the all blacks are far superior in every area of the game. The biggest thing that .needs to change is the forwards with no the wallabie pack and sooky lack lusterways performances from the tight five who seem to go missing when it gets tuff then its always going to be hard for genia to shine being a all black supporter since birth it is not hard to see where the aussie team is going so wrong an when you dumped one of the greatest coaches around for that chump. Whose at the reigns now then you no that your nations team is always on the back foot ……. P.s. get rid of cooper for good aswell or at. Least till he learns to tackle always harder when its 14 against 15

      • 1:22pm
        Tio said | 1:22pm | ! Report

        I see your point about mongre!Got to agree with that.But you had it in Higginbottom.That was until they made him captain of his franchise then he went to putty.He was a bit over the top at times but he had the mongrel needed.Gone of the days when the forwards followed the ball around the field and work as an eight man pack.Now days a hooker or a prop can be out on the wing. BUT that’s the way the game has changed over the years.Nothing worse than watching the ball traveling smoothly out the backline then in the middle of it theres a prop and you can just about count on him to drop it.I presume you are talking about Deans being dumped.I also agree with you on that point.Its proven to be not his coaching that has the Aussies where they are its the players themselves.Surely in this land there are more hungry players out there willing to mongrel up. Im stumped as to whats been happening with Genia to.Quade can be very unsure of himself at times and when that happens during play he will almost certainly stuff up.He also can be brilliant(Hes like a lottery)never sure whats comin next.In saying this I hope the Aussie team comes right for the world cup.

        • 4:26pm
          alan said | 4:26pm | ! Report

          the game has changed. Who changed it and why? Nothing worse than seeing forwards among backs

          • 12:59pm
            Tio Ratapu said | 12:59pm | ! Report

            Ill try to explain it mate about how the game has changed.If a losing team studies how they lost,and on a replaying the video they tend to follow the winning teams actions in their future games,you know like browns cows.So its not whos changed it.Its just a fact of the game and where its going, technology plays a big part to.And Id also like to add the first team who can adapt to any new rules that the governing body has made is very beneficial to them.Because they can get through a game without being pinged to often.

      • 4:29pm
        alan said | 4:29pm | ! Report

        the game must go out to the public schools and the potential talent there. These private schoolboys, with some exceptons, are not up to it

        More Props from league and please, no crap about how it’s so special it’s beyond the mungos

        • 12:23pm
          Tio said | 12:23pm | ! Report

          My way of thinking is that the rugby union cant compete with rugby league scouts throwing money at these up and coming school kids who want to play league.So what can you do when money is involved.It would be nice to have some of these bulky league props playing Union but it all comes back to money again.Anyway a bulky league prop is only used to punch up the middle with his running and not pushing in scrums.And that almost looks pathetic.

    • 10:47pm
      Jutsie said | 10:47pm | ! Report

      that was more disappointing than last week, at least last week we attempted to play some rugby. this week it was the worst aspects of the brumbies (aimless kicking) without the resolute defense and ferocious attack at the breakdown.
      Fardy was good as was hooper but mowen was poor. What was the logic in replacing mowen with gill but? i said to my mate when the move was made “its good that mowens coming off but are lineouts are going to go to sh** now” i dont think we won another lineout for the game

      • 9:06am
        Misha said | 9:06am | ! Report

        Genia the King is Dead – long live the new King Aaron

      • 1:58pm
        GotHim Yeah said | 1:58pm | ! Report

        Different game tonight ! We got caned in the set pieces and improved slightly in the ruck – but still way below the ABs in the ruck.
        Possession – 59% to the Wlbys – Wow !
        Every other stat pretty close except for 1.
        Turnovers – Wlbys turned it over 25 times to the ABs 14.
        So we have the ball a lot but then turn it over at crucial times – and ABs are the best at counter attack in the world. We lose the game !
        It is the most frustrating thing being a Wlbys supporter – we have all that possession and territory and don’t convert it into points.
        You have to be decent to get all that possession and territory in the first place. Yes or No ?
        We did not get whipped by the worlds best – it was closer on the score-board and in performance.
        We are improving.

    • 9:43pm
      Short-Blind said | 9:43pm | ! Report

      The most cynical game I’ve seen in 10 years, AB were a shame to the spirit of rugby with their cynical fowling in the red zone first 30. Ref was in awe & rolled over for the black team. Hold your heads up Wallabies, sack Mogg & bench Genia and keep building, these arrogant pr\%{#cks have it coming. Peyper a disgrace.

      • 10:28pm
        Nova said | 10:28pm | ! Report

        Nice post totally blind.

        • 11:19pm
          Jokerman said | 11:19pm | ! Report

          Yeah get the feeling short blind is wondering around Kings Cross with his stick and dark glasses trying to score.

          • 9:07am
            Misha said | 9:07am | ! Report

            If he had pointy ends he would be good for litter

          • 4:31pm
            alan said | 4:31pm | ! Report

      • 10:54pm
        Tatah said | 10:54pm | ! Report

        Agreed. Run me through at least the totally different application of any advantage law. Embarrassing.

      • 8:20am
        WQ said | 8:20am | ! Report

        Should be named completely-blind!

    • 8:23pm
      Rob9 said | 8:23pm | ! Report

      A lot of flack for Sanchez and a lot is rightly justified… but some isn’t. Our poor structure at the breakdown is resulting in a scary number of his box kicks being charged down. Peyper’s interpretation of ‘last feet’ didn’t help tonight but we need blokes off their bums at the contest and providing Genia with some cover.ย 

      He’s starting to look like Gregan when he was on his last legs with this tight blindside obsession and he’s making some poor scrambling choices on turnover ball. In his defence on that last one, 1 to 8 manning up at the contact zone and playing with a bit of structure will do wonders for taking the temperature down on Genia’s head. ย 

      • 8:27pm
        expathack said | 8:27pm | ! Report

        How do you explain the charge down in open play then? He was completely lacking in intensity. The times he actually turns up to play is getting fewer and further between nowadays…. Gregan Mk II

        • 8:32pm
          expathack said | 8:32pm | ! Report

          Completely agree about Oz forwards need to harden up around the attacking breakdown though. Zero commitment there, most seem to prefer to hang out in the centres, just standing around watching the ball squirt out the back of a messy ruck completely unprotected…..

        • 8:37pm
          Rob9 said | 8:37pm | ! Report

          Agree, he’s lacking intensity. He should still be getting them away quicker. But most of his ‘box kick’ charge downs are avoidable if the guys at the breakdown use their top 2 and play with a bit of structure to create that physical barrier between guys in blacks and Genia’s boot.

          • 8:41pm
            Mike said | 8:41pm | ! Report

            That’s a good point. I do think Genia’s game has dropped off a bit, but the ABs are much better at protecting their halves.

            The same applies to the other end, where the ball lands. I don’t think Genia is a brilliant tactical kicker, but he gets very little support from the rest of the team so his kicking game often looks worse than it really is.

          • 8:43pm
            atlas said | 8:43pm | ! Report

            do you think his lack of speed/time he takes for kicks are targeted, ie seen as an ongoing weakness?
            apart from the three that were charged down, others really had him under pressure

            • 9:23pm
              Rob9 said | 9:23pm | ! Report

              Unfortunately for Sanchez I think tonight was the perfect storm. I can’t argue that he’s slowed up a bit (not just with the time it takes for him to put boot to ball but also with his decision making and his service). But he was made to look a lot worse than he is by Peyper and the guys on his team with lower numbers on their backs. Obviously the AB’s targeting him didnt help either. Another one of his great assets from the past is lacking as well, that being his willingness to take on the defence by himself. Obviously being smothered by the AB defence and the guys in front of him not standing up is taking its toll on his confidence but we’re missing his probing runs. And this is happening while Aaron Smith plays behind a pack going forward and he takes his opportunities by the horns resulting in him looking far superior to Genia in their 2 most recent outings.

    • 8:05pm
      Tane Mahuta said | 8:05pm | ! Report

      Penalty count.
      NZ 8
      Aus 16

      So cynical ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 8:12pm
        expathack said | 8:12pm | ! Report

        Do you think Peypr’s happy being paid with New Zealand Dollars?

        Or does he ask for proper money?

        • 9:06pm
          PB said | 9:06pm | ! Report

          He was still keeping the Aussies in it.

          • 10:58pm
            Tatah said | 10:58pm | ! Report

            We’ve got to train like then ABs. How to hold blokes back, how to slow the ball down – until we do that we will be behind.

            • 9:13am
              atlas said | 9:13am | ! Report

              “train like then ABs:”
              yeah, little things like scoring tries – that’s eight in two matches
              Ben Smith’s seven this season equals the Wallabies season total
              last year it was Savea, 12 in nine matches. Do they take turns left wing/right wing?

        • 8:46am
          Kuruki said | 8:46am | ! Report

          I would much prefer NZ payed the ref to Australia’s advantage. That way we would actually have competitive matches.
          The All Blacks are street smart, it’s pretty obvious the Wallabies are not. Who would try to get away with the nawty nawties while wearing a high vis jersey?….. get smarter.

    • 7:50pm
      Josh M said | 7:50pm | ! Report

      Been watching 10. I have finally realized ex-players mainly make hopeless analysts. E.G Phil Waugh. Sterling “How does that Feel” Mortlock missed the best question of the night when interviewing Folau. How does that compare with State of Origin? No idea Stirling.

      • 8:03pm
        Pete said | 8:03pm | ! Report

        After watching the first half I’m convinced. In my opinion the referees in rugby all have an all blacks crush. They think the abs can do no wrong and the sooner they get over their crush the better for rugby.
        The ref beat the wallabies and then the abs finished them off. I for one am sick of watching the refs cheery pick penalties to suit their own idea of what they think should be happening.
        I’m over it- I’ve been watching rugby since 2003 and I’ll not watch another game. The refs are a disgrace. The ref gave the abs a massive leg up and it’s crap to watch.
        You can bet Falou will go back to nrl after this debacle

        • 8:12pm
          Bazza Allblack Supporter said | 8:12pm | ! Report

          See yah

        • 10:31pm
          Nova said | 10:31pm | ! Report

          Pass the Kleenex.

          • 11:13pm
            Tatah said | 11:13pm | ! Report

            That’s all you’ve got? No poisoning, international conspiracy or any other whinge that would be a catalyst for you peoplke to all go to counseling?

            • 1:03am
              mace22 said | 1:03am | ! Report

              I reckon tatah. When we lose, at least we come up with better ones than the ref’s love the all blacks. Here’s some to help you Josh. Suzy poisoned them, It was a forward pass, It’s a dead rubber, the whole team came down with a virus. Get the idea now go away and think about it. I’m sure you can come up with something as good.

        • 8:50am
          Kuruki said | 8:50am | ! Report

          You’ll be right Pete. Feel the same way watching the Kiwis in the League, it’s pretty much the total opposite between League and Rugby Union so we know how you feel. I’m sure you will be on the edge of your seat when you guys face the Boks.

    • Roar Guru

      Mick Gold Coast QLD said | 7:50pm | ! Report

      Ma’a Nonu is a classic shy NZ/Samoan in front of the microphone. Nice to see a bloke who does his talking best through what he achieves on the field.

      • 7:52pm
        Milz said | 7:52pm | ! Report

        Yeah like shoulder charges.

        • 8:13pm
          Bazza Allblack Supporter said | 8:13pm | ! Report

          Boy, you really are bitter tonight, take your dress off, run a nice hot bubble bath and think of more pleasant times..

          • 8:20pm
            expathack said | 8:20pm | ! Report

            Oz bitter?

            Nah cuz. You were much bitter than us tonight aye bro.

        • Roar Guru

          Mick Gold Coast QLD said | 8:14pm | ! Report

          All night – he was doing them all night long Milz, I saw that. It made me cry too.

          The referee went to put his whistle in his mouth on the 15th occassion, Ma’a glared at him and Jaco said “Sorry, sorry” and didn’t blow it.

          • 9:08pm
            PB said | 9:08pm | ! Report

            Hopefully he gets suspended, ABs can blood their new centre. The intercept and bad judgment all round… not part of this new AB era. He’s not needed.

        • 10:33pm
          Nova said | 10:33pm | ! Report

          Yep for sure you would have won if not for that bluddy shoulder charge.

          • 11:10pm
            Tatah said | 11:10pm | ! Report

            Who knows? We may well have. You could not have been helped any more by that gutless, sycophatic referee.

      • 11:15pm
        Tatah said | 11:15pm | ! Report

        A kiwi on the gold coast. Nuff said.

        • Roar Guru

          Mick Gold Coast QLD said | 12:32am | ! Report

          I hope you proceed with the prosecution Tatah. Just give me enough time to see my bookie so I can put the house on a “not guilty” verdict.

    • 7:48pm
      Bmwwilliams said | 7:48pm | ! Report

      Interesting how people feel the Brumbies contingent has been ‘found out at this level’.

      I think it goes to show that players are only as good as the systems in place around them. What the Brumbies have is a very clearly defined game plan and players that are trained the cr*p out of to execute it. It’s how perhaps less talented individuals are made into a winning team.

      Do the Wallabies even have a clear defensive system? It surely didn’t appear so tonight – for me Links most important selections should be his specialist coaches.

      • 8:33pm
        Mike said | 8:33pm | ! Report

        It also reflects the fact that test rugby is a different game. Most players that are brought up from provincial level take time to adjust, and some of them never adjust well.

        The problem is more one of perception – too many fans (and perhaps some officials) assumed that you could just substitute in the form players from S15 this year and test performance would improve. It doesn’t work like that. Substitute too many new players and your test performance may even go backwards.

        These new players all have potential. But whether they should have been brought in so soon is another matter. And miracles should not be expected of them.

        • 8:56pm
          bennalong said | 8:56pm | ! Report

          Spot on Mike

          The roar is filled with bloggers who thought Deans was the problem and he kept too many Tahs

          You have to build a team over time

          Lotsa “in form” Brumbies and a lot of not so in form Reds do not a test team make

          Link has done a lot of damage

          Heads will be down and we’re back with commentaters taliking about rebuilding! WTF!

          • 9:27pm
            Mike said | 9:27pm | ! Report

            I am not saying its impossible to successfully bring in several new players, I am just saying that its neither easy nor simple, as some seem to think.

            • 10:35pm
              Nova said | 10:35pm | ! Report

              Just get rid of that fathead Kearns and his puffed up cronies and half your battle is won.

              • 11:22pm
                Tatah said | 11:22pm | ! Report

                You people become less and less relevant as every year goes by, and you know it. This is it really, and you have the greatest migrant population in the world. So its important for those who stay, and those who move. I give you guys 5 years max. How will you define your own self worth then?

              • 11:45pm
                Sylvester said | 11:45pm | ! Report

                You’ve lost me Tahtah

      • 9:00am
        Kuruki said | 9:00am | ! Report


        You hit it on the head. It has everything to do with the systems around them and the environment. If Toomua made his debut for the All Blacks we would be singing his praises i have no doubt. I kinda feel sorry for those guys coming into what is effectively (against the All Blacks) a losing environment. Is there a hell of alot of difference between Toomua and Taylor? probably not, but one had an armchair ride. The All Black environment makes everyone look good, the Wallabies at the moment have the opposite effect.

    • 7:48pm
      Tane Mahuta said | 7:48pm | ! Report

      Ref was poor and its a shame that 70% of the bad calls went against Aus.
      Thats the way it goes but it isnt easy.
      Bad luck Aus, you were up for it.
      Looks like Luatua and T.Taylor are up to test rugby.
      B.Smith, the man with the Midas touch. How lucky is NZ when they lose Jane they have a guy like B.Smith coming in.

      • 7:51pm
        nickoldschool said | 7:51pm | ! Report

        Said earlier, I don’t see Messam taking Luatua’s jersey. Maybe at 8?

        Luatua has three lungs, pace and the bloke can play ball in hand too! Freak!

        • 7:54pm
          highlander said | 7:54pm | ! Report

          have had a wee look at who plays 8?????

          • 8:09pm
            expathack said | 8:09pm | ! Report

            No thanks.

            As an Australian supporter it’s too depressing!!!

          • Roar Guru

            Mick Gold Coast QLD said | 8:20pm | ! Report

            Well spotted highlander!

            I read that the fabulous Jerome is looking to come back next season too.

            Further, if Tom Taylor stuffed up tonight, which he surely didn’t, you have about 6 or 7 other first fives of similar age coming through, plus Piri if panic sets in!

            • 9:23pm
              highlander said | 9:23pm | ! Report

              The big fella has dropped a lot of weight off for playing in Japan – I was a huge fan – will never forget that tackle in Ioane – but even he might struggle to replace Luatua, Messam and Brad Shields still to come.

              How cool did Taylor look all night – bred to be an all black that boy

              That’s why I like Toomua in spite of the online noise he is taking – he looks like he could control a test match.

              • Roar Guru

                Mick Gold Coast QLD said | 11:07pm | ! Report

                I agree, if we give him the time and so long as we accept we must lose a few to get to where we need to be.

              • 7:53am
                Kuruki said | 7:53am | ! Report

                Toomua just needs time and confidence. Sadly because of what i see as poor management Toomua has started in two loses and will now need a confidence booster in the third test, Sadly he will probably be replaced as starter and his introduction to test rugby will have been a brutal one. He should never have started the first test.

            • 10:38pm
              Nova said | 10:38pm | ! Report

              Jerome Kaino is colossal the loss of both him and Thorny was a worry but look at the talent now. Great days are still to come. Messam Luatua and Kaino……far out.

      • 7:47am
        Kuruki said | 7:47am | ! Report

        5 Tries in 2 tests, legend. I will be putting money on him next week to score the first try and bag a another double.

        • 9:29am
          Justin3 said | 9:29am | ! Report

          I reckon I could have scored them all. He’s benefited from his team mates and opposition for nearly of those tries.

    • 7:37pm
      Silver_Sovereign said | 7:37pm | ! Report

      Hooper is the one that hold his head up high after two games. Tried his heart out, showed enthusiasm, guts, and was often the guy trying to stop tries when all the other aussies had given in.

      • Roar Guru

        biltongbek said | 7:40pm | ! Report

        Hooper is a star, I know people rate George Smith, but I think it has a lot to do with nostalgia usually prevelant when thinking about a great of the game.

        Hooper was brilliant tonight. Still fighting a lone battle in the backrow though.

        • 7:42pm
          Tane Mahuta said | 7:42pm | ! Report

          I know. Hooper is simply a superb player.

        • 7:44pm
          expathack said | 7:44pm | ! Report

          Interesting that Hooper is so much more effective against the ABs than he was against the Lions. NZ don’t have the same kind of raw power to knock him off the ball.

          • 7:53pm
            Tane Mahuta said | 7:53pm | ! Report

            Maybe but I think its the role hes asked to play too.
            In 2012 he topped the pilfers in super rugby, in 2013 he was well down the list. Under Deans he got less pilfers but more tackles. Now hes getting turnovers 3-4 times a match.

          • 7:56pm
            Misha said | 7:56pm | ! Report

            NZ didn;t commit as many forwards

          • 7:58am
            Kuruki said | 7:58am | ! Report

            “Interesting that Hooper is so much more effective against the ABs than he was against the Lions. NZ donโ€™t have the same kind of raw power to knock him off the ball”

            I actually think it is more to do with the players carrying the ball through the line and effectively isolating themselves. We are victims of our own success in that area imo.

          • 8:04am
            Kuruki said | 8:04am | ! Report

            Deans has a different approach to things then any other Australian coach other then Jake White.
            Under Deans i’m sure his goal was to create a loose trio that worked together as a unit rather then as individuals. Under McKenzie it looks like Hooper has been given that roving role which will translate into more obvious exploits like running into backs and stealing ball. It makes Hooper look good, sadly as the brilliant article during the week showed, Hooper is doing very little else in an area where Australia has often struggled.
            You can have 10 of the best 7’s in the world but if you don’t have a strong trio working as a unit then it comes to nothing other then individual praise.

        • 7:51pm
          Bazza Allblack Supporter said | 7:51pm | ! Report

          He was a real pain alright.

      • 7:40pm
        Josh M said | 7:40pm | ! Report

        And JOC, all is forgiven.

        • 7:46pm
          nickoldschool said | 7:46pm | ! Report

          Agree. He can keep diying his hair if he plays like that. Dunno if we should move him to FB tbh. I think wing suits him well.

        • 7:54pm
          Crazy Horse said | 7:54pm | ! Report

          Is this the same JOC that conceeded 14 points two weeks running because he doesn’t understand that in defence the role of a winger is to stop his opposite number?

          Wing is both the ultimate attack and the last line of deence.. JOC has only ever done half of the job.

          • 8:01pm
            DMac said | 8:01pm | ! Report

            Can’t blame him for the second try. He was in on the tackle at the initial bust, try was next phase, no way he could have got out there. First try he made the same mistake of not trusting the man inside.

          • 8:29pm
            Mike said | 8:29pm | ! Report

            JOC conceded seven points in the first Bledisloe (Ben Smith’s first try) and none in this one.

          • 10:37pm
            Jutsie said | 10:37pm | ! Report

            no its the same JOC that keeps getting knocked by supporters that dont understand the the role of a team defensive structure. lets get scott allen to do another analysis to show u guys how often JOC is defending against 2-3 AB’s because the blokes on the inside have let him down.

      • 7:44pm
        Shahsan said | 7:44pm | ! Report


      • 7:46pm
        RobC said | 7:46pm | ! Report

        Great effort. But muffed a try on LH side. 7 points lost.

        • Roar Guru

          biltongbek said | 7:52pm | ! Report

          Yep, if he offloaded immediately as he saw Mowen there could have been a try. But that has been the biggest failure for the Wallabies, they aren’t cohesive, more individualistic.

          • 8:15pm
            expathack said | 8:15pm | ! Report

            Soo, soo, so lacking in cohesion. Its the toxic leftovers of “play what’s in front of you”

          • Roar Guru

            Kane said | 8:26pm | ! Report

            As soon as I saw him make the break I explained to my girlfriend who is new to rugby that he wasn’t going to pass is, sure enough I as right.

            Sums up JIC

            • 8:36pm
              Mike said | 8:36pm | ! Report

              If he had, he might have gifted an intercept to the other side. He played the percentages correctly and avoided a dumb pass.

              • 8:41pm
                Justin3 said | 8:41pm | ! Report

                Agreed. Genia was covered and would have been put into touch

              • Roar Guru

                Kane said | 8:44pm | ! Report

                If he had, he might have gifted a try to Mowen. They were down, time to chance their hand is it not? Rather than play it safe?

              • 8:55pm
                Mike said | 8:55pm | ! Report

                No, I would say its time to nail the try by keeping possession. When you make a break you don’t just wildly pass the ball and squander the opportunity. Watch what the ABs do in a situation like that – if the break is nullified they usually take the tackle and score off the next phase.

                ABs actually play percentage rugby most of the time, and more so in broken play

      • 8:13pm
        Rob9 said | 8:13pm | ! Report

        Agreed, his attacking prowess is incredible. Up there with the best hands in rugby not just from 1 to 8 but 1 to 15. That said, we’re missing Po’eys pilfering abilities! Our pressure when competing and attempting to retain possession at the breakdown in p!$s weak!! Peyper didn’t make it any easier for us tonight but there’s just too many blokes on backsides at the breakdown!

    • 7:35pm
      Zakkaz said | 7:35pm | ! Report

      There is hope for the wallabies, they look gutted. It’s better then smiles. Time will help with the mistakes.

      This was not a great all blacks performance.

      • 7:39pm
        Katipo - Wallaby supporter said | 7:39pm | ! Report

        The Wallabies always look gutted. Even under Deans. They just aren’t as good as the AB’s. That’s the problem.

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