FFA announce National ‘FFA Cup’ knock-out competition

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    Football Federation Australia (FFA) has today announced that a national FFA Cup knock out competition will commence in 2014, subject to finalisation of commercial arrangements.

    The move comes after lengthy discussions around the national ‘FA Cup’ style knock-out competition, which gives minnow teams a chance to play against professional teams, all the way to the A-League clubs.

    The FFA’s announcement follows below:

    “FFA CEO David Gallop said the in-principle approval granted by the FFA Board at its 23 August meeting was a significant step forward for the game in Australia.

    “The idea of the FFA Cup has captured the imagination of the football community and there’s a huge groundswell of support,” said Gallop.

    “Everyone in the game is keen for this concept to come to life, but the prudent way forward is to ensure the right commercial and organisational foundations are in place.

    “FFA Management now has a mandate to conclude the many positive talks we’ve had with broadcasters, sponsors and commercial partners.”

    Over the past 12 months an FFA Project Team has been developing options for the FFA Cup, in consultation with Member Federations and A-League clubs.

    The plan for the FFA Cup includes amateur and semi-professional clubs, including National Premier Leagues, and A-League clubs entering the draw on a progressive basis.

    The options allow for existing State and Territory based cup competitions to remain in place as feeder competitions to the national cup.

    The nine State and Territory Member Federations and 10 A-League clubs have unanimously endorsed the proposal to stage the inaugural FFA Cup within the calendar year with a Cup Final in December 2014.”

    More to follow.

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    The Crowd Says (90)

    • August 29th 2013 @ 10:40am
      Franko said | August 29th 2013 @ 10:40am | ! Report

      Exciting but I’m sure we’ve been through this before.

      Details please!!!!!!!!!

    • August 29th 2013 @ 10:41am
      Ian Whitchurch said | August 29th 2013 @ 10:41am | ! Report

      Excellent call – should be a great comp 🙂

    • August 29th 2013 @ 10:47am
      Football United said | August 29th 2013 @ 10:47am | ! Report

      Can’t wait for Melbourne Victory vs Souths at Lakeside. That would be a derby up there with the current melbourne and sydney ones.

      • August 29th 2013 @ 11:40am
        Franko said | August 29th 2013 @ 11:40am | ! Report

        They already had that match in 2007, South Melbourne pulled 7,500 people. If that many people turned up for a WSW vs SFC or MV vs MH the league would be on its knees.

        • August 29th 2013 @ 11:49am
          Football United said | August 29th 2013 @ 11:49am | ! Report

          I’m aware of how many turned up as i was there. I was also aware that that particular game was a friendly and also one of the highest drawing, if not the highest, friendly games against Australian opposition that MV has ever had. What other team has managed to get 7,500 to a friendly against a state league side. If Melbourne Victory end up drawing Souths in the Cup it will sell out AAMI Park or Lakeside easily.

        • Roar Guru

          August 29th 2013 @ 11:50am
          Fussball ist unser leben said | August 29th 2013 @ 11:50am | ! Report


          You do realise that was a practice match? I’d be surprised if 2 A-league clubs would draw 7.5k for a practice match.

          I know the elite Sheffield Shield cricket – often featuring the best players in the world – doesn’t attract 7.5k for meaningful matches.

          I’d be surprised if many AFL, NRL or Rugby practice matches – featuring (allegedly) the best players in the world – would attract 7.5k.

          • Roar Rookie

            August 29th 2013 @ 11:55am
            josh said | August 29th 2013 @ 11:55am | ! Report

            Sheffield Shield hasn’t hosted current Australian players for a while now… And no one went to the shield when they did either. It’s a bad comparison to draw.

          • August 29th 2013 @ 12:01pm
            Franko said | August 29th 2013 @ 12:01pm | ! Report

            I believe Ian Syson at the time described it as “the most significant friendly ever played in Australia”


            I’m not interested in code wars or comparisons to other sports – it’s childish and lame.

            The point that I am contesting is that SMFC vs MVFC is a loooong way from SFC vs WSW or even MV vs MH. I look forward to the FFA Cup as I believe SMFC, MKFC, Marconi etc. do have a place in Oz football, but it’s not at the top table.

            • August 29th 2013 @ 12:10pm
              Damiano said | August 29th 2013 @ 12:10pm | ! Report

              Agreed with all you said. A meaningful competition match is a different animal to a friendly, so I’d imagine the turn out would be much better, but with the draw for the Cup, it may not even happen.

            • Roar Guru

              August 29th 2013 @ 12:13pm
              Fussball ist unser leben said | August 29th 2013 @ 12:13pm | ! Report

              The point that I’m contesting is your comparison in relation to a crowd for a practice match & crowds at an A-League match is simply nonsensical.

              As someone, who is intimately involved with A-League football, it’s my opinion that a meaningful match between MVFC & SMFC would attract a crowd as big as an A-League Melbourne Derby.

              • August 29th 2013 @ 12:48pm
                Franko said | August 29th 2013 @ 12:48pm | ! Report

                Why would you bring up Sheffield Shield, NRL, AFL and RU then?

                Hellas would need to quadruple their crowd from the 2007 “most significant friendly ever played in Australia” for for it to compete with the afformentioned derbies.

                I look forward to seeing this.

              • Roar Guru

                August 29th 2013 @ 12:53pm
                Fussball ist unser leben said | August 29th 2013 @ 12:53pm | ! Report

                “Why would you bring up Sheffield Shield, NRL, AFL and RU then?”

                To show you that 7.5k for a practice match – in any code – is a fantastic crowd.

              • August 29th 2013 @ 1:37pm
                Franko said | August 29th 2013 @ 1:37pm | ! Report

                In order for them to compete with the existing A-League derbies, they would have to break their own crowd record.
                Their 1991 Grand Final crowd of 23,318 against Melbourne Croatia is their watermark. Last years round 12 match that Heart hosted against MV drew 26,457.

                All the evidence that I have read leads to the conclusion that SMFC vs MV will not compete with SFC vs WSW or MH vs MV.

                If South Melbourne can break a crowd record that has stood for over 20 years (which was achieved in a Grand Final) in a cup round match, then good luck to them, but I don’t see any evidence that suggests they would.

              • Roar Guru

                August 29th 2013 @ 1:41pm
                Fussball ist unser leben said | August 29th 2013 @ 1:41pm | ! Report

                “In order for them to compete with the existing A-League derbies, they would have to break their own crowd record.”

                Those previous crowds do not include fans, like myself, who never attended NSL matches.

                It is reasonable to forecast that all MVFC fans, who attend A-League Melb Derbies, will also attend meaningful matches against SMFC

                So, the only variable/unknown is: would “SMFC & neutral fan numbers” be as big for SMFC v MVFC as “Heart & neutral fan numbers” for an A-League Melb Derby.

                I say: YES.

            • Roar Guru

              August 30th 2013 @ 5:22am
              NUFCMVFC said | August 30th 2013 @ 5:22am | ! Report

              MVFC vs smfc in a competitive match would be bigger in truth than the manufactured a league derby with Heart placed in it

              Just like they are trying to manufacture the so called “big red” though in time I think the MVFC vs wsw rivalry can outstrip the MVFC vs sfc rivalry aka the “big blue” which I a term only the media use

              MVFC vs Melbourne a knights would be great too

              Just as I’m sure wsw vs Marconi, Sydney Olympic et al would be too in those parts

              This match on 2007 was a friendly with barely any publicity on a weeknight, yet bigger than many regular a league fixtures have been. If people think back they will recall that pre-season cup games were smaller, eg MVFC vs ccm at the old op with about 6k is one figure I recall

          • August 29th 2013 @ 2:20pm
            Tigranes said | August 29th 2013 @ 2:20pm | ! Report


            the Waratahs drew over 10K for a trial match in Tasmania earlier this year.

            • Roar Guru

              August 29th 2013 @ 2:28pm
              Fussball ist unser leben said | August 29th 2013 @ 2:28pm | ! Report


              Which is why I prefaced the “AFL, NRL or Rugby practice matches” with the adjective “many” .. hopefully, we can agree that “many” does not equal “one practice match”. But, we can argue about that, too, if you wish.

          • August 29th 2013 @ 9:23pm
            Brad said | August 29th 2013 @ 9:23pm | ! Report

            “featuring (allegedly) the best players in the world”

            A petty little comment from a petty little man.

            FWIW, about 13 NAB Cup matches (practice matches) had crowds of over 7,500 this year.

            • Roar Guru

              August 29th 2013 @ 9:58pm
              Fussball ist unser leben said | August 29th 2013 @ 9:58pm | ! Report

              @ Brad

              The NAB Cup is the 2nd most prestigious ARules trophy for clubs, players & fans … not just in Australia, but anywhere in the world!

              • August 29th 2013 @ 10:27pm
                Stavros said | August 29th 2013 @ 10:27pm | ! Report

                No its not. The SANFL and WAFL titles are more highly sort after.

    • August 29th 2013 @ 11:04am
      pete4 said | August 29th 2013 @ 11:04am | ! Report

      Definitely liked the Cup format in the NSL with top 32 clubs with 5 knockout rounds

      December final date will also be interesting given State League clubs season finishes in September

      • Roar Guru

        August 30th 2013 @ 5:27am
        NUFCMVFC said | August 30th 2013 @ 5:27am | ! Report

        Personally I think they should have like Europa cup, make it state based knockout, then have a state based group stage where you bring a league teams in but have heaps of a league away fans flooding grassroots venues bringing heaps of trickle down cash with them,have say 3/5 teams progress to knockout stage again so non a league teams are guaranteed for romance factor, but still small and hence it is viable to subsidise their travel costs interstate but there aren’t too many of them

        Give the tv rights to SBS as well, it won’t gain any traction of on Fox Sports, there will be a bit of loss of money but getting traction with the football fraternity is more important

    • Roar Guru

      August 29th 2013 @ 11:09am
      Fussball ist unser leben said | August 29th 2013 @ 11:09am | ! Report

      Brilliant stuff. Slowly, step-by-step we’re getting there.

      For those, who kept the faith, despite constant unrelenting abuse & ridicule from other Aussies – friends & foes; in the media and in daily life – we can say: “we’ve looked over the mountaintop & we’ve seen the Promised Land”!

      Some, like the great Johnny Warren, didn’t get there with us … but they’ll never be forgotten.

      We all know the sporting landscape in Australia has been slowly changing over the past few years. With a WC in Brasil, an Asian Cup in Australia, domestic football live on FTA Tv & a national football cup competition … life has never looked more promising for Australian football’s True Believers.

    • August 29th 2013 @ 11:12am
      Australian Rules said | August 29th 2013 @ 11:12am | ! Report

      Fascinating development – this could be huge if done right.

      Cup Final in December 2014…so its runs from the start of the ALeague season? Details..?