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The Roar


An election is the perfect time for an omen bet

Racing fans line up for the start of Race 9 at Derby Day Randwick. (Photo: Paul Barkley/LookPro)
4th September, 2013

This weekend, it’s Decision Time and for the racing punter, it’s all about that little Sneak A Peek at the form guide for the omen election bet from Randwick or Flemington.

We’ve been told there’s never been a more Crucial election. The Coalition says our economy is Broken, while Labor is proud of their efforts to Safeguard the economy unlike the rest of the world.

But while Aussies Love Sport, politics is considered Destruction after the last three years.

And after months of politicians declaring, “I’m All The Talk“, it’s now down to how the Quintessential Australian will vote. The polls have Ranked the Coalition a surefire winner, likely to Thump Labor, but one Never Can Tell – it may still come down to the Swing Vote.

But if the polls are to believe, the Best Case scenario for Labor may be a hung parliament again. It’s been a Royal Descent.

Unfortunately, what is lacking is Mutual Trust.

Our choice has been limited – in many electorates, it’s between a Soapy Star and an MP making a Cameo.

It’s likely to be a Ruud Awakening for Rudd, who will head to The Gallows after his Whisper Downs campaign in 2010. Still, the independents decided it was A Time For Julia after 17 days of Sessions.

Now, he’ll probably See The World as an ambassador in the future. Someday, he may be Forever Loved – if he doesn’t Go Again and resigns with grace.


Abbott, a Weissmuller wannabe, is now Thought Worthy to hold the office of Prime Minister, despite Rudd’s attempts to Keep Cool. The electorate is now lessResistant to change, and as a result, Margie Abbott is set to emulate Mrs Onassis.

It’s a shame it can’t come down to an old fashioned Shoot Out – imagine that Outback Ranger Bob Katter taking on the (anti-)Gamblin’ Guru Andrew Wilkie. It’d be Sizzling!

Even as the 43rd Parliament enters its Twilight Royale, it’s hard not to feel Beaten Up. But at least, we can now Dream Forward, for the future is an Open Book.

Let’s hope, unlike last time, the cry of “Let’s Make Adeal” won’t be ringing around Canberra, for that was a Bit Of Hell.

At least life will be back to normal on Sunday morning – there’ll be Whiskey Allround! It’ll be a Miracle To Me.

So Why Not have an omen bet at Randwick or Flemington this weekend – surely one of the 45 horses mentioned in this article will win.