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18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #17 'We’re the Eagles'

Teams are more likely to lose after a weekend in Perth? Nope! (Image: AFL Media)
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11th September, 2013

Perhaps it’s just dated. Maybe it was awe-inspiring when the club joined the AFL in the late 80s? No. It’s a dud.

The best thing you could say about West Coast’s theme song is that it resembled a lot of pop music – made specifically for the time, but deserves to stay there.

Actually, the more I listen to this I’m starting to doubt that Port Adelaide’s song is worse. Because ‘We’re the Eagles’ sucks.

It’s like being stuck watching a budget, community TV commercial for roller-doors. One of those ones where they’ve spent the whole budget on a misguidedly funny but poorly animated roller door called ‘Roley’, and left the jingle section up to the manager’s nephew’s grade four classmates.

Which is fine if you’re trying to sell roller-doors, but not when you’re trying to musically encapsulate the joy of a hundred thousand people across the continent when their team wins.

Like Port Adelaide’s use of Thunderstruck, ‘We’re the Eagles’ takes second place to Daddy Cool’s ‘Eagle Rock’ in the pre-game build up, and rightly so.

In the Eagles’ anthem we get treated to one verse repeated three times, sandwiched with a one-line reminder that eagles fly slopped all over it.

Too long, too hokey, too bad. Roley the Roller-door wouldn’t put up with it, and neither should you.