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    Adam Reynolds has re-signed with the Rabbitohs. (AAP Image/Action Photographics, Robb Cox) .


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    South Sydney Vs. Melbourne

    2013 NRL Premiership Season, 14 September, 2013

    ANZ Stadium, Sydney, NSW
    South Sydney 20 defeated Melbourne 10
    South Sydney Melbourne
    20 FINAL SCORE 10
    3 TRIES 2
    1/1 PENALTY GOALS 0/1
    0/1 FIELD GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • South Sydney - Adam Reynolds 8pts (0T 4G)
    • Melbourne - Billy Slater 4pts (1T 0G)
    Important moments:
    • South Sydney took the lead at the 8 min. mark 1st half
    • Will Chambers (Melb) scored at the 71 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: Hayne, S
    Touch judges: Turner, R & Beashel, N

    After 26 gruelling rounds of NRL action, the finals are finally upon us and tonight’s contest between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Melbourne Storm should provide fans with a fantastic opening to what should be a high quality finals series. Join us for live scores and commentary from 7.45pm AEST

    The Rabbitohs were ambushed by the Sydney Roosters last week and need to improve considerably if they are to defeat a Melbourne Storm side that has won its past six matches against the Redfern based club.

    The Storm once again enjoyed a stellar season, finishing in third position on the back of yet another strong start to the season.

    Despite struggling during the back end of the year, the reigning premiers once again approach finals footy as one of the teams to beat.

    Despite losing the race for the minor premiership, the Rabbitohs have also enjoyed terrific success this year, finishing inside the top four for the second successive season.

    With a home preliminary final on the line tonight, expect both Melbourne and South Sydney to give their all tonight in a contest that should go down to the wire.


    The last time these two teams played at ANZ Stadium, the Storm managed to secure a tough seven point victory back in round six in arguably one of the games of the season.

    It was probably Melbourne’s best win of the year, given how well they played against a previously undefeated Rabbitohs outfit away from home.

    If the Storm are to win tonight, they will have to replicate the sort of intensity that allowed them to beat the Rabbitohs back in round 6.

    On that occasion, Cooper Cronk was the star of the show, setting up two tries before scoring a field goal that allowed the Storm to secure victory.

    South Sydney will be well aware of the danger that Cronk represents, so expect the home side to really rush up in defence in a bid to unsettle the Storm halfback.

    Of course, the performances of superstars Billy Slater and Cameron Smith will also have a huge say on whether Melbourne can secure a home preliminary final.

    If Slater and Smith are allowed to dictate terms tonight, Melbourne will most likely play at their best, and if they do, the Rabbitohs are going to have a real tough time defending a Storm attack that can run like clockwork.

    For South Sydney to win tonight, they have to take a leaf out of Manly’s book and look to outmuscle Melbourne upfront.

    Over the past fortnight, the Storm have really struggled to dominate upfront against the Sea Eagles and Titans.

    When Melbourne find themselves outmuscled, they tend to lose a lot of direction in attack and this in turn leads to a lot of handling errors.

    With this in mind, the performance of forwards such as Ben Te’o, the Burgess brothers and Chris McQueen will be crucial for the Rabbitohs tonight.

    If South Sydney can just focus on playing direct and winning the territory battle, then the likes of Greg Inglis, John Sutton, Adam Reynolds and Issac Luke may just have enough of a platform to shine in attack.

    With both teams fairly evenly matched, the result of tonight’s contest will largely come down to whether or not Melbourne’s supreme attacking spine is allowed to click.

    If the Rabbitohs can keep Slater, Cronk and Smith quite, they will win. If not, Melbourne will once again find themselves one game short of yet another grand final appearance.

    Storm by 6

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    • 8:24am
      Tee-Bonez said | 8:24am | ! Report

      Bunnies are on fire!

    • 11:14am
      pete said | 11:14am | ! Report

      luke had another great game, he is going so well for a little bloke.

    • 8:22am
      just too good last night ;) said | 8:22am | ! Report

      sorry guys, but south sydney just exucuted better last night and the storm & media have no excuses, they had their chance but south sydney were just the better team last night

      • 10:51am
        stormtrooper4 said | 10:51am | ! Report

        Well whatever you wanna say about last night you can’t escape the fact that it was a low quality game from both sides, i think they both would have lost to any other top 4 side last night. I see this loss as a chance to play an extra match and find better form because if Storm repeat last night’s performance then they are not going to make the Grand Final anyway.

        Souths supporters should’t get too excited from what i saw last night, Most of their tries came from blatant mistakes by the storm that no other top 4 side will make.

      • 10:05am
        Dan747 said | 10:05am | ! Report

        the two tries that were disallowed should have been allowed, there was nothing wrong with either of them.

    • 11:42pm
      Thunder said | 11:42pm | ! Report

      Souths got the rub of the green tonight, no doubt. But 12 months ago when Souths played the Storm in Melbourne forr the QF they didn’t get the rub of the green. The difference here is the home ground advantage. Last year Souths just copped the crap decisions. Seriously, just suck it up and stop whinging. That’s Rugby League folks !!

      • 11:58pm
        al said | 11:58pm | ! Report

        If that’s how Rugby League games are being decided by such inconsistent refereeing then the people involved in the NRL just have to suck it up when fans are leaving in favour of other sports…Seriously, for a neutral spectator this is not nice to watch, no matter which team gets the rub of the green.

        • 1:14am
          Spider fish said | 1:14am | ! Report

          If its not nice to watch then find something else and stop complaining. It’s the whinging as much as anything else that’s ruining the game. There has been wrong ref decisions in league since day 1. Like thunder said , suck it up. Lets face it your never going to be happy.

    • 11:27pm
      Johnno said | 11:27pm | ! Report

      4.5 million in Sydney and all the NRL can get for a semi-final at the main stadium in Sydney is 21,000, sydneysiders pathetic. NRL has problems if it can only pul 21,000 in a city of 4.5 million for a home semi-final.

      • Roar Guru

        peeeko said | 1:30am | ! Report

        agree Johnno, very poor effort. strange considering how good souths crowds have been this year- I think its below their average?

      • 1:43pm
        john badseed said | 1:43pm | ! Report

        ANZ the worst place for a stadium in the world. Took my boy to the SOO- i live 10 mins from Central station and all up it took seven hours to get to the game by train, watch the game and get home again. Had “premium” seats… behind the posts…. and had to watch anything past half way on the video screen. Done get me started on the cost. That’s why Sydney fans have learnt it’s better to watch the game from the comfort of your local and why they won’t travel to ANZ.

    • 11:25pm
      Morfs said | 11:25pm | ! Report

      Well….as tempting as it is to go on about the refs, that poor first half in attack is what cost us. Souths defended their line well, and we made too many errors early, ot didn’t take the right options. I’m miffed about the pair of no-try calls, and would like to know why almost every time the Storm score a ‘try’, the video ref gets called in, but that’s all over & done with now.

      Biggest complaint: the inconsistencies in claling “held”. Hoffman was tackled 5 or so metres in from the touch line the in second half, planted his feet, momentum had stopped, and yet a Souths player was allowed to shove from the side, and he was put into touch. Scrum. Souths feed. Almost every tackle that Storm made where a Souths player was being pushed back, “held” was called early. Going the other way, Souths were allowed to push our players back. No wonder we couldn’t get any momentum.

      Oh well, Knights or Dogs next week, and then Manly or Roosters the week after. I expect an 80 minute effort from the lads next week.

      • 10:06am
        Dan747 said | 10:06am | ! Report

        yeah everything was against storm including the refs not accepting to clear tries.

    • 11:21pm
      Clark said | 11:21pm | ! Report

      Did anyone by any chance check out the after match press conference?

      • 12:05am
        The eye said | 12:05am | ! Report

        I saw it.Both Cam and Belly acknowledged they werent good enough on the night..that their poor start cost them the game not the Slater ‘no try’,whch they both thought should have been awarded.Bottom line 14-0 was too big a start to give and they lost because of their first 1/2 high error rate.

    • 11:00pm
      Steve said | 11:00pm | ! Report

      Not sure what why everyone is going on about the Slater no try. Merrit was clearly taken out. Farrell got penalised for the exact same thing against the Rossters last week. At least they’re being consistent.

      • 11:07pm
        Spider fish said | 11:07pm | ! Report


      • Roar Guru

        no show said | 11:07pm | ! Report

        everyone is going on about it because souths were playing

      • 11:08pm
        Clark said | 11:08pm | ! Report

        Take your Bunnies jumper off, that was a fair contest unlike taking a players legs out and causing a potentially career ending neck/spinal injury.

        • Roar Guru

          Zee said | 11:11pm | ! Report

          DYLAN FARREL DID NOT TAKE HIS ****ING LEGS OUT FFS. He stood his ground, you just have to compare the heights of those two.
          Get your Anti Souths specs off ffs ludicrous lame

          • 11:14pm
            Pest said | 11:14pm | ! Report

            Watch the repay and then stick the entire toilet roll in ya mouth , that should hold back the dribble

          • 11:27pm
            Spider fish said | 11:27pm | ! Report

            Keep it up zee, your breaking the pest down. Can’t wait for tomorrow Easts are going to to do his head in. Think his brain might burst.

            • 11:36pm
              Pest said | 11:36pm | ! Report

              Never ! Unlike Zee who looks to be in her mid late 30’s I’ve had the luxury of witnessing may GF victories , especially since the comp went truly national and not just NSW state cup , zee obviously likes watching black n white beta tapes of wabbit titles , I prefer current technology

              • 6:37pm
                spiderfish said | 6:37pm | ! Report

                current technology like peptides

            • Roar Guru

              Zee said | 11:36pm | ! Report

              Ahhhh He’s an Easts fan.. Makes sense. It ALL makes sense now.
              Bahaha Self Combustion, I’ll be eager for that one.
              Will never get behind Manly THAT hard!!

              • 11:39pm
                Pest said | 11:39pm | ! Report

                Easts , wow intel ain’t exactly your strongest asset MAAAAAANLYYYYYYY

        • 11:17pm
          Spider fish said | 11:17pm | ! Report

          Great logic that.,
          Melbourne 2 tries on the back of penalties.
          Melbourne 2 denied tries, learn how to score tries correctly. Don’t take out opposition players.

        • 11:23pm
          Spider fish said | 11:23pm | ! Report

          Like the multiple spear tackles on Inglis earlier in the year, difference is the spear tackles were deliberate this was accidental.

          • 11:38pm
            Pest said | 11:38pm | ! Report

            Somebody told Ritchie there was oil in the middle of Brookie oval , inglises head makes an ideal drill bit

            • 1:20am
              Spider fish said | 1:20am | ! Report

              Drills holes in Manlys defence all day long.

        • 11:33pm
          Steve said | 11:33pm | ! Report

          Waqa did it to himself. Farrell simply stood his ground. Hope he’s OK but there was no malice in that, just one of those things that happen in footy.

      • 11:11pm
        compo said | 11:11pm | ! Report

        jumping for the ball, WHILE BEING BLOCKED, and you are penalised for taking a player out ?
        happens every game… yet in the big games it’s starting to matter…
        Souths are VERY protected here… my God i hope Souths get smashed in 2 weeks time…whoever they play i’m going for them.

        • 11:20pm
          Clark said | 11:20pm | ! Report

          +1 on that one, I also hope more than anything John Sutton gets found once again what a fraud player he is. I just want Manly to play them and to see Matai and co get stuck into this lot.

          • 11:36pm
            Steve said | 11:36pm | ! Report

            You mean like they did twice before this year? I seem to remember Manly getting they’re ass kicked both times. Bring it on!

        • 12:41am
          Brendan said | 12:41am | ! Report

          Farrell had a try disallowed for the same thing against the Roosters.
          Not sure how protected that was??

      • 11:12pm
        Gary said | 11:12pm | ! Report

        Take another look — it was a disgraceful video ref overrule of the Slater ‘try’. Melb player, who has eyes only for the ball, has his legs taken from under him by a Souths blocker and thus mere self preservation thereafter — play on, TRY!!! If that video referee ever gets another game then the NRL are not fair dinkum. Just imagine if that happened in a grand final!!!??? Disgraceful — and this is coming from a Raiders supporter who has no direct interest in the result.

        • 10:14am
          Dan747 said | 10:14am | ! Report

          yeah they need new refs they cant accept two clear tries, definitely disgraceful. if they were accepted it would have been a completely different game

      • 11:29pm
        eagleJack said | 11:29pm | ! Report

        Goodwin illegally backpedalled to block Chambers’ run. Chambers jumps to compete for the ball but then pulls out as he sees Goodwin below and he preserves himself. He bumps into Merritt and the ball spills to the ground.

        If Slater hadn’t collected the loose ball and scored I would not have been surprised to see a penalty awarded to the Storm for an illegal block by Goodwin. Lucky break for Souths.

    • 11:00pm
      Www said | 11:00pm | ! Report

      Any idea if bellyache blew his top in after match conference???? He’d have to be $10000 lighter in the wallet surely!

      • 11:22pm
        al said | 11:22pm | ! Report

        I hope he didn’t. It’s not worth giving a single cent back to these lousy NRL administrators.

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