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All is not lost, oh Wallabies fans of little faith

Just like in rugby, football fans also wear ridiculous outfits in support of their team during the Wold Cup. (Photo: Paul Barkley/LookPro)
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29th September, 2013
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I’m going to be blunt – I’m getting sick and tired of the abuse that the Australian rugby union team are being subjected to, particularly in the recent weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, the results on the field aren’t anything to write home about. Certainly, they are not the results we’ve come to expect from our national side in recent decades.

I might be looking at things from rose-coloured glasses and have a soft spot for rugby, but I for one, have not lost hope.

Yes, this year has been tough. I’m tipping there are some battered and bruised bodies in the Wallabies camp.

They had the three Test series against the Lions which was brutal, then are now backing up for the Rugby Championship, which with the added travel makes things even more difficult if the squad is battling injuries.

I would argue in fact that comparisons to New Zealand (among other countries) almost lack logic. To me, the stats dictate New Zealand and South Africa should beat us.

This is a potentially outdated and ignorant view, but if we take out AFL and rugby league, or even just take the best players from those sports and put them in rugby, I would argue we’d be unbeatable.

I can’t change that (obviously) – but it’s a point worth putting into context.

To my mind, it may be a number of years in the wilderness before we reach the highs we ‘expect’ again. It will be a cultural thing.


Things need to change at every single fundamental level of the game, from the Under 7s playing at the local park to every franchise to the ARU Board.

Big change doesn’t happen overnight. Small changes are beginning to happen and they will reap rewards.

In time, the big changes will happen.

In the meantime, stop bagging our guys as not having pride in the jersey. I challenge any of you haters out there to go and pull on the jersey and do a better job.