Farina slams Sydney’s lack of discipline

By Angela Habashy,

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    Undisciplined and error-prone. That was Frank Farina’s dire assessment as the Sydney FC coach lamented another poor showing from his charges.

    The Sky Blues were beaten 2-0 by Western Sydney in the first Sydney derby of the season at Allianz Stadium on Saturday but never even looked like challenging their cross-town rivals.

    Two lapses in concentration resulted in Iacopo La Rocca and Shinji Ono’s first-half goals, ending the Sky Blues’ eight-match unbeaten run at home.

    Having suffered a 4-0 thumping away to Brisbane last week, Sydney were desperate to right their wrongs.

    Instead they made the same mistakes and again proved they are lost without inspirational skipper Alessandro Del Piero.

    And Farina knows the Sky Blues have a lot of work to do before they can really be competitive.

    “First and foremost we have to cut out silly errors and mistakes, which in Brisbane cost us the first two goals from set pieces, and the third one came virtually just after a set piece,” Farina said.

    “That comes down to discipline – discipline in terms of what your job is and we’ve let ourselves down in that area.

    “That’s three set pieces in two weeks, which is not good enough.

    “Purely and simply, that’s about discipline and players switching off. How you switch off in the 14th minute, I don’t know.”

    Del Piero watched frustrated from the sidelines before retreating down the tunnel at the break, as though knowing his side wouldn’t stage a second-half comeback.

    A record crowd of 40,388 – Sydney’s biggest for a regular season match – also watched frustrated, many heading for the exits before the final whistle.

    Farina said he sympathised with the supporters, who are already feeling disillusioned about their side’s prospects this season.

    “I’m not silly and I’m not naive, I’m disappointed so imagine what the fans are feeling,” he said.

    “And the players are disappointed, this is what happens.”

    The Sky Blues face Perth next week with Del Piero (calf) still in doubt.

    Farina admitted the flight west was “not ideal” for the captain but stressed the side just needed to adjust if he’s ruled out.

    “We have to be realistic and know that Alessandro is most probably not going to play 27 straight games for us this year,” he said.

    “We’ve just got to continue to work hard … there’s no respite, they’ve got to front up next week.”

    The coach was confident he’d have veteran midfielder Brett Emerton back from a niggling back complaint next week and said Terry McFlynn (groin) was likely to be fit.

    But in a further blow to Sydney utility Rhyan Grant could be sidelined for a lengthy period with his knee injury suspected to be serious.

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    The Crowd Says (5)

    • October 28th 2013 @ 12:34pm
      Marcel said | October 28th 2013 @ 12:34pm | ! Report

      translation…”don’t blame me”…Im sure that the players just love reading that sort of stuff.

    • October 28th 2013 @ 1:13pm
      AK said | October 28th 2013 @ 1:13pm | ! Report

      I was surprised to see last and this year ADP starting all the games and playing for lengthy periods. In the last couple of yars at Juventus he palyed limited game time. The guy is 39 and cannot be expected to start all games. Unfortunately now with his injury he will struggle all season in his last season in HAL. On the other hand see how Poppa has managed Ono. Despite not winning muc in the early part of HAL last year Poppa used to rotate his squad.

    • October 28th 2013 @ 1:46pm
      EDO said | October 28th 2013 @ 1:46pm | ! Report

      I do not know what happens with SFC but I said it in another forum, the body language on the bench seems to indicate some sort of unhappiness.
      The team was not playing like a team at all, and every time the cameras pointed to the coach and assistant, they were like a couple who are going through divorce. Not a word? What is that all about?

      Would not that be the best time to consult each other and discuss what was being observed? or these guys all work in isolation?

      Next, the players!
      Are these guys just left to their own devices in the pitch, to do whatever they think is right? It was alike a bunch of school kids told to form a team and go and play.

      No structure, no system, inaccurate passes, players just doing the bare minimum to say, I have done my bit!!!

      It was sad to see what supposed to be a professional outfit perform so bad.

      The only resistance offered was some individuals trying their best (which was not a best), while some others where just carried.

      SFC like many other big clubs is under pressure and that pressure seems to be filtering at all levels. This is the time for the CEO if he has any practical experience at life in general, to get in there, start talking to different people find out what the problem is, because it is beyond just the coach, it is cultural.

      MV has this problem when H Kewell was on the books. Harry a fully professional player, who conducted himself professionally had influence amongst the fans, but when he was playing for some strange reason, all the other players were just bludging. I think ADP is having the same effect in SFC. Media wise, these guys are a gold mine but somehow cause unhappiness amongst some of the players.

      I may be wrong there but the proof of this is what happens when ADP is not there. Nobody takes their responsibility seriously

      It is like if the players are actually undermining the club or the coach or both.

      I was Farina, after such a crap performance I would have those guys for 90 minutes up and down the pitch playing the one two or the one two three continuously non stop while I would have then practicing passing the ball at different distances for another 90 minutes and those drills repeated day after day. At this stage those guys are showing that they lack skills.


    • October 28th 2013 @ 3:57pm
      Muzz said | October 28th 2013 @ 3:57pm | ! Report

      Farina will say and do anything to save his arse and deflect the blame anywhere but towards himself.
      He was a great player in his time but can not coach,this was clear years ago and although he was one of Mr lowy’s golden boys back when Sydney City was in the old NSL Farina will meet the same fate as Kosmina who also played at Sydney City.

    • October 29th 2013 @ 2:23am
      Jukes said | October 29th 2013 @ 2:23am | ! Report

      Everyone needs to get a grip. Its only round 3 and its already panic stations. The best thing they can do is knuckle down, shut up and just play football. Its a tough league, you cant take anything for granted. You have to work hard to get the results you want. To be fair SFC has had a lot of bad luck with injuries last few seasons, maybe they are over training, who knows. Just concentrate on one game at a time and let the season take care of itself. If they manage a win or even a draw in Perth it will be a good result. Plenty of time left in the season.

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