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Can the Kangaroos follow in the Jillaroos' footsteps?

Read all about it! What will the headlines say tomorrow about tonight's game? (AAP Image/Paul Miller)
Owen Ashby new author
Roar Rookie
28th November, 2013

When Australia take on New Zealand in the Rugby League World Cup final this weekend, there is more at stake than just winning the trophy, restoring pride and claiming the right to be definitively called the number one rugby league team.

When the All Blacks claimed the Rugby Union World Cup in 2011, New Zealand became the first country to simultaneously hold both the men’s and women’s league and union World Cups.

They are the only country in the world who could possibly hope to accomplish this sporting achievement and Kiwi sportsfans should be extremely proud.

But what about Australia? Could they emulate this amazing feat?

In July of this year, Australia’s brave Jillaroos broke New Zealand’s 13 year dominance by winning the 2013 Rugby League World Cup and so ended New Zealand’s reign as holder of the four cups.

If the Kangaroos prevail on Saturday night, Australia will own two of the four.

They will need to win the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup, something I believe is possible, and somehow prevent the Black Ferns from retaining the womens’ Rugby Union World Cup next year – something I don’t believe is possible.

But anything can happen. And if the Kangaroos can win, there will be a bonus bragging right to be had by Australia.

When the Jillaroos won their World Cup they were participating in a ‘festival of cups’ tournament –a tournament where Australia won every World Cup available.


They won the women’s, armed forces, police and student cups. Quite an achievement and a Kangaroos win added to this will enable Australia to be the truly dominant force in rubgy league.

It all comes down to 80 minutes of hard fought footy on Saturday night. May the best team win.