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Memo to Sam Robson - you chose the wrong team

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14th December, 2013
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It was a little disheartening reading that big headline plastered all over the sports news.

“Sam Robson rejects Australia to pledge future to England”.

And how the English stuck a little pocket knife in with that mild gloating and teasing undertone to their journalism.

I felt a little lump in the throat at the thought that we had somehow let a gun of a young batsmen slip through our fingers. He’d chosen the old enemy over the country he was born and bred in.

Our administrators and youth development professionals had failed. It’s a crime!

The young man would have his reasons though. Maybe he had a soft spot for England while growing up.

His English born mum may have been a strong cultural influence in his life, or he may have fallen for a saucy English bird at the local Walkabout.

These things happen.

Whatever the reason, a spiteful part of me considered at the time…”You can have him”.


If he wants to turn his back on the baggy green and defect to the English cricket team as so many have done before him, then we don’t want him!

And just for that fact, that last knife in the gut after giving it every bit of desperation to turn around our bad Test form of late, it was a symbolic message to our boys.

It’s time to show the world what we’ve got.

And boy are we smiling now.

Yep… Sam, you chose the wrong team.

You chose the team that were overly fancied the moment they arrived for this tour.

Your chose the team that is notorious for luring talented men from all parts of the globe.

You chose the team that were overrated during the last Ashes series.


You chose the team that is on a downward slide in the world cricket rankings.

You chose the team that we bloody well love to beat.

And Sam…you also chose the team that is currently the laughing stock of the cricket world.

Have I gone too far?


Sammy boy, we don’t want you. Our great cricket side – yes, the undisputed greatest cricket nation of all time, doesn’t need you.

We’ve got enough young talent in our country, and the passion to wear the green and gold no matter what.

Some of the young guys rising up the ranks in Australian domestic cricket would give their right arm to wear a baggy green for Australia.


And yes, they will go on to become legends of the game like the Steve Waughs, Adam Gilchrists and Shane Warnes of our great nation.

But not you Sam. You will play for England, and best of luck to you sonny boy.