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Aaron Finch is the new Marcus North

Aaron Finch could make the Test team yet. (AFP PHOTO/ANDREW YATES)
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27th January, 2014
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That’s right good folks: Aaron Finch is the new Marcus North.

I’m not saying that Finch in the new North in any magnetic sense.

“Helmsman, please steer us on a course of 15 degrees Finch Finch West.”

Doesn’t work, does it?

No. I am referring to both Finch and North’s ability to make either 100, or alternatively 10 runs or less.

You see, both these players just have no middle ground.

In Tests, North had an average of 35 yet only made it to that figure 28% of the time

In ODIs, Finch also has an average of 35, yet has made it to that figure in only 36% of the time

If we take all their innings either greater than 100 or 10 runs or less, then North qualifies 63% of the time


Finch? 50%

Yep. Boom or Bust.

Both reach a century 14% of the time (if we use the commonly accepted practice of rounding to the nearest whole number)

North was 10 or less 49% of the time

Finch 36%

So, what’s my point?

I have no idea. However, I found the similarities interesting and now have some statistical numbers to throw at the boys when watching Finch at the pub.

“Geez, Finch is gone for seven”


“Yeah, did you know that one in every three innings, he will make 10 or less?”

Useful stuff.