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Test cricket's champions to be decided by the Bradman Cup

No one has come close to Sir Don Bradman, and no one ever will. (AP Photo, File).
Roar Guru
30th January, 2014

The expected changes in the hierarchy of those running international cricket will no doubt see the promotion of the shorter and more lucrative forms of the game at the expense of Test cricket.

What is emerging is the likelihood of the inaugural Test cricket tournament – to determine a world Test cricket champion nation – being scrapped.

Enter the Bradman Cup.

It is entirely appropriate this Cup be named after the greatest Test cricketer in history.

With Sir Donald Bradman being Australian, it is also appropriate Cricket Australia offer this as the prize for the champion Test team.

It would work on a challenge basis. For example if Australia was the holder, it could be challenged by South Africa.

For South Africa to win the Bradman it would have to defeat Australia in Australia in a minimum three-Test series. For Australia or any other Test cricket playing nation to win the Bradman, it would have to defeat South Africa in South Africa.

The holder of the Bradman would be required to defend the Cup by playing a home series each calendar year against a challenging nation.

The world champion Test cricket team would be the holder of the Bradman.


The Ashes, the Border/Gavaskar Cups etc would still continue in their present form.

The Bradman would add a great deal more spice to any Test cricket series it was being fought for.

This would ensure the longevity of Test Cricket by creating greater interest which would produce greater television revenues – all good for the game!