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What exactly is football in Australia?

Frank Lowy will step down as FFA chairman in November. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)
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30th January, 2014
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Roarers have often talked about the style of football played on the park, but how do we feel about the style of the overall league and the sport itself?

What is your idea of what football should look and feel like in Australia?

There are a couple of issues that need to be sorted to keep the game on the right path in this country.

Can people still call the game soccer?
Or footy for that matter?

There are quite a few people who become very passionate and irate on the topic. I for one interchange the labels with ease – it’s ‘football’ with my English born and raised dad, yet ‘soccer’ with the Aussie kids I teach who still refer to rugby league as football.

Can the game become at ease with itself and interchange the terms with ease and without all the hangups?

How do you want the league to be structured?
Should we go for the European model of promotion/relegation or the American franchise model?

Promotion/relegation is a purer form of competition yet I don’t feel we have a proper football economy to make it viable.

Our league was created by lawyers and marketing experts, not local communities. For it to work, football as a sport in this country would have to be absolutely dominant in terms of media, money and cultural impact so teams that are relegated would still have viable sources of competition, fans and money to stay afloat.


Should football clubs build their own stadiums?
Perhaps a pact with rugby league clubs to buy or rent their stadiums for the summer is the way forward here?

Should the A-League be separate from the FFA?
Or should the governing body keep a close circle of influence and power on the competition to make sure it combines with broader goals to grow the game.

Should new teams come from the old NSL or should we seek to build new ones?
Should they come from regional areas to expand the game’s footprint or should they come from urban centres to increase revenue streams?

As you can see, there is a lot to think about.

How do you see the game in our country?