Urijah Faber – I would love to fight Dominick Cruz again

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    An anti-bullying campaign, a music video for a chart-topping song and an ever-growing fan-base.

    These are just some of the things that have been on Urijah Faber’s plate recently. It’s no wonder he is so upbeat.

    ‘The California Kid’ was in Sydney recently for the BRAVE project, a campaign geared towards anti-bullying. Faber spoke with The Roar about the project, his thoughts on the TRT ban and his own campaign to fight Dominick Cruz.

    Q: Tell us a little bit about the BRAVE project.
    A: The BRAVE project is basically an anti-bullying campaign. It’s a real problem out there. Not only physically but mentally and on the internet.

    The project is about creating awareness and putting a stop to the bullying, especially with the new game going around, the coward punch, where people are hitting people for no reason out of the blue. I think it is a real important thing that needs to be addressed.

    Q: Were you ever bullied yourself growing up?
    A: I don’t consider anything I have experienced as bullying. But I have dealt with bullies before and I’m against them. I’ve seen people who have been bullied, and I’ve stood up for people, and I’ve made a stand before.

    Q: You recently starred in Pharrell Williams’ 24 hours of happy video – is it your goal to spread positive messages?
    A: You know, I think part of the draw to me is this attitude I have of being super positive and that was a great opportunity to get in a video that has a great message.

    And I surprised my little sister who was just coming off a life threatening injury, a head trauma. So that was her 21st birthday and we were in it together so it meant a lot.

    Q: You’re now seeking a rematch against Dominick Cruz for UFC 175 in July. Is this a matter of finally settling the rivalry for you?
    A: I would love to have that fight, people have asked me which fights I want. If we can make it happen let’s do it, if not I’m ready for whoever they say.

    Q: How do you think Cruz would fare after such a long time off from injury?
    A: I feel like fighting is so mental – as long as he looks into himself he will bring his best performance but I plan on being better.

    Q: What are your thoughts on the Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) ban in the UFC?
    A: I’m glad that they banned TRT myself, you know, for the fact that I don’t use it and it’s kind of an unfair advantage.

    I have never done any research to see if I’m eligible, I don’t know much about it. The fact that I’m a 34 year-old guy, who has never even considered using it, and I’m still at the top of the game for 11 years it means for me that I get a fair playing field and I like that.

    Q: Any final words for Aussie fans?
    A: For whatever reason I get along real well with the Aussies. I don’t know what it is but I will definitely be back and hopefully spend some more time here for a couple of months or even longer. I love this place!

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