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A 17-round AFL season may work

Roar Guru
2nd June, 2014
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The current fixture and fixturing system is a topic of constant complaint. Let’s fix this issue, and perhaps a few others in the process.

The solution? Each team plays everyone once. You can’t get it any fairer.

The actual length of the season will stay almost the same. Have two split rounds – just not Round 1, please – to give every side two byes.

And who knows, you could maybe throw in a State of Origin game one week to extend the 17 rounds over 20 weeks.

This also means we can have the season begin towards late March, when of course the MCG will be available for the opening round.

The main problem faced by Gillon McLachlan and co. is the loss of revenue through less broadcast revenue and ticket sales. So my proposition may never eventuate, as we know the bottom line is the AFL’s No. 1 priority.

It’s hard for me to want this being a fan of tradition myself, but in this case, I think the good outweighs the bad.

The AFL administration preaches equalisation. Here’s one way to make it more achievable.

In the case of footy, less could actually be more. It may mean the games we do have become a little more relevant, and a little more special.


Some of the dreaded dead rubbers from Rounds 20-23 will be eliminated as well.

In a time where player management, recovery and rest are ever-so important, this could be exactly what the players need.

Unlike everyone else though, they’re still going to receive the same salary for what would be less work.

The AFL should be prepared to sacrifice more revenue if it means we get a truly fair season in return.