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World Cup day two recap

Tim Cahill is reportedly on the verge of coming home. (Photo: Paul Barkley/LookPro)
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14th June, 2014

To begin day two, we saw Group A opponents Mexico and Cameroon square off at Estadio das Dunas in the rain.

With numerous goals denied in the first half due to the post and offside calls, both teams came out searching for the elusive goal that would get their campaign underway.

Oribe Peralta would score the match winner in the 61st minute as he pounced on a deflection, thus continuing his hot run of form.

Final score: Mexico 1-0 Cameroon

The next match that took place was the replay between World Cup Champions Spain and runners up the Netherlands.

Spain took an early lead thanks to a penalty gifted by Diogo Costa and converted by Alonso.

Through perseverance and patience, Netherlands bounced back thanks to some Robin van Persie brilliance. The header was superbly timed and well struck. Iker Casillas could do nothing but watch as the ball sailed above his head into the back of the net.

Half time the scores were locked up 1-1.

The next 45 minutes saw one of the most surprising and dominating displays in recent World Cups. Given that it happened to Spain, it was that much more remarkable.


Specifically, Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie put on a masterclass and completely embarrassed the Spanish defence, sending them literally slipping and sliding in all directions.

The final score: Spain 1 – 5 Netherlands

Last but not least and the one we were all waiting for, Australia versus Chile.

With one of the most inexperienced and young sides in the World Cup, expectations for our Socceroos weren’t high heading into the match. Many expected us to be outclassed.

What happened next almost reaffirmed why experts had touted Australia as the first team to exit the world stage – going down two goals in the opening 14 minutes.

Though, Australia weren’t ready to give up and through the ever reliable Tim Cahill we would claw back the Chilean lead to one goal heading into the break. Cahill’s goal helped us wrestle back some of the momentum and ease early nerves.

Whatever Ange Postecoglou said during half time must have struck a nerve as the Socceroos came out to dominate the 14th-ranked nation.

Unfortunately, despite everything the Socceroos threw at them, they would not find the other goal to tie things back up and then would concede a late strike.


The performance by our Australian team was inspiring and showed the footballing world that we belonged on the biggest stage.

The final score: Chile 3 – 1 Australia