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Carney sacked by Cronulla: Was it the right call?

The NRL's former bad boy could be edging towards a return. (AAP Image/Action Photographics, Colin Whelan)
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29th June, 2014
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Todd Carney has had a disrupted career up until now, having been sacked by two previous NRL clubs due to off-field indiscretions.

Now, after an unsavoury photo of Carney went viral on twitter, the Cronulla Sharks have sacked their superstar five-eighth, all but ending the career of the infamous bad boy from Goulburn.

In this instance, there is another culprit – the so called ‘mate’ who has left Todd out to hang by taking the photo and posting it on social media.

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Clearly Todd isn’t influenced by the best group of people, but the 28-year-old just doesn’t seem to learn from his past mistakes. Unfortunately for Carney, he will be remembered first and foremost as an imbecile and as a side note, an amazingly gifted rugby league player.

The other talking point in all of this is the quick decision from the Cronulla Sharks to terminate their star playmaker’s five-year contract mid-way through the first year. This isn’t the first time the Sharks have acted strongly against such acts and although it’s the right decision, what benefit do the Sharks gain from it?

Players the Sharks have sacked previously have gone on to be successful at other clubs. Is there really a point for the Sharks to take a hard stance when other clubs don’t?

Greg Bird had his contract torn up in 2008 only to return to the NRL to play for the Titans. The Sharks also terminated the contract of their halfback Brett Seymour in 2009 only for him to join a rival club afterwards.

Right now the Sydney Roosters are in talks with the game’s administrators to register a contract for Blake Ferguson, who has just been found guilty of indecent assault.


This moral stance taken by Cronulla isn’t helping the club on the field nor off it as they struggle to attract a major sponsor. The year the Sharks have suffered this season is probably the worst I’ve seen any club go through – ASADA, the suspension of their coach Shane Flanagan, the appointment of an interim coach who doesn’t want the job, and the horrific injury toll they’ve endured has seen the club struggle throughout 2014.

The decision to sack their most naturally gifted player may be the final nail.

The Sharks’ loyal supporters have stayed true, as they have every time the club has faced adversity, but even they will struggle if this further affects the on-field performances.

It’s debatable whether this decision by the Sharks was right or wrong. As far as integrity goes, the Sharks have made the right call, however in a time where all clubs are trying to gain whatever advantage they can, being the good guy isn’t exactly paying off.