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Can you really have two teams?

The NRL Auckland Nines. Photo:
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22nd August, 2014
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A friend of mine, whom I have known to be a vocal Bulldogs supporter, was recently photographed wearing a Bunnies jersey waving a Bunnies flag.

Confused, I asked “I thought you were a Bulldogs supporter?”

She replied, “I am. The Bunnies are my second team.”

I’ve heard of liking teams more than others, but to ‘have’ two teams? That was completely foreign territory to me.

When those sick Marvel-inspired hero jerseys were released a few weeks ago, I was immediately shattered that the Broncos didn’t receive one. I understood why, but I still wanted to see my boys running around the field looking like their own Marvel hero.

However, I really, really liked the Cowboys’ Thor jersey, especially modelled so appropriately by Ashton Sims in the promotional photos.

Despite being my natural rival team, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Cowboys. Matt Scott is the best forward in the league, and how can you not like Johnathan Thurston? The man is as brilliant on the field as he is off – his smile warms my heart.

I’ve even attended a couple of Cowboys games where I cheered wholeheartedly for the North Queensland side. I remember when Thurston looked at me at one game after the opposition (Parramatta) scored a try, and he looked defeated. I smiled at him and flashed him a thumbs up, which he responded with a smile of his own. That one smile almost had my loyalty wavering. Almost.

I really wanted a Marvel jersey, and if the Broncos weren’t going to release one, I had my eyes set on the Thor jersey. “But wait,” I thought to myself, “wouldn’t this kind of be like cheating on the Broncos?”


I asked around to see if it was socially acceptable to purchase another team’s jersey. The results were surprisingly varied, ranging from straight up “No, you can’t do that” to “I don’t see why not”.

I eventually decided not to cheat on my team and I didn’t purchase a Thor jersey, but to this day I still don’t know what is ‘right’ with regard to having more than one team.

Until there is a more correct answer, I’m going to keep my head down and cheer on the boys in maroon and gold.

What do you think Roarers? Is it okay to support more than one team? Or does team loyalty apply to one club and one club only?