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Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana: Boxing live coverage, round-by-round updates

Canelo fought Mayweather too early in his career. Will a win over Miguel Cotto launch him to the superstardom so many have predicted? (FP PHOTO / John GURZINSKI)
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14th September, 2014
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Floyd Mayweather Jnr will have a rematch for only the second time in his career this weekend against Argentina’s favourite son, Marcos Maidana. It’s time for Mayweather vs Maidana 2!

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The two fighters met in May of this year where Maidana, for the first four rounds looked to have Floyd’s number before tiring himself out and Mayweather cruised through to a majority decision win. The fight will take place at the MGM grand casino and hotel, Las Vegas.

There isn’t a whole lot of verbal interest to this rematch, no bad blood between the fighters, no controversial moves or decisions from their previous fight.

It’s purely a point to be made by Mayweather that although the younger and more aggressive Maidana looked good in the early stages of the first fight, he’s still not in Mayweather’s league. In fact the most controversial aspect of this fight is why it is even happening.

Currently there are several fighters who either rank higher than Maidana or have a style more suited to the chance of an upset. Freddy Roach, trainer at wild card boxing gym went as far as calling the fight a sleeping pill after four rounds declaring he has two fighters in his current roster not only more deserving of the fight but better than Mayweather.

After Cotto’s domination of Martinez and Amir Khans recent return to form, it could be argued both fighters would have been better placed, especially when Khan stopped Maidana four years ago. However Maidana not only surprised everyone for the first four rounds against Mayweather in their last fight, he earned that fight by being the first person to beat Adrian Broner.

Make no mistake, Maidana is a capable fighter. He pushes forward, has a lot of speed, is surprisingly powerful for his size and has an awkward style which many can’t understand. Although he has stripped back some weight to improve his stamina, his loss in power may affect his impact.

How Maidana Can Win:
Everyone is saying he should push forward and try to brawl Mayweather like he did in the first fight, but this is bad advice. Mayweather didn’t give him a rematch because he had trouble with his strategy and style.


It’s time to fight from the outside, stalk Mayweather, cut off the ring and force the flurries in the corner. When Mayweather moves forward you know he is going to stick and move so lock him up early. Maidana is known for his awkward style and throwing jabs from unusual positions and angles, use this all round, every round. In their last fight he had success with a left hook to the body and loop right, test early if this will work again, but don’t live by it.

How Mayweather Can Win:
Keep it moving, don’t let Maidana plant his feet. Although he is lighter, Maidana will still tire out if he has to chase Mayweather every round. Stick and move. Focus on the body more.

Mayweather by unanimous decision in 12