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Unbelievable as Cats and Dockers crash out in straight sets

Roar Rookie
13th September, 2014

Following Port Adelaide’s 22-point win over Fremantle – and the thriller between North Melbourne and Geelong which ended with North winning by six points – history was made.

It marks the first time that two top-four teams were eliminated in straight sets.

Clearly North Melbourne were better than Geelong. They smashed them in all statistics. Geelong’s first five minutes were not what Geelong is.

North scored 24 points in four minutes of play and by the end of the quarter they had scored 7.1 (43).

Against Fremantle, Port Adelaide made a major comeback early in the third to eventually win by 22 points. They just kicked away in the fourth.

So, why did Geelong lose? Mainly their awful defence in the first quarter and North’s second quarter. Geelong not taking major chances in the third and fourth quarters didn’t help.

Fremantle’s loss was partly caused by a complete and utter collapse in the third and fourth quarters and them not defending in the last ten minutes.

Now my predictions for next week.

Sydney versus North Melbourne (Friday, 7:45 PM, ANZ Stadium)
North, in their only meeting against Sydney this year, beat the Swannies. While I believe some Kangaroos will have the power to overcome the Swans, they will need to work together.


Prediction: North by 10 points

Hawthorn versus Port Adelaide (Saturday, 4:45 PM, MCG)
Port Adelaide won the only meeting against Hawthorn, but that was at Adelaide Oval. I don’t believe that Port Adelaide can defeat Hawthorn. I do not believe the players they have can defeat Hawthorn.

Prediction: Hawthorn by 21 points

Even if Port and North lose, they should be congratulated for making it this far. Coming from fifth (Port) and sixth (North) to the preliminary final is very hard. Including this weekend, it has only happened 4 out of 30 possible times.

Congratulations to my favourite team North and the other team I like, the Power. Good luck to both of them.