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No more conspiracies Cowboys, this time you actually lost

James Tamou is the poster boy of the Origin eligibility debate. (AAP Image/Action Photographics, Wayne Drought)
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19th September, 2014
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Another year, another semi final exit at the Sydney Football Stadium for the North Queensland Cowboys. However unlike previous years, the Cowboys were legitimately beaten.

After two dodgy calls against the Sea Eagles and the Sharks respectively, Cowboys fans could be excused for feeling that the game had something against them. But before anyone screams blue murder, finish reading the article.

The Roosters had some early luck due to Cowboys mistakes. After this luck had subsided, the Cowboys took control to take to change the score from 30-0 to 30-30.

Without mentioning all the incorrect calls that went both ways – Shayne Hayne had a few shockers – the Cowboys first try came in the same set as a forward pass so blatant that in commentary it was called deliberate.

They scored another try early in the second half that came in the same set as Anthony Minichiello was tackled in the air, but received no penalty. Subsequently, the Roosters had to take a drop out and North Queensland scored.

Of course the moment that will have all of Queensland crying occurred in the occurred with 60 seconds left. The Cowboys made a break down the right edge and a pass was thrown to Robert Lui, who was in line with Kyle Feldt who threw the pass.

The ball bounced off Lui’s chest into his shoulder, along his arm and to the ground. Watching live, the ball looked to have gone forward, leading me to yell at the TV “that’s a knock on”. Upon viewing replays, the ball clearly went forward.

Watching the post-game coverage on Channel Nine, I was starting to get very annoyed at Cam Williams, Andrew Johns, Darren Lockyer and Gorden Tallis continuously saying “three years in a row”.


This comment is only partially true. There have been three eliminations in a row – not three dud calls.

Queenslanders have no reason to complain this year, they were beaten fair and square by a better side.