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A-League Round 7 wrap: The coaching merry-go-round starts

Mike Mulvey has signed up with the Mariners. (Image: AAP)
Roar Guru
27th November, 2014

Each season we predict and wait. Who will be the first coach to go? No sane person would have predicted it to be Mike Mulvey – but if you did then please inform us as to who will be the premiership winner and grand final champion.

With the coaching merry-go-round starting, Round 7 saw horrible conditions down the coast, card-happy referees, goals aplenty and an own goal being the final nail in Mulvey’s coffin.

The only thing missing was a defeat to separate the undefeated, other than that Round 7 had it all.

Although seven rounds in, it would appear we have our top four. The final placings are yet to be determined but what is unforeseeable is Adelaide United, Melbourne Victory, Perth Glory and Sydney FC dropping the ball.

Out of these four teams, three remain undefeated, while the other has won all but one.

With the first third of the season drawing near, the football on display by the four teams have been beautiful to watch. The best thing about their performances has been the vast difference in the way they each team plays.

There is nothing worse than when you see all teams trying to emulate the efforts of the top dog, but that hasn’t been on show this season with each team bringing something unique for Australian football fans to watch and admire.

With that said, let’s get started by looking back at the burning questions from last week.

“Will Melbourne Victory bring Brisbane Roar crashing back down to earth?”
Well I wouldn’t say it was Victory that brought Brisbane crashing back down to earth but what it did lead too was a cacophany of noise from club officials, fans and media alike.


This match would ultimately be Mike Mulvey’s last match in charge of the Roar and whether you agree with the decision or not, the way the club addressed the issue was extremely unprofessional.

“When will City be able to attract a good fan-base that doesn’t rely on money to attract interest?”
The aqusition of David Villa for 10 games was meant to change everything, but after four matches he was gone. Although Round 8 approaches, it already seems like a long time since he was here.

The effect he had on the club you would not even try to measure due to the short time frame he was here, but as each week passes, the club in my opinion are ruining whatever chance he may have created to garner more support.

With 9474 turning out to watch Sydney FC, it would appear the higher than normal attendances between the pair could be put down to marquee appeal.

“Will Adelaide remain hot on the heels of Perth Glory as Mariners appear to have rediscovered their ticker?”
For the first 30 minutes it appeared a fairly even contest. The Mariners looked as though they were looking to continue their return to form as Adelaide remained determined to stay hot on the heels of Perth.

That was until the 40th minute. From there it fell apart very quickly and before Mariners knew it, it was 0-2 to Adelaide and they didn’t look back.

Team of the round
Unlike previous weeks where one side has put their hand up to be easily nominated team of the round, there were no standouts this round as all matches remained fairly close.

Given Adelaide did not concede and in the process also scored two goals against an uninspiring Mariners, my team of the round goes to Adelaide United.


Supporters of the round
Should a flare or two ruin a club’s chances of having its fans being nominated the supporters of the round?

Well if it did I wouldn’t be nominating Melbourne Victory. Despite the actions of a few stupid individuals, Victory’s supporters continue to prove every home fixture they’re extremely loyal.

Their attendances remain fairly consistent and memberships slowly but surely continue to grow. A club that has ambitions of one day achieving 50,000 members are going the right way about it but it is the supporters who deserve praise.

Player of the round
For another week I’m going with a goalkeeper, only this time it’s for the losing side.

Jamie Young has been criticised and ridiculed consistently this season but out of all the Roar players that played against Victory, he can hold his head highest. If it wasn’t for him then the tune to Mulvey’s sacking could have been a tad different.

Jamie Young saved the Roar from being embarrassed as Victory never looked like losing.

Burning questions ahead of Round 8
It was a stalemate in Round 2, and both sides remain undefeated and are playing superb football, so who will come out on top between Melbourne Victory versus Adelaide United?

A sold out Parramatta Stadium will be on hand to watch another Sydney derby. Can Wanderers notch their first win or will Sydney continue their undefeated run?


Newcastle Jets face the Mariners in the F3 derby. The only question I have is whether these clubs still care about this fixture?

Brisbane Roar face the red hot Perth Glory in what will be their first match without Mike Mulvey. Can they turn around their season or will Perth consign them to more misery?

Wellington and City, the two most promising teams to improve. Early signs have shown there is a lot to get excited about but neither team has got on with it.

Who’ll start to stamp their authority as finals football for both these sides are paramount to be deeming it an improved season?

Enjoy the weekend’s action as all fixtures this round could result in a decent shape up. Join me next week for the A-League Round 8 wrap.