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Interview with Loren Rowney

Specialized-Lululemon rider Loren Rowney (Image: Supplied).
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10th January, 2015

Loren Rowney is a seasoned professional cyclist racing for Velocio-SRAM. You can find out more from Loren from Procyclingstats here, or read an interview we did with her in 2013.

You are racing your fourth year with the same team Velocio-SRAM you must be very comfortable in the is environment what makes you stay?

I love this team, and have done so from the first team camp back in 2011. I like to think of this team as a well oiled unit, that gets the very best out of me. Everything just seems to work, and I really enjoy spending time with my teammates, staff and sponsors.

The inaugural Santos women’s tour is on during the TDU are you looking forward to racing it? Your teammate Tiffany Cromwell knows the roads very well – are you playing a twin assault together?

I’m really excited about this race. Every year the event seems to grow, and hopefully it will be UCI one day. I’m sure Tiff is very keen to smack up the competition on her local roads!

Might have to do some sneaky course recon with her next week!

Have you any firm plans for your race schedule this year? What races are you looking forward to?

I’ve received my schedule and obviously it’s subject to change due to injury or sickness. But for now, I’m super stoked about my proposed race plan which will include some races I haven’t raced before like Strade Bianche, Flanders, Tour Of California, Tour Of Great Britain, and La Course.

You won a tough stage in the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche, beating your own teammate Tiffany Cromwell – who is know as a good climber. Is this climbing something you have been working on?


I think climbing is a confidence thing. After all those hilly stage races I did before Ardeche my confidence in my climbing ability was better, and my race fitness was great. I was pretty damn happy with that result, climbing is definitely an area worth working on for me as I’m not pure sprinter by any means.

Any comments about season 2014 that you would like to make?

It started out really rough with glandular fever, but finished really strong with top 10s, a big win and racing the world champs alongside Tiff.

As a strong advocate for women’s cycling considerable comment has been made about Cycling Australia/AIS cutting back its program for women in Europe. Do you have any comments to make about this?

We first heard about the cut backs to the program way back in August, so obviously it wasn’t a surprise when it was released in the media the other day. Honestly there isn’t much to say. What’s done is done.

All we can do is knuckle down, produce the results leading up to Rio and the World Champs, and hopefully the funding will come back.

I know roughly how the budgets are worked out, it’s all based on “medal potential”, and really, we are getting there.

Tiff produced an amazing fifth at World’s this year, and I honestly believe that the course will suit her along with a few other riders. And not to forget Katrin Garfoot’s Commonwealth Games bronze medal result.


Another athlete on target for big things in 2015/2016. So yeah, I think the “medal potential” is definitely there.

I believe you manage some aspects of your team’s media profile and you blog very well. Is this something you see in the future?

I have done so the past two years, but I’m actually stepping away from it this year. Beth Duryea my team manager and soignéur is going to run the show! And she’s doing a fine job I might add!

I do love to blog, and would really like to blog more this year. It’s the stories behind the riders, and the adventures along the way that we experience that is most interesting in my eyes.

In our last question session you were studying Bachelor of Science, majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology, and you needed to finish one more semester of field work. How is this going?

It’s hard doing a science degree. It demands a lot of on campus work and unfortunately I’m living in Europe nine months of the year, so it’s not viable. I’m not stressed about finishing, I only have one semester to go, and I’m actually doing a subject this semester, so slowly chipping away.

I know you a committed lover of animals and you have made comments about wanting to help protect endangered animals. Is their anything you do that assists with your passion or is it all bike at the moment?

All bike at the moment. That’s my pure focus for now. I’m really not sure what I’ll do post cycling. Something I know for sure is that I’ll take a year out travelling and doing different volunteering in conservation practice around the world.


The Australian Road race is today and the Santos Women’s is in over a week. How are your preparations going and how do you think you will go?

Preparations have been really good and uninterrupted unlike previous years with injury and illness! I had a heavy fall one week ago at bay Crits, so I’ve been lying low and trying to heal up from that.

TDU will be more of a training race than anything, and hopefully a good opportunity for my team to showcase the Aussie national champs jersey.

What tips would you like to give to young women and girls who are planning on taking their cycling to the highest level?

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions from experienced girls about absolutely anything that is on your mind. Training, diet, life overseas. It’s all worth knowing about. Having a mentor is a great idea, and I think that’s what’s lacking with some of these young riders.

My favourite question for all Qandamp;A’s what do you do when you are not riding your bike?

Eat! I love love love food, so I’m always cooking and thinking of new yummy things to make. And of course, cafe hunting with friends is a favourite thing of mine.

Thanks very much Loren. Good luck with the racing.


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