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Round 5 of the NRL was a grey-wash

Adam Reynolds has re-signed with the Rabbitohs. (AAP Image/Action Photographics, Robb Cox) .
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7th April, 2015

Round 5 had grey uniforms, grey games and grey clouds, but there were still many things over an excellent Easter weekend that caught the eye.

1. The tighthead in the Tigers and Eels game was glorious
It was a stuff up by the Tigers but, the Eels were unrewarded for a genuine strike at the ball during a scrum.

Considering the referees on Friday knew that touching a kicker’s legs is a penalty, you would think a simple scrum tighthead would be easy to ref. Maybe not all referees know the rules?

2. Warriors’ grey uniforms match their action
Only good defence kept the Warriors in the game against the Storm. Konrad Hurrell was underdone and seemed to be on a mission to make 20 offloads despite the tackle or game situation.

Shaun Johnson is a running half, but the Warriors have outside backs that are good running options themselves and need a half that will create space for them. It will never happen, but Johnson would make an outstanding fullback; he has the pace and flair to really break open a game.

3. Grey uniforms should be banned
The Tigers and Warriors have grey in their away uniforms; both are uninspiring and don’t look good on TV.

In April 1996 Manchester United famously played in grey against Southampton and were down 3-0 at halftime. At the break Sir Alex Ferguson made them change into blue, as the players complained they couldn’t see each other and their play reflected it. They never wore the uniform again.

Grey may come in many shades, but none should be on the league field.

4. Wet weather is no excuse for boring games
The Eels vs Tigers game was unmemorable before Pat Richards put on an exhibition in the last five minutes. Meanwhile the Dragons and Knights played under grey clouds and torrential rain and managed two tries in total.


The flipside was the Rabbitohs and Bulldogs putting on a real wet weather Easter game. It has been well documented for other reasons, but the game was intense and brutal. It still seems crazy the Bunnies won, but a champion team always find a way.

5. Jack Bird is a star
The best thing for the Sharks so far this season has been Ben Barba getting suspended. The measured Jeff Robson is forming a great combination with the youthful and physically imposing Jack Bird.

Bird’s step and size reminds me of Brad Fittler, it will be interesting to see in the years to come if Dragons fans rue Bird leaving Wollongong as much as Panthers fans missed Fittler.

Looking ahead, the Souths vs Cowboys game on Monday night is should be an absolute belter. Let’s hope for a dry track.